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Emma’s story – almost losing my virginity

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I almost lost my virginity to my boyfriend but we were caught

Hello everybody, this is a long story so I’m going to break it in a few parts. I don’t have much time to write but I hope I can keep publishing regularly.

My name is Emma, I am a 15 yo girl with long strawberry blond hair. I have a nice round ass and fairly big firm breasts with small pink nipples. I am a little on the chubby side but not fat.
Since I turned 12 I started getting a lot of attention from boys and even grown men which shocked me a little but now I enjoy the attention and compliments.

So, soon after my 10th birthday I went to live with my aunt and her boyfriend Peter who were both 45 yo. My mom died when I was little and my dad started drinking soon after and I just couldn’t live with him anymore.
My aunt is a nurse so she works very long shifts and is almost never home and Peter is a translator who works mostly from home so from the beginning he was the one watching me.

Everything worked OK until I started developing faster and I would notice him looking at me more often in a way that made me a little uneasy. He started to compliment my appearance and touching my arms and shoulders more frequently. At first I was a little grosed out but he never touched me in a weird way or anything so I relaxed a bit.

Soon after I turned 12 I discovered porn on the Internet and I would watch it on my tablet when I went to bed. I started touching myself and discovered new feelings it gave me. I loved it, especially after one night when I was looking at a video of a young girl being fucked from behind by an older man with a huge cock. I started with touching my firm breasts, gently pinching my nipples wich soon became hard and pointy, then I traced my fingers down, over my soft belly and under my panties. I touched my lips and around my little hole, I was becoming very wet and I traced my wetness from my hole to my little clit to wet it. I started rubbing it faster and faster, I tried to push my finger in my hole but it was very tight and I couldn’t get it in so I just rubbed my clit and teased my hole with the tip of my finger. After a few minutes I became very hot and soon I felt my first orgasm. I didn’t know anything could feel so good.

I wondered more and more what sex would feel like, how it would feel to get fucked by a boy. I was worried it would hurt and how a dick could fit inside my small pussy but my curiosity was growing every day and I knew I couldn’t wait to try it. I masturbated every night before I went to sleep and it continued like that until I turned 13.

I had my birthday soon before school finished and summer started. A few days after school ended I was out with my friends when my friend Anna told me Anthony from another school likes me and wants to ask me out. I was surprised because I knew Anthony, he was older then us and very hot. I didn’t understand why would a 16 yo stud like Anthony like me who barely turned 13. He soon asked me out and I found out.
I met him in a local McDonald’s after I told my aunt I was going out with Anna. He was very nice to me and payed for our meals. He was very charming and made me laugh. I liked him a lot. After we ate he asked me would I like to take a ride with him for a while and he would drive me home. I accepted and we were in his car soon driving around.
After a while he parked in a secluded place and turned off the engine. We talked a bit and then he leaned over to kiss me. It was my first kids and I was a little surprised when he tried sticking his tongue in my mouth, he stopped and asked if I was ok, I said yes, I just never kissed anybody before and was a little nervous. He said it was all right, just to relax and trust him. He then kissed me again and this time I opened my mouth more and we began french kissing. After a few minutes I felt his hand slide under my top, he caressed my belly and moved his hand slowly up to my breasts. It felt very nice so I let him, he squeezed my breasts over my bra and tried to reach under to get to my nipples, he asked me can he unhook my bra because it was in the way. I wanted to feel his hands on my naked breasts so I nodded ok but asked him will he stop if I wanted him to. He promised he would and reached back to unhook my bra. I wanted this to continue but I was still afraid of having real sex. He continued kissing me and rubbed my now naked breasts, he pinched my nipples which hardened under his touch. I was getting that tingling feeling in my pussy and it felt so good. Then he moved down and began licking and sucking on my nipples, that felt even better.
I felt his hand on my thigh then, caressing softly and moving up under my skirt, he reached my panties and rubbed my clit over them lightly, an electric feeling ran through my body. Then he stopped and began pulling my panties down, I so wanted him to but I was afraid he would try to fuck me so I said stop. He did, and I said I’m sorry, I’m not sure I’m ready for this. He seemed disappointed but didn’t push me and after I asked him he drove me home.
After our first date he didn’t call again, I guess he only wanted sex. I was disappointed but not surprised. I didn’t go out on a date again for a while and wasn’t going to but then a boy from my class asked me out, and he was kind of cute so I said yes.
We went out a couple of times and he didn’t try anything with me, we only kissed and I was the one that had to kiss him first because he was to shy to do it.
After a few dates I wanted him to do a little more but I knew he wasn’t going to try anything first. I really liked him but I was getting frustrated.
After a few weeks I was home alone and invited him over. We lay on my bed and started kissing immediately but that was as far as he was likely to go if I didn’t do something.
Finally I told him he can touch my boobs if he wants to and he did, tentatively at first but then he got into it. I took of my bra and he sucked on my breasts and played with my nipples, then I guided his hand down to my panties and showed him how to rub my clit. He was now sucking on my boobs and rubbing my clit using circular motion like I showed him. I was really horny by now and I wanted to see his dick. I asked him to pull down his pants which he did in record speed, his dick was pointing upwards and looked hard.
He was a lot smaller than what I had seen in porn and it was thin and I wasn’t so worried anymore.
I reached out with my hand and touched it, it jumped a little and I giggled. It seemed alive.
I wrapped my hand around it and started to jerk him, it was warm and hard like a pencil, but soft to the touch.
I saw a drop of clear liquid appear at the top and wanted to taste it. I asked him can I lick it and he just nodded his head yes.
I licked the top with my tongue and he moaned, it tasted a little salty but not bad. I wrapped my mouth around it and tried wiggling my tongue around the head. I took his whole dick in my mouth and he said he was going to cum, before I could move my head I felt him spurting cum in my mouth, I swallowed some and a little dripped out of my mouth, he pulled out and I wiped the cum of my chin with my hand, it was sticky and warm. He cumed very fast and I was a little disappointed, I wanted to suck him but he came as soon as I put it in my mouth.
He resumed rubbing my clit and I was so horny I wanted him to put it in me. I asked him does he have a condom but he said no. He wanted to stick it in me without one but I was worried I would become pregnant so I said no. I asked him to lick my pussy instead and he got down between my legs. He started lickin around my pussy, missing my clit entirely, it felt good but I wasn’t going to cum like that. I was just about to ask him to rub my clit when I heard the door opening and someone yell what the fuck.
It was Peter, he came home but we didn’t hear his car pull up. My boyfriend quickly pulled up his pants and shot out of there. I covered myself up with Peter looking at me, he wasn’t angry but I thought I saw a glint of something in his eyes while he was looking at me.
I stammered out an apology, I was so embarrassed and a little scared. He just smiled and said don’t be sorry baby girl and winked at me.
He told me to get dressed because my aunt will be back in a few minutes. He started to go out and said I’m waking you up for school tomorrow, you aunt will already be gone and winked at me again.
After he left I was left lying there, wondering what did he mean……..

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1ctqzxmbem4s

    Cute story indeed. I have always had a soft spot for sexual awakenings since 12 years old.