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Little girls need it too

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I was having pains at a young age and didn’t understand what they were, until I was raped in the park.

Little girls need to have sex, trust me, I know this because I was one of them.

It happened when I was 10, I was at home and I had been having pains for about a week, but they weren’t period pains, similar, but I hadn’t started puberty yet, mom said I just had stomach ache and gave me some pain killers but they didn’t help.

It was a pain deep inside of me, emanating from my pussy, it just wouldn’t go away, it was like I had an itch inside of me but I couldn’t scratch it and it drove me crazy.

A few weeks later we had sexual education class at school and they showed us drawings and diagrams of body parts and where they go and what they do, as I looked at drawings of cocks the itch inside of me got more intense, and it was painful, I ran out of class and went to the toilets and cried because it hurt so bad.

It was then I realised what my pain was, it was an urge, a longing, a need, a strong desire, a sexual desire, I needed a cock to scratch my itch.

I tried making friends with boys my own age, and I got a boyfriend, Sean, I went back to his house and convinced him to get naked with me in his bed, we touched each other and kissed, but his cock remained small, it wouldn’t grow, he was too young.

So I tried to chat to older boys, but they didn’t want a kid hanging around with them, they kept telling me to fuck off whenever I tried sitting with them or talking to them.

A few weeks went by and I’d had no look at all, yet the itch was still there.

Then one day after school I was walking alone through the park and a man grabbed me from behind, putting his arm around my front and his hand over my mouth as he dragged me in to the bushes.

He laid me down on the floor with his hand pressed hard against my mouth, then he reached up my skirt and tore off my panties, then he got on top of me and forced his cock inside my pussy, the pain was immense because I wasn’t wet at the time, there was no lubrication and it hurt as he forced it in me.

I screamed and cried with pain under the pressure of his hand, then after a few minutes I started to get wet, and my fluids lubricated his cock, and it moved in and out of me easier and was a lot less painful.

Suddenly he thrust all the way inside of me and he hit the right spot, I felt a big relief, his cock had finally scratched my itch, and it felt so good, I stopped crying and enjoyed him raping me and I was willing him to fuck me harder and deeper, scratch that itch!

He fucked me real good and I felt him come inside of me, that was a nice feeling, then he pulled out, did up his pants and ran off.

I wanted to call out to him, ask him to come back and fuck me some more, but he had fucked me so hard that my legs had gone completely numb and I couldn’t walk, so I just laid on the dirty ground and giggled and laughed because for the first time in months, I wasn’t in any pain, I felt so free.

All I needed was a good hard fuck.

Parents, adults, everyone tells kids that sex is wrong, it shouldn’t be had when your too young and you should wait for marriage, that’s bullshit.

Sex is a normal, biological thing that can be and should be enjoyed by everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re 10, 20 or 50, sex is everyone’s god damn right.

If I ever have a daughter and when she’s 8 or 10 and she asked me about sex, I’m going to tell her that it is a wonderful thing, and she has my blessing to have sex with anyone she wants as long as she is ready to have sex, then she can, I wouldn’t even care if she brought a 30 year old man home and fucked him in her bedroom, if that’s what she wants then it would be fine with me.

Sex is for everyone, not just adults, never forget that little girls need it too.

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  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    A little girl just needs her vagina brutaly raped and riped straight threw her cervix

  • Reply Daniel ID:1e0jshiit7dl

    I love little girls sweet pussies so tasty I’ll b your boyfriend..daddy..lover anything u want..desires I’ll take u shopping jewelry chains lingerie clothes if u leave a contact I’ll get back 2U

    • Ceecee ID:1eesas2r5lla

      I ate .y daughter pussy for the 1st time at age 3 she got out of bath n wen I was drying her I slipped my finger down the middle of ur pussy and acted like I was drying off her tiny little clot… she didn’t resist or pull back at all so I continued I laid her down and spread her legs and I licked her for about 15 mins I then had her sit on my face and it sounds crazy but she was definitely had juries starting to flow… I’ve ate many pussys before but that fresh young one was the best ever I’d do it again and again… I even started to eat my step daughter too wen she was there .. I would eat my biological d3 yr old almost daily and started fingerings with the tip of my punky… n 1 day I was putting it in she opened Ed her legs wider and grabbed my hand a d pulled it closer to her and my pinky finally we t all the way in…. it felt like so tight it could possibly if left in there it would cut off curcerlation…. I wiggled my pinky around and licked her clot at same time by about a month went by we had a routine …. she even slept better through the not… I did eventually start licking her ass and sucked on her nipples a d allowed her to suck on my nipples… she would roll my nipples in between her 2 fingers like a kid does to a blanket… I was hooked… I kept having thought about my 7 yr old son and about a yr after I started with my daughters I finally sucked my son’s little duck and he did get hard but no cum.. it would just stay hard I did about 3 or so times I let or actually told my 8 yr old at the time for a punishment of his that he had to please his sisters so I had him licking both their pussys and he liked his step sister better it seemed he kept going back to hers he eat the girls for a good 45 mins .. the very last time I punished him with something like that I asked him to please me while his sister was sitting on my face he did as I asked and licked me I came really fast and u told him it wasn’t long enough punishment and he asks me

    • Kitty ID:1a912bhj

      You need to proof read your writing. Too many spelling errors. Sometimes, the tablets think they know what word should be there, better than you. It’s maddening. Happens on my Kindle all the time.

  • Reply Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

    I was young and love my first time. I was 13 he was 25. Miss him

    • Bob ID:7pqjf5w49i

      It sounds as if you were the girl that I dream of

  • Reply CreamMyPie45 ID:1d6emgyddgro

    I wouldn’t have allowed adult men time with my childre, but I also don’t mind what happened to me. Like I don’t want kids to be harmed, but I remember being a kid and learning to like how sex feels. I wouldn’t be a slut without my childhood sex experiences.

    • Taylormade ID:1a912bhj

      I agree with you I was very protective of my kids. I guess because, I was molested by several relatives as a child, I knew it could happen. But, like you I liked it. I do think it made me very promiscuous. I’ve slept with many men and enjoyed it. I was even raped once and found out I like to be forced. My husband loves that I’m a slut and I’ve fucked several guys since being married. I’ve even told him and it makes his dick hard. I’m a lucky girl.

  • Reply Bob ID:7pqjf5voi9

    Damn. Wish you were my wife. Or girlfriend or neighbor

  • Reply hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

    incest needs to be normalized too

    family is much safer to get started with and moms are fucking hot

  • Reply AliBaby! ID:1evp66eazyev

    I could not agree more! This is so, so true! Very refreshing to hear others feel similar. If anyone else wants to discuss, my session id is:

    Feel free to reach me here or on session. My session id is:


  • Reply Hornydom88 ID:bkbr9kvxik

    I’d love to fuck a little girl like that. Never had one and I can’t imagine how tight

    • Ceecee ID:1eesas2r5lla

      I first licked my 3 yr old daughter after getting her out of tub… I ran my finger down Crack of her pussy and I wanted ro taste it sooo bad and I did.. it was amazing.. I began messing with her almost daily I couldn’t help it… it tastes soo good different than regular pussy taste it’s so much better… I would have her open her legs I’d lick her for about 15 mins then I had her sit on my face and i know it sounds crazy but she very soon started jucin she would get wet she never pulled away so I continued for about 30 to 45 mins each time.. I waited about 3 months later n I began to put my pinky inside just the tip i… it was so tight it could cut of circulation if left un there for long periods but about the 5th or 6th time I did it she grabbed my hand and pulled it closer to her so I pushed my pinky all the in n wiggled it around …while I licked her tiny Lil clit she opened her legs wider from that point on we kinda had a routine …eventually I started with my step daughter which was 5yrs old I at this point was li king their pussy, asshole, and sucking on their nipples like alot … my biological daughter would roll my nipples with her fingers like kids do to their blankets … I would let all my kids suck on my nipples as binkys…. my son did until he was 7 … my husband walked in on me about a week ago while I was in the act of eating my daughter out… like wat do u say to that… he said wat are u doing I apologized and surprisingly he didn’t lose his shit or look down of me … it was quite between us for a few days but I still did wat I do with the girls and I convensed him to just try it 1 time that she loves it. He agreed to do it with me tonight… eventually maybe I can watch him put it inside their pussys and I can clean up his cum from the I side of pussy… I also want to be punished and may not be allowed to touch only watch as my husband licks n fucks n cuddles with my daughters and also with another women he brings and make love t

    • [email protected] ID:1d7av0wnucs7

      @CeeCee … there is a study that indicates that sexual behavior and preferences are imprinted at a very early age. I remember my mother playing with me at 5 (she probably started much earlier). At 9, my balls had not dropped and my cock was still small, she introduced me to my aunt. By the time I was 12 I was actively fucking my aunt, her 2 daughters and son. Currently have no one to enjoy and am envious. BTW, never married or had any of my own

  • Reply Grandpasgirl11 ID:19ha7b73zzps

    Little girls are meant to be fuck toys for daddys. Start them as young as you can

    • CreamMyPie45 ID:1d6emgyddgro

      I miss being a little girl learning to take my uncle and stepdad and his friends. It felt good eventually.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplm9b

    This is exactly what I have been saying for the last 40 years. Every girl should enjoy sex when she wants to not when the gov says she can. It is her body and when she wants a hard cock well she should get it.
    Irregardless of who wrote this it is exactly as I have been preaching for the last 40 years. Young girls do crave cock, have cock dreams at young ages with deep feelings to be touched ,felt , kissed, licked and fucked. I don’t care if your 8 or 80 blind crippled or just plain crazy EVERY girl that is ready for cock, sex should get it.
    And no, I never forget that girls need sex too. Matter of fact, they are on the top of my list of special treatment.

    • Cronic12 ID:2px1mmwnvhv

      U got an email 🙂

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

      [email protected]

    • CreamMyPie45 ID:1d6emgyddgro

      I would have liked you when I was a little girl. I can imagine or fingers and cock splitting my pussy.

    • Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7qk

      I have fat fingers and a herd cock now, never to later for fun lol!

  • Reply Hot ID:1hr6fb9p20k

    I would love to fuck your little daughter

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5zrk

      Would love to see that

    • Ceecee ID:1eesas2r5lla

      I have a 11 yr old little girl she is sexual.. I’ve been eating ur pussy since age 3 only inserted fingers though…. I would want to watch u good with that? Maybe we can talk further she gets super super wet wen I eat her so I think she ready… I know I am

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyv2

    What a beautiful story. Little girls crave cock. It’s just natural. They want it rough and hard. Give it to them, lads!!

  • Reply Jewels ID:fzq6k798m


  • Reply Gabe ID:6rkls53k0b

    Would like to talk. Email me at [email protected]

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    Do you have any socials?