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From Playing Wrestling into Something More chapter 2

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I was 9 and Mason, my friend, was 10 when we started experimenting on each other.

The next day, Mason invited me to come over to his house. His parents were at work, so we would have the whole house to ourselves again.

My heart was pounding when I said yes. I was still confused and a little bit scared. But seeing Mason and hopefully doing our wrestling game surely made me excited.

I got to his house and immediately went to his room. I was surprised that the mat was folded in the corner, but he fixed his bed. We were silent for a bit until Mason said something.

“Uhmmm…can we do that game again?”, he shyly said. I gave him a nod. That was enough for his cute smile to glow up. His face melted my heart. I’m a confused boy, I know I like girls, but Mason was giving me butterflies in my stomach.

“Can we do it without our clothes this time?” he quickly asked. Again, I was surprised with his question. “Oh just like in ancient times?” I answered. I somehow knew that bit of trivia because my dad was a sports buff. He would tell me stories about the Olympics, etc.

“Yeah, uhmmm something like that!” he quipped.

Mason then removed his top and pulled his pants down with his underwear. I took a glance on Mason’s dick. It was already erect when he got up after removing his bottom.

It was my first time to see him totally naked. His cock was beautiful. It was smooth, hairless, cut, and with a big head. I slowly removed my clothes piece by piece. I’m not teasing him, but I was quite shy to get naked in front of another person, especially that it was Mason.

I’m also hairless and circumcised. My dick wasn’t that long but it had girth. Mason’s dick was definitely bigger and longer. Seeing it now confirmed my thoughts when he had a raging boner wearing the singlet yesterday.

Now, I was totally naked in front of my handsome friend. I tried to cover my bits, and he just grinned.

He took my hand again and went to his bed. I asked “Why on your bed? I thought we’re gonna wrestle?”

He just said to just follow his lead. I was totally hypnotized by Mason and just obeyed all his commands. He sat on his bed, he took a pillow and placed it on the floor by his feet. He then asked me to kneel down on the pillow.

I knelt between his legs, and then he kissed me on the lips. I was shocked and I immediately pulled away. “Relax, I got this. Just trust me.” I was again confused, but his voice gave me an assurance that he knew what he was doing.

He again kissed me and our lips were now locked. I could feel his breath while we were doing it. I’ve never kissed anyone, let alone another boy just like me.

While we were kissing, he stuck his tongue out and he was trying to find mine. Now, we’re kissing with our tongues. He kept sucking my tongue and mouth. I could taste his saliva and it was minty. He definitely brushed before we made out. Good thing I also brushed and gargled before I went to his house. It was awesome! I also started to get a boner because I was definitely aroused with his kiss.

While we were kissing, he grabbed my right hand and placed it on his dick. I just let him do whatever he wanted me to do. My hands were trembling and sweaty as it touched Mason’s boner. His dick was very hot, and was hard like a metal rod.

He guided my hand to do an up and down motion. I would later find out that I was masturbating him. Heck, I’ve never masturbated in my life and now I’m jacking my friend off.

As soon as I got the rhythm, he let go of my hand and I was doing it all alone. Our kissing became more intense as I stroked his huge cock. We were already moaning from the intensity of what’s happening.

He then stopped kissing me and look at me straight in the eyes. He had this look as if he was begging me to do more for him. He gently held my head and slowly directed it towards his cock which was pointing upwards. Again, I just followed him

He told me to suck his dick like a popsicle. I love popsicles during the summer, but this one was definitely not a popsicle. It’s my friend’s meat that I’m about to suck.

My lips touched the head of his dick. I closed my eyes and just let him guide me. I opened my my mouth and his dick was slowly going in. He smelled so good, and I didn’t felt disgusted because he’s quite a neat freak. I knew his dick was clean.

Since it was my first time sucking a dick, my teeth were scratching it’s shaft. He would lift his butt and would gently say that I have to be careful. He told me to pucker up and just let my mouth do all the work.

His dick was all over inside my mouth. While I was bobbing my head, it would sometimes hit my inner cheeks, and would poke sideways. He moved my head again and told me to go deeper.

I felt that his cock was reaching my throat. I finally got the momentum and his dick’s head was going in and out of my mouth. My saliva was all over his dick. A slurping sound were all coming from my mouth.

He then screamed, “Yeahhh…suck me. Suck my dick…just…ohhhh….shit…oh shit…!” whenever his dick would reach my throat, I would sometimes gag, but I tried to hold it back.

I looked up while sucking Mason’s dick and he looked back at me while moaning and whimpering. I thought it was sexy and hot.

My jaw was starting to get numb while sucking him. He reached out his hand to grab my dick. Mason started to jack me off. His warm hands sent an electrifying jolt to my body. He was gentlle and yet firm. I’ve never actually played with my dick, so this was the first time someone was holding it.

I felt some rush in my belly while he was stroking me. A feeling I had never felt before. He kept masturbating me, I stopped sucking him and said, “Mason, I gotta pee!”. He said “It’s not pee, just let it go. Then keep sucking me. I’m almost there.”

I don’t understand when he said he was almost there. I also got worried that I might pee on the floor. But I trusted Mason, and I felt he knew what’s going to happen.

My dick started to throb and I felt an explosion inside of me. I took a peek at my dick and Mason stopped stroking it. I felt a small amount of liquid coming out of me. Then my dick felt quite sensitive to be touched. I took his hand out from my dick and went back into sucking him.

Mason raised his legs and feet from the floor, he looked up and gave a long moan. I started to taste something in my mouth. I was hoping it wasn’t pee, it was a little bit salty and sweet. I couldn’t describe the exact taste of it. He orgasmed inside my mouth.

He held my head gently to remove my mouth from his dick. I think I swallowed what came out of Mason. I then saw his dick soaked with my saliva

We were both exhausted from the sucking and masturbating. He grabbed me from my waist and sat me on the bed. He lied down and I just followed him.

“That was awesome!” he blurted. I said yes it was definitely something. We were lying on his bed for a couple of minutes silently while we try to catch our breath.

I broke the silence and asked “Uhmm Mason, where did you learn all of this stuff?”

He rolled to his side to face me. He wrapped his arms around my waist while answering my question. His dick was limped so as mine. But his cock rubbed my thigh.

He said that about a year ago he went to his grandparent’s house for a quick vacation together with his cousins. One night he saw his two male cousins aged 11 and 12 doing some stuff. It gave him a boner while watching his cousins go at it. He saw them sucking and doing a lot more.

That started him off from masturbating. He said that he did that every day. But he was wondering why no white liquid was coming out from his dick unlike his older cousins. He asked them about it by blackmailing them that he was going to tell on them if they wouldn’t teach him.

They actually never did something to him, they just told him about cum, sucking, and fucking.They said that they don’t want him to join because he can’t cum yet. He mentioned the names of his cousins, and I’ve actually met them when they visited Mason’s family before. Those two were actually hot just like Mason. Damn, they got lucky with the gene pool.

Anyway, he told me that he had been wanting to ask me to do those things with me. But he was worried that he might scare me and break off our friendship.

What happened to us during our wrestling game gave him the chance to do these things with me. He told me that he liked me a lot. I also told him that I liked him too. I think we’re both too young to think that we’re in some sort of relationship. But this new discovery made our friendship even stronger.

To be continued…

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  • Reply Litesss ID:1dlif58hhy75

    This is honestly giving me flashbacks of me and my best friend growing up. But we started at like 7 all the way till our 20’s. Love the content

  • Reply CryingLemon ID:13s32qoumgxw

    Man, thats hot

  • Reply Anthony ID:1edel7i8j45a

    A good story and very erotic.

    • Harrison ID:6nrmts5mm1

      Thank you. I will try to write the next part.