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Away We Go

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I’ve been here in Florida for awhile. I ca t remember temperatures staying at 70 and below. My tan is about gone. There’s been no pool or beach for me. I guess God heard my prayer.

My girlfriend Val called me and told me her and Steve are going to Jamaica. She said to me she wants me to join them. Well you don’t have to ask me twice, I say ok. We’re going to leave tomorrow, such short notice.

I don’t pack a lot of clothes since we’ll probably be naked most of the time.

The next morning Val and Steve pick me up in an Uber. I had to laugh thinking about what happened to me and Uber driver Siram. We get to the airport and board our plane. I say to Val and Steve I can’t thank you guys enough. Val says maybe this trip will help you clear your head.

We land in Montego Bay and we have about a two hour ride to Ocho Rios. Steve says Carol we rented a beachfront villa for the week. We finally arrive and the villa is absolutely gorgeous. We have our own private staff so this could be a lot of fun.

Steve and Val get naked and say cmon Carol let’s go to the beach. I strip and follow them. Steve and Val are in the water and I jump in also. The water feels like bath water. Just like what I’m used to in Florida.

I go over to Steve and Val and Steve says it’s going to be a fun filled week. I tell him yes it is as the staff is checking out Val and I. Val’s a smoking hot brunette with huge fake tits

I tell Val look how the staff is looking at us. Val waves and says hi guys. They smile and wave back. Steve says cmon let’s go by the pool. The pool is absolutely gorgeous and it’s one of those Infinity pools.

I lay on the lounge chair putting lotion on my front. Steve is putting lotion on Val and Val says Steve you’re making me horny. Steve says sounds good to me and puts his fingers inside Val.

Then one of the staff asks are you ready for a drink. All three of us say yes. He’s back with the drinks and he asks is there anything else I can do for you. All three of us say no we’re ok. He says my name is Andre and if you need anything let me know.

We have a couple of drinks and now it’s getting dark. Steve says let’s go shower and have dinner. We go inside and Val and Steve go to their room and I go to mine. Val walks in naked and so does Steve. Val grabs my hand and all three of us go into the shower.

Steve and Val’s hands are all over my body. Steve looks at me and says Carol I’m glad you came. Steve grabs my tits and starts to lick and suck them. Val is on her knees sucking Steve’s cock. Steve puts his fingers inside me and says Carol your pussy is so wet.

I tell Steve don’t stop I’m going to cum. I cum all over Steve’s fingers. Steve bends both Val and I over and he sticking his cock inside us. Steve is ok in the cock department. Val says Steve what has gotten into you. Steve laughs and says I’m enjoying you to fine pieces of ass.

Both Val and I both cum and Steve cums inside Val. We get ready now and go to dinner. The food was excellent and I tell the chef my compliments to the chef. He’s an older black man and he says thank you pretty lady. I introduced the group and he says I’m Rafe. All three of us say nice to meet you.

It’s getting late and Val and Steve go to their room. I go to mine and I can hear them fucking. Val is very vocal and I’m sure the staff ca. here them also. Our staff is all men no women, I wonder why.

There’s a knock on my door. I’m naked and I put.a robe on. He says it’s Rafe could I interest you in one of my wonderful massages. I say yes and he says there’s a massage table by the pool. Rafe says cover yourself with a towel and I’ll meet you there.

I say ok wrap myself with a towel and go by the pool. Rafe has lit candles and he grabs my hand and says climb up on the table Carol. I do and Rafe covers me with my towel. I tell Rafe I’m a masseuse so hear the oil up.

Rafe says a hot oil massage for you. Rafe comes back and I’m laying on the table. Rafe puts the oil on me and it feels great. He’s rubbing my neck and shoulders. Now he’s massaging my legs and my feet.

He asks so Carol how does it feel so far? I tell him great Rafe you’ve got magical hands. He spends about a half an hour on my back. Rage tells me to turnover. I grab the towel and turnover. Rafe grabs the towel and throws it on the floor. He says we don’t need the towel since I’ve already seen you naked.

I’m a little uncomfortable now, but fuck it. Rafe is massaging my big tits. Rafe says you’ve got great tits Carol. I thank him for the compliment. He pulling on my nipples and it feels great. Rafe now goes down my stomach and up and down my legs.

Rafe’s hands are now by my pussy. Rafe says Carol you’ve got a pretty pussy. He’s massaging my inner thigh just missing my pussy. Then I feel his fingers inside me. I ask him please stop Rafe. He says your pussy is soaked do you really want me to stop. I tell him no do what you want to me.

Rage is now finger fucking me very fast. I tell him I’m cumming. I cum and Rafe stops. I look up and Rafe is naked with his huge black cock hanging down I say to him Rafe bring that big cock over here and let me suck it.

I open my mouth and Rafe puts his big black cock inside my mouth. I get him hard and now I need to be fucked. Rafe puts his cock in me and I look over and Val is standing there. She says Carol you’re one horny bitch. She drops her robe and Andre is behind her, he’s naked and he bends Val over and pushed his big black cock inside her.

Val is screaming fuck me Andre fuck me. Andre is fucking Val for awhile and Rafe is fucking ne so good. Andre says to Rafe let’s trade places. Rafe pushes his cock into Val and Andre says Carol show me your pussy.

I open my pussy and Andre sticks his big black cock inside me. Oh fuck me Andre I say to him. Val says Rafe I want you to fuck me on the beach. Val and Rafe leave and it’s just Andre and I. Andre is sucking my tits telling me he loves my big tits. I tell him don’t stop, I love that black cock of yours fucking ne.

I cum and Andre says he’s going to cum. I pull him out of me and I swallow his big load of cum. We both say goodnight and I wrap the towel around me and go to my room.

I take a shower and I’m laying naked in my bed. There’s a knock on my door and it’s Rafe. He says Carol open the door I want to fuck you some more. I open the door and Rafe walks inHe naked so he grabs my towel and throws it on the floor. I lay on my bed, spread my legs and say Rafe fuck me.

Rage pushes his big black cock inside me and I tell him in his ear, fuck ne Rafe fuck me. We fuck for about a half an hour I came twice and I’m waiting for Rafe to cum. Rage says he’s cumming and shoots a big load of black cum inside me. I should get mad because I didn’t want him to cum in me.

Rage leaves and the rest of the week Val and I are fucked by the entire staff. Steve is miserable because Val and I just want to be fucked by all these big black cocks. I was being fucked by this very young man.

Val goes in the tub and every man came all over her. Val received a cum bath. The next night it was my turn.

When it was time to leave I felt so sorry for Steve. There was no other women there that he could’ve fucked. Val and I spent the last day letting Steve do whatever he wanted to do to us.

We leaving and the staff said please come back and visit us. Val and I looked at each other and said we’ll be back. It’s so nice to share cocks with your best friend. Thanks Val and Steve for taking me with you. Love you two.


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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Aunt Carol . I’m writing a very exciting story about us , so please keep an eye out for it , I’ll let you know when I post it . Your pussy will cum inside your leggings when you read it ! Love Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Sorry my mistake auntie Carol ! I hope that I didn’t upset you . but you know me , if you leave me alone with any of your beautiful huge black studs that I will fuck him !! your loving niece and black loving cum dump (The Queen Of Spades) Britney !!! (HUGS & KISSES) to my beautiful Aunt Carol !

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      I wouldn’t care if you fucked Stelton. I told you he’s now my fuck buddy, nothing serious. I’m enjoying all types of cocks now. I recently had some Jamaican black cock, my favorite. Love Aunt Carol

  • Reply Carol ID:1cyit7b0gyqz

    No Britney Stelton is here in Florida. You’d know him as soon as he dropped his pants. Stelton is very dark. He’s tall and thin but you’d love his cock. It’s so hard for me to stop fucking him. He reminds me of Stan, a young Jamaican man with his fourteen inch cock. Love your black cock loving Aunt Carol.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Aunt Carol . I just recently went to a nightclub with a few of my girlfriends and this older black guy about 40 years old , came over to me and asked me to dance with him so I did and we had some small talk then he asked me my name so I said it’s Britney and he said his name is Shelton , I was like (OH MY GOD! IT CAN’T BE !) well I didn’t want to say anything, because I was horny and he ended up taking me to the Hotel Hilton, where he has a room rented for a few days , all he told me was he’s from the south and needed some time to clear his head ! He fucked me that night with the biggest black dick I had ever seen , it was like 12 fucking inches , he had to go easy on me because of my last time, my pussy being torn by a smaller black dick . but he was gentle with me as he fucked me ! he also blew his load into my small pussy, I’m on the pill so I should be okay ! he loved my short red skirt with my 10 strap garter belt and my Cervin fully fashioned nylon stockings and 5 inch heels he told me that’s what really attracted him to me ! Then in the morning he paid for a taxi to bring me home . I’m not sure if he’s the same as your guy, but the same name and he’s from the south and that massive hunk of jungle meat ,Oh!! god !! I was in heaven ! Love you Aunt Carol from your little black cumdump niece Britney !