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I Couldn’t Help Myself Yesterday

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Neighbors got a new pool and I just couldn’t help myself to their Daughter.

I couldn’t help myself yesterday

Our neighbors had gotten a new rather large kiddie pool. It was three feet deep and at least 12 foot in diameter. They have a cute young daughter Shantel in the fifth or sixth grade that loves to play in the pool splashing and giggling all day long. Shantel has an amazing body for her age with round firm ass and even has budding nubs. she is very light skinned being a mix race of black and white having the most beautiful green eyes. Every time she sees me she gets all googly eyed waving to me and I think she has either a crush or at least some kind of fascination with me being white with blue eyes and all the family friends are black with dark eyes.

On this particular day no one was home other then Shantel and the mother which by the way is butt ugly. She does have an amazing body though just not from the neck up which is where Shantel gets her amazing body from even though she is so young. The mother had gotten a phone call and in an emergency had to go. She asked me if I could watch Shantel for a few hours and I happily said yes. I had grabbed a few beers dawned some loose shorts and headed to the back yard then Shantel’s mother left in a hurry.

Getting in the pool Shantel immediately gets to my side rubbing my leg thanking me for coming over to play with her being very flirtatious. The one piece Shantel has on is way to tight on her being last year or two swim suit. It was also wore out and faded making the material very thin and see through. I could see her pussy bulge sticking out at least an inch and a half seeing every groove and bump she had. Her areolas and cute little nipples were poking out nice and hard at me.

I sat my beer down on a platform beside the pool and we started to splash and play in the pool. I grab her and threw her a few times her screaming and giggling the whole time. just watching her legs spread exposing her fat pussy as I threw her was such a turn on. We wrestled around for at least five minutes when Shantel stops and begins to giggle pointing at me asking me ”What is that?”. I look down and and my shorts had been pulled down from throwing her exposing my erection. “Ops! I said popping my dick back in my shorts. Shantel asked me again “What is that” being so stubborn as she is. I tell Shantel “That is my penis!, all males have one!”. She then scoots up right next to me asking me to show her again “I wanna see it again. What is it for?” she asked me looking at me grinning from ear to ear.

I briefly tell Shantel what it’s for and she insisted I show her again being completely stubborn not taking no for an answer. Her being so stubborn reaches down my shorts grabbing my now completely rock hard 8 inch cock pulling it out so she can get a better look gasping at the size of it. I didn’t freak out because the property has so many trees and bushes surrounding the back yard so I just let her get an eye full. She played with it for a few minutes then for some reason started slowly stroking it up and down. I don’t know it must be a natural instinct for females to stroke and suck a cock because within a few minutes she was full stroking and then leaned forward sticking her long sexy looking tongue out licking the precum from my throbbing glistening head.

She then leans away slightly then looking up at me “I like that taste of it. what is it?, I want more of it” She then happily continues. I tell her what precum is and what it is for and even females do the same. She gets all excited stands up and strips off her one piece standing there completely naked nipples hard as a rock and her pussy mound sticking out even farther almost two inches. “Oh my god!” I gasp out staring straight at her lovely pussy. Shantel looks at me then down to her pussy then back to me “What is something wrong?” She asked me slightly alarmed. “Oh god no Shantel!, You have such an amazing fat pussy. I have never seen one that big and fat on such a young girl before!”. Shantel looks at me with a huge shit eating grin on her face then lowers back down stroking and sucking my cock with more enthusiasm.

Within a few minute the pressure built up and I released one hell of a load into her mouth. Just before I unloaded I told Shantel to swallow as fast as she can. I can’t believe it, she took the explosive load swallowing everything I had with very little dribbling out the sides of her mouth. Her eyes were as big as saucers when she finally finished the last of my load then drops my cock gasping for a breath. She then wipes her face licking her hands and fingers looking up to me. “Oh my god that was amazing!, I loved that, I have to have more of that!. Do girls cum like that?” she asked me so excitedly.

“Yes!, girls do cum and squirt out sometimes just not quite like the seed I shoot out” I tell Shantel. She looks at me with this huge grin on her face then asked me ”Can you make me cum like that in your mouth” I look to Shantel and said I would love to show you and definitely suck that fabulous fat pussy you have. Shantel giddily lifts her arm grabbing the railing of the pool then opens her legs as I position myself holding her up by her firm little round ass lowering my mouth on her fat hairless mound. Never having been touched down there before Shantel jerks as I run my tongue up and down her pussy crack causing her to giggle then let out a very long moan and shiver with excitement.

Her pussy was fabulous as I tongue lashed her, loving every single second I had my tongue in her virgin hole. She squirms and bucks wiggling her firm ass in my hands causing me to get almost instantly hard again. Her juices begin to flow out of her so much I actually had a hard time trying to get it all. I just knew that her huge pussy was going to be wet and I was definitely not disappointed. Within minutes she was moaning out loud bucking my face saying she had to pee. I pull my mouth off of her glorious hairless mound telling her “No you don’t have to pee your going to have an orgasm and trust me Shantel you are going to love it just let it happen”.

Within a few minutes of her wiggling in my hands from my tongue lashing her clit poking it’s head out from her little hood I attacked it frantically lashing it with my tongue and sucking on it. Shantel screams out grabbing my head pulling me in hard as she bucked and grinds on my face letting go one huge orgasm. Her juices shot our like being ejected from a cannon splashing my face and shooting out in the pool. Her body convulsed for what seemed like almost five minutes drenching me in her orgasmic juices. Being absolutely exhausted drops her arm from the pool edge and around my head going completely limp with her being held up my just my hand on her firm ass and head in front of me.

I held her head up from the water rubbing and patting her body while I talked to her. Shantel was out of it for over five minutes when she slowly opened her eyes looking at me completely star struck with a dazed look on her face. “Oh my god what just happened to me?, that was the best feeling I have ever felt in my life!” Shantel asked me with a lustful gaze in her eyes. “You just had you first orgasm Shantel and I hope you liked it” I said to her. Shantel rights herself in the pool looking at me lustfully “I want to do it again!, can we please? I wanna have another orgasm so bad!” she begs me.

I get out of the pool grabbing my beer then laying down on a huge blanket place on the grass. Shantel follows me grabbing her drink laying beside me. I look over seeing Shantel’s amazingly plump hairless pussy sticking out like a monument licking my lips as I did so turned on. I look at Shantel and ask her if she remembered what I told her what a cock is for and she shakes her head grinning licking her lips in excitement. I then ask her if she wanted to try sex and she looks at me “ Will it make me have an orgasm again?” She lustfully asked me. I look to her “You will definitely have an orgasm and it might be even more intense!” I said to her.

She agrees to have sex but I did warn her that taking her virginity will be painful as we have to rip her Hymen in order to have full sex. I then position myself between her legs her spreading them eagerly in anticipation. I first licked her pussy to get her wet taking her just shy of another orgasm I then line up my cock getting it all wet with her wetness and my precum then push forward slightly applying pressure. It really didn’t last long as her hymen broke rather easily and my cock slid in a few inches. She gasp wincing in pain with tears flowing down her face. I was motionless while her beautiful pussy adjusted to my girth. When she started to move her hips around and moaning in about five minutes I figured she was ready for more.

I slowly eased a few more inches in her then started to slowly pump in and out. her steady stream of moans turned me on so much my cock was dripping and rock hard. She dug her cute little pink manicured nails into my back as I was fully in her fat pussy. She then wrapped her cute little legs around my waist pulling me in as I pumped her very wet yet tight hole. “Oh my god I feel so full” Shantel moans out digging in her fingernails farther as I slowly thrust her long and hard. Her pussy gripped my cock so hard even with her juices flowing out her hole down her ass and my precum it still was almost to tight to bare. Her moans began to increase to the point of them being non stop and I knew she was close to an orgasm.

My balls began to tense up as did my legs feeling this girls unbelievable tight pussy milk my cock for my awaiting seed to feed it. Shantel screams out she feel it coming again then digs her fingernails in me even harder tugging on my ass with her legs taking all my cock in her. Her pussy walls clamp down hard on my cock as she screams out in ecstasy pussy juice squirting everywhere drenching her, me and the blanket. I erupt violently as my swollen cock shoots my seed deep into her once virgin pussy smashing against her cervix causing her to have a second orgasm. She screams out again “Oh god give me that cock and seed in my pussy!”. She scraps her fingernails down my back as her final orgasm was massive and intense. When our orgasms finally subside I collapse down on her then roll off to her side. When I did my cock pulled out of her tight hole making a pop sound with a gush of cum came flowing out down her ass on the blanket below.

We just lie there completely exhausted while the warm sun beat down caressing out bodies. Finally after 10 minutes I was able to prop myself up and take a drink of my cold beer. God it felt good going down being so thirsty from the amazing sex. Shantel props her self up and does the same thing then looks at me in complete disbelief “Is sex always this good?” she asked me. “Not always and definitely not everyone knows how to have amazing sex especially young boys. There to inexperienced , small and cum to quickly” I said to her. “Well I guess I will have to stick with the older guys then because that was absolutely fantastic and I want nothing less then that size of cock in me!” she said looking at me so lustfully.

I look to Shantel and tell her that if anyone finds out what we did I will get in serious trouble. She assures me that her lips are sealed and we will definitely have to continue this again. She then rolls over planting an amazing kiss on me and even some tongue action. I tell Shantel it is getting late and we should be getting dressed so we gather up our stuff and get dressed. Just as we dress and dip back in the pool we hear her mother pull up in the driveway. She comes into the back yard and thanked me for such a short notice. I said it was all my pleasure and any time she needs me to watch Shantel just give me a holler.

Shantel looks at me telling her mother I am so much fun and can’t wait for the next time as she sprouts a huge grin across her face then winks at me. As I begin to walk away Shantel’s mother gasp out loud “Oh my god what happened to you!” I turn around asking what she meant. “ Those scratches on your back are deep and still bleeding. How did that happen” she asked me in concern. “I think it was when Shantel and I were playing in the pool” I lied to her covering for our great sex we just had. She then goes in side getting some antiseptic and a clean bandage pads. When she returns she scolds Shantel saying “How could you do that Shantel?” Then begins to apply the antiseptic. Shantel pipes up “I did it so I will clean it mother” she said sternly rather bothered by her scolding.

She then hands Shantel the stuff and thanks me again heading into the house. As Shantel cleans my wounds on my back she leans over my back hissing my cheek “Sorry for the scratch marks!, I got a little excited from my orgasm and that hard cock of yours!” she said to me apologizing. I just laugh out loud telling her I am glad you enjoyed yourself. When she was all finished she leans over my back kissing my cheek again thanking me for covering for her and how she can’t wait for next time.

As I walk back towards my place I look at Shantel and said “I just couldn’t help myself!, Your body is so amazing!, I just had to have it!”. She looks to me and says “It’s OK!, I wanted you to have it and can’t wait to give it to you again!”.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2qr9

    Well, Well wouldn’t you know it part 2 is out and even juicier.
    Thank you all for your support and the good comments and ratings. I’ll try to do my best to not let ya down.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Absolutely breed that little pussy 10 times a week cum in her cunt

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    My only gripe is that anyone would like the taste of a penis drenched in chlorine water, her playing with his dick could play out because of a fascination with its “texture” but anything else feels unrealistic coming from a virgin who is also a child.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0k

      How many people do you know that shocks their kiddy pool then lets then go swimming. to me that was a completely stupid response because most NORMAL people do not chlorinate their kiddy pool. and by the way the Child in question started her period last month at the age of 10 and has been caught masterbaiting several times.
      obviously your ignorant self has never had sex in a pool before like I have a hundred times if not more and will continue to fuck in a pool until my dick falls off when I hit 100 years old. so my suggestion to you is go back to your church choir and sing “Rape that boy good preacher” with all your good buddies and stuck up wives.

    • Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20d

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    Great story do part 2

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