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I started work in a old people’s home aged 16

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When I was 16 I worked in a old people’s home and got a shock when I saw the size of a cock on a 80 year old man

When I was 16 I was small for my age 4ft 11 and I had long blonde hair small breasts 34a and I was thin and I started work at a old people’s home as a trainee carer.
The first few weeks seemed hard till I was shown how to make it easier and then I enjoyed work until one day I was taking a man in his 80s to get ready for bed ,he could walk and I was told he had dementia he was a large man not fat but big build and as I helped him get changed for bed I noticed his cock it was quite big ,bigger than the boys I had seen and when I changed his underwear my hand brushed against it and he coughed I looked at him and he smiled and as I pulled up his underwear I touched it again and it jumped,I was amazed as I thought it would be redundant at his age but it started to get hard and grow I was mesmerized watching it and he just blatantly said touch it if you want it won’t bite ,I went bright red and he said go on make a old man happy .

I thought what harm could it do to just touch it and I reached and put my small hand on it I couldn’t get my hand around it he sat down on his bed arms back as I looked at the size as I grew and went hard I moved my hand around and felt it ,his veins were so big around it and it looked like it was about 10 inches probably smaller but to me who had only wanked a couple of lads from my estate it was massive . He told me to use both hands and wank him I was still bright red and said to him I would get in trouble he replied who’s going to know I’m not telling as he asked me again please he said.

I put my hands around and slowly moved them up and down revealing his end out of his foreskin ,I could feel my pussy getting damp as I slowly wanked him he then lay back so I was sitting on his bed and he was naked except for his underwear which now was at his knees ,I was shaking as I wanked his cock I kept looking at the door hoping no one came in as I went faster he was telling me it felt so nice and it had been years since anyone had done that for him, I noticed that his balls were big too as I watched then wobble around as I wanked him ,then I was shocked as he asked me to undo my top so he could see my tits in my bra ,no I replied as I continued to wank him and then he kept saying please just a peek I haven’t seen a lovely pair of teen tits since i was a teen and seems your so beautiful I bet you that your tits are too.

I kept saying no and the compliments kept coming and I liked them no one gave me compliments before so I stopped wanking and undone the buttons on my tunic so he could see my small tits in my bra ,, lovely he said as I replaced my hands back on his cock and went faster I could hear his breathing get faster and I was getting wetter as he said I’m going to cum soon as I wanked and I felt his body shake then he cum I pointed it towards his bed away from me as I felt stream after stream shoot out and he fell backwards and I stood up and went get a flannel and towel to clean him ,he said thank you and itvwas amazing I can’t wait till next time, there will be no next time i said it’s a one off , no he said I won’t tell anyone as long as you do it for me when your at work and i dont mind paying you how much woukd you like £20 i was flabbergasted £20 he offers me for a wank i was only getting £50 a day working . Would that be ok he said I have lots of money so don’t worry infact he said what ever you would do for me I would pay you name the price as he rolled over and opened his bedside cabinet and got £20 out and gave it to me .

I was still in shock getting paid to give him a wank I enjoyed doing it and getting paid was a bonus but I wasn’t going to tell him , I got him ready for bed and I went to continue my other duties and dreamed about how much I got .
I was off for 2 days and when I was back I was on early shift and he was on my list of getting up so I worked the list and he was last and when I got there he said I’m so glad your back do you fancy given me another wank and pointed to his bedside cabinet and there was £20 on top of it and next to it was another and he said how about £20 for a wank and another £20 if you do it topless .£40 I thought and that excited me and being naive didn’t realise I was getting into a trap as I agreed and I took off tunic and bra I was bright red as I pulled his cover down and he had PJ’s on so I removed them and his underwear I got a flannel and washed his bits and I made sure the door was locked as I began his wank as he looked at my small tits I was still red embarrassed from doing this but the money was nearly a day’s wage as I felt his body shake getting ready to cum and he quickly said another £10 if you let me cum on your tits and as he cum i pointed towards my tits as i felt his warm cum on them my pussy let out a stream of my cum i let go and reached for the flannel and washed my tits then his cock £50 i had made from a wank.

He was smiling and said I hope your happy with the money I was I said but no one could know and I would do it for him when I’m at work and he smiled and said imagine how much I would get for more , I was hoping he didn’t think I was going to have sex with him as I asked what you mean more and he replied let me touch you .

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  • Reply Started young ID:4bn00en3fia

    That was sort of how i got to see and play with adult cock too. When i was grade 1 aged 6 my grandmother and mother thought it would be good for me to join them on weekends when they volunteered at the old age home. Some of them even left their estate to me

  • Reply Bob ID:1ck7wr3yccz0

    Contact me for having a good time

  • Reply John Ray ID:blf5nmql

    Just think how much money he will give you if you blow him.

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    I love the age gap . My neighbour has a 13 year old girl who comes to my house every Saturday morning to go and do shopping for me . When she comes back I will give her a drink for doing my shopping . One day I put stockings on the list , when she come back I asked her to put them on for me . She put them on and they fitted perfect . She wore them every week until I asked her to go pantieless for me and she agreed . That’s when we started touching each other and I ended up stripping her naked except for the stockings and started having sex .

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Very nice, Toto! Now take it in your mouth and suck on those sweaty old balls too! Good girl!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1ctqzxmbem4s

    Hahaha I loved it. I knew a young11 year old girl in Houston that lived down the street n her family was dirt poor with daddy being an alchi. I offered her some money to clean my apt and she took it. She was a lil nervous at first but then relaxed. After a few cleanings I offered her a lil more money if she would set by me and watch a movie. I was only wearing loose shorts and when I got a hard on my cock was sticking out. She kept looking over at it and by the end of the movie she was really turned on and wanted to see it. I wound up getting a blow job and the following week I sunk m,y cock in her to my balls. I paid her to clean my apt weekly but it was really to fuck me. She wound up pregnant 3 months later and they family up and moved back to Mexico for some reason.

  • Reply Young perv ID:v8f7itfyk71

    Love it! More, please! How far does she go? Does she really need the money for motivation or is she overcome by her lust for old men who know how to be good to a girl and make her cum like crazy? Super age gap is so hot. I’m about the girl’s age and wish I had a bunch of pent up 80 year old men to cum in me.

    • [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

      I’m close to 80. Would 77 work for you? Drop me a line!

    • Bob ID:1ck7wr3yccz0

      How do we get together