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Mother and my Bully Jerome – Part 1

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My persistent Bully at school has wanted to date my hot mother for more than a year.

I have a very persistent Bully named Jerome, who has wanted to date my curvy, 50 year old, redheaded mother named Marie for more than a year. Jerome is a large 6ft. 5 inch, 245 pound jock athlete. My mother looks much younger than her age, because she does lots of pilates and yoga exercises at home. My mother is a natural redhead, with flawless alabaster skin and stands about 5 ft. 7 inches with a 38dd, 33, 38 figure. Jerome constantly talks about my mother’s big hips, fat round ass and ample torpedo shaped tits. Jerome has insisted on me bringing him home several times a week, just so he can chat up my mom with his typical bullshit nice guy act. I began to notice my mother laughing more and more at Jerome’s stupid jokes and generally enjoying all of the attention. My mother began wearing more and more revealing tight dresses and fitted tops with sheer tights and other revealing attire, whenever Jerome would come over. Jerome would his friends, nearly ever day how he was going to “tap my mother’s big ass and redheaded cunt with his his “big black mamba”. He talked about training my mom into sucking and fucking black cock, which included him and his friends and family. Jerome would also tell me how he and his friends loved to humiliate rich, white folks like my mother and I. I found out from a drill team girl, how Jerome and his friends and family have “converted” two other single mothers into Queen of Spades, black cock slaves, while making the sons into creampie clean up cuckolds. I had to look up the term Queen of Spades and cuckold clean up boys. I was shocked and frozen with fear knowing Jerome and his family have done this before and actually perfected their techniques. I tried to warn my mother, without telling her all of the embarrassing details. I believe telling my mother about Jerome’s conquests with other single moms may have backfired by flattering her and making my mother horny for young black cock. I came home from school early approximately three months ago and saw Jerome’s car in our driveway. I snuck into the house by coming into the back porch quietly. When I silently approached mother’s bedroom I immediately heard Jerome’s booming voice ordering mother to spread her fat ass cheeks , while listening to my anal slut mother beg for his big black cock in her shit chute (her exact words). When Jerome finally slammed his whole rock hard length into her redheaded knot in one powerful stroke, my whore mother screamed out in both pain and ultimate pleasure. I could hear Jerome alternate from mother’s greedy anus to her willing mouth. I overheard Jerome order my mother to taste her ass, which made my whore mother squeal with pent up desire. I listened to Jerome stretch mother’s tight puckered redheaded shit tube, while mom’s headboard repeatedly and relentlessly slammed into the bedroom wall. My mother all the while would yell out for Jerome to cum in her hungry asshole, and to please give her the scalding hot sperm enema she craved. This violent assault of mother’s bowels went on for more than 50 minutes at which time I could hear my whore mother scream out in multiple orgasms as Jerome filled her clenching butt hole with molten hot african seed. I could hear Jerome order his new “mommy butt fuck” into cleaning his dirty cock with her slutty mouth. I heard Jerome tell my mom how this would be their new daily routine. I went into my room before Jerome came out and left for basketball practice. My mother got in the shower when Jerome left, at which point I went into mom’s bedroom to explore all of the nasty details. I was shaking like a leaf when I entered mom’s room, I could immediately detect the distinct odor of Channel #5 perfume mixed with raw hot redheaded cunt and freshly fucked asshole. I also noted the smell of marijuana. I found a huge cum filled, shit covered condom in the bathroom waste basket, along with a pair of heavily cummed up pair of crotchless panties on the floor I claimed the used condom and cummed up panties as my reward. I went to my bedroom and proceeded to jerk off no less than 7 times in the span of three hours, after listening to the raw anal abuse my mother was subjected to. I acted like a came home from school and met my mother in the kitchen. It was difficult to look her in the eye, especially when I could see the hickeys and aggressive fuck marks on her flawless china white skin. I also noticed my slut mother walking funny as I imagined her bright red, fucked raw asshole and fire crotch from all of Jerome’s non stop butt fucking and vaginal stretching. For the following weeks I obsessed with the thought of my anal whore, queen of spades mother performing ever more nasty submissive sex acts, with her buck Negro Jerome. Little did I know that this was only the beginning. My mother began “secretly dating” Jerome, while dressing more and more like a complete slut. My mother would come home early in the morning with sticky semen in her hair messed up lip stick and mascara and always smelling like raw sex. I would find cutaway bras, well worn crotchless pantyhose, titty fucker bras and numerous dildos and butt plugs in her bedroom following her dates. I was determined to find all I could about mother’s filthy activities. I crashed mother’s laptop computer on purpose, knowing she would ask me to fix it and get her password and be able to spy on her. I found a “cock slave contract” Jerome created for mom, his new anal slave. The contract detailed all of the nasty, dirty requirements my mother was ordered to fulfill. I found out my mother was required to remain crotchless at all times, was required to orally service Jerome and his black friends and family in public. I found video clips Jerome made of my porn whore mother sucking him and friends off in a dark bar, while under a table. I found clips of mother fucking herself with bread sticks under a booth in an Italian restaurant, while waitresses and waitstaff laughed and called her a dirty fuck pig. It was amazing to watch mom eat the bread sticks pulled directly from her greedy, slimy, cum filled cunt and asshole. Other video clips showed mother performing a “cum walk” in malls and supermarkets, proudly displaying the fresh black semen on her face and hair for all to see. My mother got a pretty serious eye infection from the cum facials, likely following raw anal sex. Mom suffered foot issues, while wearing skyscraper fuck me heels continuously. None of these ailments deterred Marie’s filthy exploits, in fact it made her suggest even more extreme whore activities. like masturbating with hot corn dogs at the local drive, while carhops watch and record her sucking Jerome and furiously driving the hot corn dogs into her redheaded cunt hole. I found out Jerome’s aunt Beatrice has been training mother to eat black cunt. Beatrice loves to make white mother sluts eat their son’s cum from her cunt. Jerome made me buy all of the window sheer panels I could find from all of the home improvement stores. When I got home he ordered me to cut a hole in the center of the 84 inch length, sheer window sheers. I had no idea Jerome’s plan was to have mother wear the totally sheer window panels like sun dresses. Mother nearly caused a car wreck at a gas station in her new totally see thru sun dresses, sky scraper heels and crotchless panty hose/panties and cutaway bras. My mother get quite the double take in public with her sheer fuck wear and black semen flowing down her thick stocking clad legs. You can definitely tell my slutty mother is a natural fire crotch in the right sunlight. I’m certain my role of creampie clean up boy is soon to be revealed. In the meantime I will continue to my slutty mother’s nasty submissive activities. I’ve been experimenting with recording her fuck pig training at home with my hidden action cameras. I also plan on going to some of the bars and dance clubs, while in disguise in hopes of watching mom in public action. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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