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Gullible fat girl from next door

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My friend from next door is a fatty and really gullible. We were chilling in my room one day and I decided to fuck her just to see what it was like.

She must have weighed about 150 lbs as she was a bit of a fatty, certainly not slim like your average girl, very slow on her feet and always stuffing her face with chocolate, in fact she was chomping her way through a multi-pack of chocolate bars as she sat sinking in to my bean bag chair.

“Can I have one?” I asked, slotting a piece in to my 1000 piece jigsaw and hearing her open another bar from the packet.

“No, these are mine.” She growled, I struggled to understand her at first because she spoke with her gob full.

I turned around on the floor and faced her and watched her eating, it was like watching a pig feeding from a trough, melted chocolate all over her face, her hands, all down the front of what used to be a white vest and blobs of it on her pink shorts, she wasn’t the best looking girl around but something about her turn me on a bit.

She had big chunky arms and legs, fat cheeks, plump fingers and I could see her nipples and cleavage through her vest, her breasts were large but she was only 11 years old so I suspect her breasts were mainly just due to fat and not proper ones, like a lot of fat people she sat with her knees spread apart to accommodate her fat stomach, she had a wet path on the front of her shorts.

“Have you wet yourself?” I asked.

She looked down between her legs and saw the wet patch, “No, it’s just sweat.” She replied.

I went over to her and squeezed her legs, they were soft and squidgy, then I squeezed her arms then her a fold on her stomach, “What you doing?” she asked.

“Nowt.” I replied, with a smile and a chuckle, I lifted her vest to look at her breasts underneath.

“Do you mind!” she snapped, chocolate spat out of her mouth as she slapped my hands.

“No.” I replied, then I quickly pulled her vest off, over her head, up her arms and removed it, “I wonna see.” I said, she really did have big fatty breasts and they felt like her arms and legs when I squeezed them.

She giggled at me and called me a fidget, “Let me see your fanny.” I said, she looked shocked then took a chocolate bar out of her mouth, “Why?” she asked.

“Because I want to see it.” I replied, she didn’t look too sure, “I’ll show you my dick.” I said, standing and pulling my pants down, she smiled with embarrassment when I waved my dick around, “Let me see your fanny then.” I asked.

She put the chocolate bar back in her mouth and held it with her lips, then she took her shorts and knickers off and then relaxed back in to the bean bag chair, I looked but I couldn’t see anything, her fat stomach was covering it, so I lifted her fat fold up, “Oh…” I said, now seeing her fanny crack, “…I see it now.” I said.

I grabbed the chocolate bar from her mouth, she complained and demanded it back but I had other plans, it had already melted a little so it was easier to rub the chocolate all over my hard dick, I stood in front of her and flicked my dick near her face, “Lick it off then.” I joked.

But she did, didn’t even hesitate, just put her head forward and sucked the chocolate off my dick, “Wow, you really like chocolate.” I said, she made my dick harder than it had ever been, her mouth was really warm and her tongue felt nice lapping up the chocolate off my dick.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back so she was almost laying down on the bean bag chair, then I took my dick out of her mouth and laid myself on top of her, it felt like I was laying on a big cushion, I pushed up and back her fatty stomach flap and tried to put my dick in her fanny but I couldn’t quite reach, her fat made it so I was too far away.

I bent her back further so her head was almost touching the floor but her legs were angled upwards, I had to stand up, but finally cleared the way and I tried again, I pushed my dick to her fanny and after a few hard pushes, it vanished in to her hole.

She moaned a bit and for a brief moment she scrunched up her face like she was about to cry but then just looked surprised, so I humped her some more and soon she was moaning nice sounds, happy sounds, even though I was having sex with her she continued to eat her chocolate like she didn’t care I had my dick inside her fanny, all she cared about was food.

She had a tight fanny for a fat girl, it was a nice a squidgy and warm, I felt myself about to come, I’ve jerked myself off enough to recognise the signs, I humped her quicker, my hips and stomach was slapping against her fat flesh it sounded like we were clapping, I had my dick half way in her fanny when I came and I watched it swell as my come spilled out in to her, her warm hot fanny made it shoot out fast in gooey streams, I pulled my dick out and I shot a little more along her crack, it looked like I’d iced a cake with my come.

“What was that?” she asked, presumably she felt me just come.

“Nowt, it’s alright. Don’t worry.” I replied, I kind of hoped I’d just impregnated her, not that anyone would notice if she was pregnant.

“Can I get up now?” she asked.

I was already standing and pulling my pants back up, “Yeah.” I said.

She struggled up and put her shorts back on without even checking what I’d just done to her, put on her vest and continued to eat her chocolate bars, I went back to my jigsaw.

A couple of days later I bought her a new multi-pack of chocolate bars and invited her to my house, the chocolate was a distraction, a bribe I suppose so she let me strip and fuck her fat fanny again because it felt so good.

She’s such a fat gullible little slut.

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  • Reply You dont know how bodies work.

    Lmao you must be crazy or just plain stupid if you think 150 lbs is fat.. “She must have weighed about 150 lbs as she was a bit of a fatty, certainly not slim like your average girl,” the average american woman weighs about 170 pounds, dumbass.

    • You dont know how bodies work.

      Nvm lol i just read she was 11 but youre a creep so i dont regret getting angry

    • He really doesn’t.

      Even at 11, 150 pounds isn’t enough for her to have been remotely as fat as he tries to portray her. She’d be chubby for sure, but not so fat you wouldn’t see her pussy. Story is awful fake trash lmao.

    • Bliurrrr

      May be the writer just putted in the wrong number but also if she was short gurl she wod been chubby. reads like the boy was guessing her weight anyway so dunt bloody matter either way just read story n use imagination. I enjoyed story I like fat birds too.


    Great Story Do Part 2

  • Reply JOE biden

    Just like my sister