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I bang my best friend’s older sister and mother during football game

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As I came inside Cathy’s pussy we heard from behind us we heard her mother go What’s going on here!?

I was at my best friend’s house watching football one Monday night, There were his three brothers, his mother Debbie, his sister Cathy. I was 16 at the time of this, we were all gathered around the TV when Cathy who was 20 got up asked if anyone wanted drinks? When everyone had ordered she disappeared into the kitchen and came back, She served me last and as she did so she bent over in front of me. That’s when I noticed the top 3 buttons of her shirt were undone and the shirt fell open and since she removed her bra I got to see her 34 cup breasts, I had naked women in my dad’s Playboy’s, but this was the first time I had seen any in the flesh.
They are full and her nipples were hard, she looked at me and caught me staring opened mouthed, smiled and straightened up went back into the kitchen dropped off the tray and returned to the living room. As the game got underway Cathy kept turning to me and smiling, even pursing her lips in a kiss. I had thought of Cathy in a sexual matter, we are friendly, like to kid around with each other and flirt I never thought she was interested in me. She is a very attractive girl red haired and 5’7″ slim figured girl. At the beginning of the second quarter she got up, gathered up all the glasses and cans looked at and motioned with head to follow her into the kitchen. I followed her in. She placed everything in the sink turned to face me, Did you like the show? I stammered yyy yes she smiled, glanced down at the bulge in my pants I can tell you enjoyed it, she walked up to me and began rubbing her hand on my cock. Look what’ve I done to you, she kissed me on the lips as she unsnapped my pants and pulled the zipper down, reached into my underwear and began stroking my 8-inch cock. I closed my eyes and moaned, SSHH not so loud! she whispered she kissed me they’ll hear us! I nodded She looked at me I better help you with that swelling! She led me over to the dining room table, turned to face me and sat on the table she lifted her skirt to reveal she was wearing no panties, I was looking at my first real pussy. Her red pubic hair was damp and glistening, she spread her legs open and motioned me forward.
I whispered I’m still a virgin, Cathy smiled reached down and guided my throbbing cock into her pussy, we both moaned as I entered her. She wrapped her legs around me and I began to thrust in and out. Out in the living room someone must have been running a touchdown because everyone started screaming GO GO GO GO as they did I began thrusting in time with the chanting we were staring lustfully at each other as we fucked, I wasn’t going to last much longer, and neither was Cathy. As the GO chant kept up I groaned I’m gonna cum! Cathy panted ME TOO! As her family continued to scream GO GO GO we kept fucking until as the family screamed TOUCHDOWN, we both came, Cathy looked down and watched as my cock pumped cum into her. As I came inside Cathy’s pussy we heard from behind us her mother go what’s going on here!?
We looked and there was her mother Debbie standing in the doorway looking at us her face was flushed and she was breathing hard. I pulled out of Cathy and stood there trying to cover myself as Cathy got off the table and rearranged her clothing. Her mom came in and closed the door, then she faced us I can’t believe that I come in here and find you two having sex on the table! She spoke softly so no one else could hear her, as she spoke to her daughter, I noticed that her skirt was damp where her vagina was and my cock began to get hard again. She sent Cathy off to her room and turned to me , I can’t believe that you were fucking my daughter! be grateful she is on the pill or you’d be in trouble! She glanced down Jeez you’re hard again! I looked down and saw my cock at its full 8 inches ready to go. Debbie walked up to me I can’t believe this! you just got done fucking Cathy and you’re hard again, she reached out pushed my hands out of the way and grasped my cock. She stroked it as she did so she said in a lusty voice, what am I going to do with you? I moaned she asked did you see me standing there watching you fuck? NOO I moaned as she stroked me, did you see me rubbing my pussy until I came? Again, I moaned no as her hand jerked my cock, So what I am going to do with you? she repeated I don’t know I moaned. Out in the living room the cheering continued Debbie listened for a minute than looked at me I figured how to punish you.
With that she knelt down and began licking my cock and balls clean of mine and Cathy’s juices, You guys taste good she said as she finished but, I want more and with that she began to suck me, she ran her lips and tongue over my shaft then she took the head and sucked down the shaft and back up until the only the head was in her mouth and then back down again slowly at first then she began to go faster until with a moan I exploded in her mouth. Streams of cum were pumped into her mouth and swallowed until with a slow suck to make sure she got every drop. Yummy that tasted even better but I want more and with that she returned to sucking me until once again my tireless cock was ready to go.
She stood up and led me to one of chairs sat me down and then stood in front of me and began to strip her clothes off. Her top came off first followed by her bra revealing her nice 34c cup tits followed by her skirt and then her wet panties were added to the pile of clothes on the floor. She straddled me, reached down and grasped my cock and guided it towards her entrance. She moaned as my cock entered her and she took me in her to the hilt. She listened to the game for a minute, okay we are going to fuck until the next touchdown clear? I nodded and with that she began to ride me up and down slowly at first then faster as the play continued, and she would slow down and stop as the play ended. While the teams were in their huddles, she instructed me to suck her nipples which I did as she rocked back and forth on my cock moaning, as the play picked up again, she would start humping me hard and fast. She began having Orgasms each time one would she would moan I’M CUMMING OOHH SHIT I’M CUMMING she looked at me don’t you cum yet since I had been drained twice already, I had no problem holding it in.
Finally, after about 10 or 12 minutes of fucking I began to feel the urge to cum when, we heard them screaming GO GO GO GO Debbie began fucking me harder and harder at each go I began to feel the urge to cum rising and she was going I’M GOING CUM, I’M GOING TO CUM DON’T CUM UNTIL THE TOUCHDOWN! I’M CUMMING as she said this from the living room came GO GO GO TOUCHDOWN!! at that she came and took me the hilt as I began blasting my load into her pussy, that’s it fill me up kid, another stream would pump into keep filling me up with your cum! another jet pumped oh yeah I love young cocks filling me up. Finally, after the last spurt was pumped into her, we sat there covered in sweat with her still impaled on me, we heard a soft moan and we looked to see that Cathy had snuck back down the hall and had been watching us and was rubbing her pussy and fondling her tits as we fucked.
After we caught our breathes and got dressed Debbie looked at us, Here’s the deal if you are horny and want to fuck Cathy you can, provided that you do it in the bedroom and use protection. Clear? we both nodded, she looked at me and if it’s her time of the month or she’s not here, my pussy is available to you. I nodded eagerly we went back out to the living room and found out nobody knew we were gone or had heard a thing.
In part two I take Debbie up on her offer.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1e2hok8c5kls

    Oh the joys of a mother daughter combo brings so much excitement to the game. The last mother daughter combo I had was a single 30 year old redhead bombshell 34/24 /36 with a horny 80 lb 4′ 5″ 11 year old sexually active preteen daughter that couldn’t get enough of my cock.
    Loved the story and look forward to part two.

  • Reply WHITE DOVE ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I wish I was on that table