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The babesitter 2

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This is part 2 of my previous story. If you have any ideas for future stories let me know below

It was Halloween and I was on my way to the howlers house to watch to take the twins trick or treating. I was really excited, I couldn’t wait to fuck those two sluts silly and I wondered what kind of naughty costumes they were wearing. I had to resist the urge to jack off in my car because 1. I was driving and 2. There were a bunch of kids on the block going door to door. I parked my car next to the curb and made my way to the front door much to my surprise it was already unlocked hopefully as an invitation, so I opened the door and there was no one in the living room either, what was going on?

“Maya?, girls I’m here.” Suddenly I heard giggling coming from upstairs and noticed there was a trail of candy leading up the stairs. I followed it and it lead me to the master bedroom. I opened the door and what greeted me was Maya dressed as a sexy maid.

“Good evening master I trust the trip was a smooth one.” She said in a fake posh British accent.

I decided to play along.
“Indeed it was, i must say you are looking quite gorgeous m’lady.” I say in a terrible accent”

“Phffft what kind of accent is that?” Maya asked breaking character.

“I’m not good at a British accent okay I’m sorry” I say kinda embarrassed

“oh don’t be like that, how about I suck your cock will that make you forgive me.” Maya said while grabbing my bulge.

“Maybe, by the way where are the girls I thought I was the one in charge of taking them trick or treating.” I asked

“Oh Pauls out with them, dont worry knowing him he’s probably just gonna drop them off here so he can go drinking again so you’ll get plenty of time to play with them.” Maya then unzips my pants and gets a full view of my 8 inch cock. She looks completely lovestruck.

“Hm you like what you see Maya” I say confidently she didn’t say a word she simply smiled and shoved the whole thing down her throat like it was nothing.

“ mmm fuck Maya I guess I now know where Kelly and Carly get their mouths from.” It was pure bliss I had forgotten how good milf blowjobs felt. Suddenly she takes it out her mouth and begins sucking on my balls.
“Mhmm Chris the girls weren’t mmm kidding, your cock is delicious.”

“If you think it’s good in your mouth you should try your other holes” I suggested

“ you know what I think I will” Maya says before turning around and slammed her pussy on my cock, doing a reverse cowgirl.

AH AH OOHH CHRIS IT FEELS AMAZING AHH” Maya moaned as she was bouncing on my dick. Suddenly we heard the door open and running up the stairs, it was the girls but I didn’t care I just kept slamming my cock into mayas pussy while she was in too much ecstasy to notice.

“Mommy!! no fair you said we could play with Chris first when we got back” Carly said stomping her feet. she was dressed as raggedy Ann and had cute freckles painted on, as well as her hair braided into pigtails.

“Yeah your always telling us not to be greedy sluts but here you are” Kelly pouted. She was dress as the girl from sailor moon, she had the skirt and everything.

“Ooh mommys so-sorry girls. Ahh Mmmm I was sooo horny and I- ahhh” Maya was in too much pleasure to finish her sentence so I proposed an idea I have had for a while.”

“Hey girls I have an idea, why don’t you have sex with Each other!! The one who makes the other cum will gets a full hour with me.” They were surprised they played with each other but never had full on sex with each other. Suddenly Maya got off my dick.

“That’s a great idea!! Chris and me will be judges and you girls can have the other side of the bed aaaaall to yourselves so girls what do you say?”

Okay mommy now come on Carly there’s something I wanted to try for a while” Kelly grabbed Carly hand and pulled her towards the bed. Me and Maya watched them undress I kept forgetting how unbelievably sexy they both were.

“God how on earth did you give birth to such sexy little girls?! Their still only in middle school” I asked Maya who was snuggling next to me and barely able to take her eyes off them.

“Dunno, genetics I guess” Maya answered barely paying attention. Soon they were both undressed except Carly who still had her make up and knee socks on. She looked nervous, she wasn’t used to having an audience. Suddenly Kelly pinned her down and started fingering Carlys pussy.

“Oh stop being so shy and start licking you slut!” Kelly said while sucking on Carlys nipples.
“Wha-licking? Kelly what are you talk-MPHHM” Kelly suddenly turned around and plopped her petite yes supple butt on her sisters face.

“Oooh Carly mmm Dont stop haaaa haha” almost in a trance Carly wrapped her arms around Kelly’s legs and began sucking on her clit. The sloppy noises as well as Kelly’s moans were music to me and mayas ears.Meanwhile on the other side of the bed Maya was jacking me off while I plunged my fingers into her pussy.


“oh okay mommy.” Kelly then lower her self and stuffed her face into Carlys swollen and sopping wet pussy.

“MPHMM MOH GOD KELLY MMMIT FEELS SHO GOOD” Carly was barely able to say before Kelly slammed her ass onto Carlys face.

“Hey don’t talk while your mouth is full mmmh but your welcome sis”. Kelly said before resuming making out with her sisters clit. Me and Maya were absolutely captivated by this sight. Fucking 13 year old girls was one thing but watching them 69 each other is art even the most skilled painters couldn’t compete with. But jacking each other off was no longer doing it, we had to have more so we got up thrown the bed and snuck behind them both and pulled them apart.

“Nooo I was so close I wa-Aaah” Carly said before I thrusted my dick into her now licked clean pussy, using her pigtails as handle bars.

“OOH MMHM CHRIS OMG PLEASE OH FUCK ME HARDER” I spanked her little bubble butt and my god did it sound satisfying. Meanwhile Maya was tribbing with Kelly and holding onto her daughters leg like her life depended on.

“AAAAH MMOMMY W-WHAT IS THIS MMM” Kelly said in pure bliss as her and her mothers pussys rubbed together.

“Oh nothing baby girl just a little lip massage” Maya said. Kelly and Carly started making out as we fucked them.

“Oh god it’s not fucking fair, I want you three all to myself. I don’t want to share with Paul or anyone else.” I confessed as I slammed my dick into Carlys underage cunt.

“Mmm Chris let’s run away together, we’ll take the girls and go somewhere far away and have lots of sex every single day.” Maya said. Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and poured a fuck ton of cum into Carlys pussy. However Maya and Kelly were not done.


“Ok sweetie since you asked so nicely” Maya gave it one more thrust before Kelly’s pussy practically exploded. We all collapsed onto the bed, Carlys make up was all runny with sweat and kelly was sucking on Mayas tits like a baby while Maya stroked her hair.

“Well I should probably get going have a go-“ I was suddenly pulled back onto the bed by Maya.

“No your not going anywhere we are ending this tomorrow. Looks like Maya was serious about the whole running away together thing and you know what I couldn’t be happier I truly did love these three girls with all my heart and not just my dick.

“I understand” I nodded “now who’s ready for round two”

“ME!!!” All three of them shouted in unison. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I just hope I can survive tomorrow.

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  • Reply Disco ID:4j5k7zb0a

    Hey guys it’s been a while hasn’t it? I had a pretty bad case of writers block and soon forgot about these stories completely. Anyway I had the idea to make a prequel detailing how Chris and the Howlers met so if your interested let me know.

    • monkeyhater123 ID:23sv8xu6z

      yes do it or your a nigger

  • Reply Barg ID:43y1rid9i

    great story I would love a part 3 and also I would love to know what happens to Paul when you runaway with the mom and the daughters.

    • anon ID:gipxfsc44

      id love paul to watch his daughters be little sluts too!

  • Reply G ID:7zv3fpx742

    Great story, but what happened to Paul? He just left the girls and never came in?