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Emma’s story 3 – waking of my desire

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Peter turns me on so much that I finally submit to my desire

After Peter woke me up that morning I was left very turned on and wanting more. My orgasm was unlike anything I felt before. The way his experienced hands made me feel was incredible. However I was still uneasy, he was much older than me and he was my aunts boyfriend. How could I want him?
When I got up I showered quickly, I still had his cum on my butt and my asshole was lubricated by it, I touched myself and felt my asshole covered in his cum, my finger slid a little bit in and I shuddered. I never thought of my asshole in a sexual way before and I was still scared and a little grosed out of anal sex. I didn’t want him to fuck my ass, it seemed impossible that a cock would fit inside. I thought he wanted to fuck me there and that made me nervous.
I touched my pussy and brought myself to another orgasm, my mind on Peter and the scenes of this morning.
After my shower I dressed quickly and got down to the front door. Peter was already waiting for me, keys in hand.
Hey beautiful he said, making me blush.
We got in the car and as soon as we left the driveway his hand was on my thigh, he told me he loved short skirts on a girl, and especially a girl beautiful as me.
I blushed again, his hand rubbing my thigh and brushing against my panties. I was so turned on I couldn’t think, I just felt.
Omg, what was this man doing to me, I never knew such feelings were possible.
He dropped me of at school, and I met my friend Anna. She wanted to ask me something so I went with her to the bathroom. She told me she saw the hunk dropping me off and asked who that was. I answered and she just giggled, she saw how dishevelled I was when I got out of the car and wanted to know did I fuck him. My face was burning now, I stammered out, God no, he is over 40 and my aunts boyfriend. She laughed and said what does it matter, he clearly turns you on, I would fuck him in an instant ih it was me.
She was such a slut, she lost her virginity last year to an older guy and couldn’t shut up about sex ever since. Then she invited me to a sleepover tonight as it was Friday and no school tomorrow. I jumped at the chance, it would give me a night away from home, I could think and get myself together.
I called my aunt after school and told her I was sleeping over at Anna’s, she said OK and have fun.
After school let out I left with Anna directly to her house.
When we entered her mom greeted us and told us dinner would be ready in an hour. We went to her room and plopped down on the bed. We ware joking and laughing until it was time for dinner and we went down to eat.
After dinner we went back to her room and laughed around until it was time for bed.
We took of our clothes and stayed in our underwear, getting under the covers. She reached around and got of her bra and told me to do the same, it was uncomfortable to sleep with a bra on. I looked at her tits and I liked what I saw, they were smaller then mine but looked perky with pointy light brown nipples. We turned the lights of and settled down, she started talking about sex and how great it felt to have a dick in your pussy. I asked her about losing her virginity and did it hurt. She said yes, at the beginning, especially when he broke her cherry and just rammed it in her to the hilt. But the pain went away quickly and she was left with an incredible feeling of fullness. It felt great as the pain subsided and he fucked her. She told me her first time was painful and weird but now she loves it.
With all that talk about sex, I felt myself getting turned on, I told her about my trying to have sex with my boyfriend and left out the part about Peter.
She laughed and told me that’s way we need older guys, young inexperienced boys just can’t do it well enough.
We laughed for a bit, and talked some more. She hugged me, pressing her boobs against mine and giving me a short kiss on the lips.
Then we fell asleep.
In the morning when we woke up I was feeling better about everything, we had breakfast and I went home.
When I got home Peter was there, on the couch looking at something on his laptop. He said hey there baby girl, have you had fun? I said yes and went to my room. My aunt was working and we were alone in the house. It wasn’t long before Peter came up and knocked on the door. I told him I needed to take a shower and went out to the bathroom, he blocked my way, kissing me, sticking his tongue in my mouth. I found my self kissing back, he grabbed my ass and massaged it over my panties. He let me go and told me to go and have my shower, he would be waiting. I went to the bathroom, my mind a blur of conflicting emotions. I showered slowly, washing my whole body, my hands running everywhere. Electric shocks running through my body when I would brush against my erect nipples. I washed my pussy, turning the shower on at full speed and pointing it directly on my clit. I came quickly and finished up. I got out of the bathroom and went to my room, wondering what was going to happen there.
Peter was sitting on my bed, just in his boxer shorts, I could see a bulge forming in them. It looked so big.
He motioned me to come closer and I felt my legs taking me to him of their own accord.
When I was standing in front of him he reached out around my waist and pulled me to him.
He undid my robe and started kissing my belly, tonguing my navel. His hands went up and behind me and undid my bra which fell to the ground. He moved up and sucked on my tits, kissing them, sucking them, biting lightly on my nipples which were hard as stone. I moaned, feeling great pleasure. Then he pressed on my shoulders, signalling me to get down on my knees, I did and found myself infront of his cock, still wrapped around in his boxers. He pulled them down and then I saw it for the first time. It was big, much bigger than my boyfriends, and very thick. I could see the veins, his bright red head sticking out from his foreskin.
I reached out tentatively and brushed it with my fingers, it pulsed and twitched. I wrapped my hand around it, feeling it in my hand. My hand looked so small while holding it.
He told me to open my mouth, I did and I felt his head squeeze between my lips. It felt soft and spongy. His cock was so much bigger than the only other one I had in my mouth, it was not easy to take him. He told me to lick around the head and sick on it, I did, and it leaked a big amount of precum, I lapped it up with my tounge and resumed sucking.
He pushed in more and more, I tried to open my mouth even more to accommodate him, my jaw began to hurt as I sucked on it. He stopped when he was pressed against my throat and pulled back a little. I continued sucking him for a few minutes when I felt him grow even more and harden. He came, filling my mouth with what felt like endless amount of his semen. I tried swallowing and got most of it, a little dripped out onto the floor.
He pulled out of my mouth and I felt I could breathe normally again, he told me great job baby, that was the hotest blowjob I ever got. I blushed at this and only smiled up at him.
He told me now it was my turn and lifted me up on the bed. He laid me down and started sucking on my boobs, while he rubbed my clit. He kissed down my stomach, slowly, until he got to the lining of my panties. He hooked his thumbs under the waistband and slid them down my legs and got them completely off. They were soaking wet, he just smiled at me and threw them aside. He licked and kissed both of my tighs all over, towards my pussy but avoiding it. He teased me until I muttered please, I want to cum. He smiled at me and dove in. He licked my pussy all over, kissed my lips ad pushed his tongue in my hole. I moaned and pressed his head down, I wanted him to devour my pussy, and he did his best. Then he moved his hand under my ass and lifted me up. I felt his tounge sliding from my clit, over my pussy lips, to my hole and then down towards my asshole. I shuddered when I felt his tongue lick all over it and push a little inside. It felt amazing. Then he started pushing his finger in my tight pussy, he pushed in and out, while teasing my asshole with his tongue. I moaned louder, almost ready to cum. He moved up to my clit again and started to flick it with his tongue, while fingering my virgin pussy. I came like never before, I bucked wildly, my whole body shook with pleasure.
While I came down from my orgasm he got up, laid next to me and spooned me from behind. I fell asleep in his arms.

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