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Davey’s Journey, Part 19

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Davey heads home after having some ‘fun’ at the park. That night behind his house he meets Yasmin and Gina, and the three have some ‘fun’.

We hiked out of the forest, and while we did pass a few other hikers, no one paid us much attention, except for one elderly lady who commented how pretty the girls were, and jokingly asked which one was my girlfriend. All three giggled and raised their hands, which almost cause me to have a heart attack. However, the woman just thought it was funny, and that the three preteen girls were just pretending to be my girlfriends. Their reactions, plus the fact that she probably assumed that a teenage boy wouldn’t have any interest in a preteen girl caused the woman to laugh as well.

Once we were back at the playground I thought about just heading on home and letting the girls play… or ‘play’, but Amy said something in Mandarin to Sandy that made the brunette blush. She the kissed her friend on the cheek, turned to me and Jenny, and bowed before telling us, “I had a good time. I hope we will do this again?”

Jenny smiled and bowed Amy. She then told her, “would very much like that.”

Amy bowed again, and said, “I must go home now.” She then turned and headed toward the house that she and her family now lived in.

When she was a bit away we both turned to Sandy, and I asked, “what did she say to you?”

“Umm…” She stammered, not really sure what the say, “she said… she really liked having sex with me, and that if we were old enough she would marry me.”

Both myself and Jenny just stared at her, shocked by what she told us, then we both burst out laughing, which caused Sandy to blush even more.

Now, I would have embarrassed her by telling her ‘congratulations’ on her ‘engagement’, but I’m not that type of person, and instead told her, “she’s only ten, so you have atleast another eight years so before you two can get married… well atleast here. There are some states that will actually let you get married regardless of what age you are, as long as both of you have your parents permission.”

Both Sandy and Jenny looked at me, and Sandy asked, “really?”

I nodded my head to confirm this, and told her, “yeah, but I highly doubt even with such laws, and the permission of your’s and her parents, that circuit court clerk’s office would give a marriage license to two preteens anyway.”

Sandy giggled a little at what I just told her, and said to me, “you’re probably right”

I rubbed the top of her head, and told her, “besides, you’re too young to be thinking about that anyways. You should be enjoying your life!”

Sandy giggled and asked, “like having sex with you and Jenny and Amy?”

Jenny burst out laughing at what Sandy said. I even chuckled myself and told her, “yes. And maybe Kelly too!”

Jenny chimed in, and told Sandy, “I’ll see if I can talk her into it.”

Sandy smiled at the redhead. She gave her a hug, and told us, “okay. I need to head back home.”

Sandy gave me a hug as well, then skipped her way out of the park. Once she was gone a ways both myself and Jenny sat down on a bench, and Jenny asked me, “I wonder why that old woman didn’t take us serious when we, well… admitted we were your girlfriends?”

“Probably because of the way three of you acted when you did,” I told her, “plus, there’s no reason to assume that someone my age would have any interest, well, sexual interests, in a preteen girl.”

“But… you have sexual interests in preteen girls,” she told me with a giggle.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “true, but most guys my age don’t, and the ones that are aren’t open about it and usually don’t try anything with anyone much younger than they are. The ones that do don’t stay hidden for very long either. They do something stupid that gets them caught, or they just act dumb and immature and don’t keep their… interests hidden very well. And also they just look like a creep.”

“In other words most people don’t suspect that you like girls my age because of your appearance, how mature you are for your age, and because most people assume guys your age don’t want to have sex with girls my age?” She asked, summing up what I just told her.

I nodded my head, confirming what she said before replying, “that, and the only time your mother sees us interacting with each other it’s at the pool, and we’re only talking to each other, and not doing any… funny stuff.”

Jenny giggled at that last part, and commented, “yeah, plus my mother’s job keeps her… well, unaware of certain things. She doesn’t even know I’m bisexual.”

I thought it was kind of sad that Jenny’s mother wasn’t more involved in her life, especially at this age, but she had to work hard for a living. I then asked Jenny, “I wonder if Kelly’s mother knows she’s bisexual?”

“Umm… Kelly’s not bisexual,” the redhead revealed to me, “she’s actually straight.”

Now that did surprise me, so I asked, “if she’s straight how come she had a threesome with you and me, and also made that little video of you two sucking each other’s tits?”

Jenny sighed and revealed to me, “she did so because she wanted to make you happy, and me happy too.”

I sighed with a smile, and told her, “she doesn’t need to do all that to make me happy.”

Jenny shrugged and told me, “I told her the same, but she wants to do that stuff for you. Plus, she says she does kinda like doing it with me too, but she really only does it with me because it makes me happy and because we are friends, but she’s told me she is straight, only wants to have relationships with guys.”

That was very interesting what Jenny had told me, and actually kind of eye opening. Most guys who are straight wouldn’t do what Kelly was doing. Oh some would, but most wouldn’t.

“Is Sandy bisexual?” I asked the redhead, wondering how much she knew of her newer friend.

Jenny shook her head, and told me, “she says she’s something called a ‘demisexual’. I looked it up online, and I still don’t quite know what it is.”

I didn’t know what that was, and decided I would look it up later. I then looked over at Jenny and asked her, “Wanna go back into the woods? Maybe have some more ‘fun’?”

Jenny gave me a small smile and said, “I’d love too, but it’s getting late, and my mom might get worried if she wakes up and sees I’m not at home.”

I let out a disappointed sigh, stood up and told her, “well, I’m going to go for a little hike anyways.”

“Hoping to find more little girls to fuck?” Jenny asked sarcastically with a smile as she stood up, so I admitted, “I sure am,” which caused us both to burst out in laughter.

Jenny then walked away, telling me, “see you tomorrow.”

I waved back at her, and then after a couple of minutes stood up and headed back into the forest.

I got back home a little disappointed. I didn’t encounter that girl whom I had met that morning, Marie, nor did I encounter anyone else besides a couple of adults that were also out hiking. I wasn’t too upset, because I had plenty of sex today, but being a sixteen-year-old guy, I was always ready for more!

I had supper with my family. Chicken and dumplings. It was pretty good, and I helped my parents clean up and wash the dishes. During the meal my father asked me what I did today. I told him I went hiking by the lake and in the forest behind the park, leaving out the parts where I had sex with numerous preteen girls. I also told them I went to the pool after getting back from the lake, seeing as how the storm that was supposed to come by here for most of the day actually pasted by this area. My mother asked if I met any cute girls while out at the lake. I told her I had, but they were to young for me. This was true, but I left out the part where I fucked the girl anyways.

It had gotten dark eventually, and I went outside to stare at the stars. While outside I could hear a couple of voices coming from the woods. One I recognized as Yasmin’s, the ten-year-old blond girl whom I had met this morning, and the other I assumed was her friend Gina, who was also nine-years-old if I recall.

I walked into the woods, wondering if the two were either playing, or ‘playing’, and soon saw it was the latter, as I watched as Yasmin, while on her knees, was kissing Gina’s navel. The sight gave me an instant hard-on, and I considered going up to the two and getting in on their ‘fun’.

While I was pretty sure that Yasmin would let me have some ‘fun’ with her, with Gina I felt she might be more reluctant to have some ‘fun’ with me, because she always seemed reluctant to have ‘fun’ with her friend.

At the moment I wasn’t sure what to do, and just continued to watch as Yasmin pushed up Gina’s shirt, and began to suck on the little burnette’s flat tits, making the the other nine-year-old moan in pleasure, and almost causing my sixteen-year-old cock to shoot out some semen.

I almost pulled out my dick to begin masterbaiting, but my own clumsiness stopped me from doing so, as I accidentally fell on my ass. I didn’t hurt myself, but I did make enough of a noise that it stopped Yasmin from enjoying her friend’s tits, and come over to investigate.

I picked myself up, and was about to leave when Yasmin quickly came up to me and asked, “hi, Davey! Were you watching me a Gina?”

I stood up, no longer seeing any reason to hide, and admitted to the blond girl, “yeah, I was.”

Yasmin giggled and wrapped her arms around me, wanting a kiss. I gave her one and she asked me, “Wanna join us?”

“I would love to!” I told her, but seeing Gina slowly approach us and looking reluctant I added in, “but only if Gina wants to.”

Gina, who was wearing a crop top shirt that only covered her chest and the upper part of her stomach, looked away and shyly answered, “umm… maybe. Is this the guy you had sex with this morning?”

Yasmin nodded enthusiastically, and told her friend, “yeah! And it felt really good too!”

Gina looked down at her feet, appearing unsure what she wanted to do, until she finally answered, “umm… would it be okay if you just… lick my pussy? I’m not sure I’m ready to have a boy’s dick in me yet.”

Yasmin was about to argue with her friend, but I stopped her from doing so, and told Gina, “that’s fine with me, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want too.”

Gina perked up some, with a small smile appearing on her face. Yasmin on the other hand dragged me over to her friend, and told us, “okay. Start kissing!”

Both myself and Gina laughed a little at Yasmin’s behavior, even if I was a little annoyed by it. I bent down and gave Gina a small kiss, and then another, slightly longer one, followed by a much longer one where our tongues began to twist around the other one’s.

We kissed for a minute before I broke it and asked, “did you like that?”

Gina nodded her head, so I gave her neck some small kisses while I pushed her shirt up over her flat breasts. Once her little tits were revealed to me I placed my mouth over her left one, and Yasmin placed her mouth over her right one.

Both myself and the blond girl sucked on the brunette girl’s tits for about a minute, making the girl moan in pleasure as I and her friend pleasured her chest at the same time. Once I was done I kissed my way down to her navel to kiss and lick that part of her body. While I was doing this Yasmin continued to suck on her friend’s breasts.

I kissed and licked Gina’s navel for a couple of minutes, causing the nine-year-old girl to giggle and laugh as I did so while Yasmin moved from one tit to the other.

Gina was wearing a skirt, which made it far easier for me to pull down her panties, put my head under her skirt, and put my mouth onto her bald pussy.

The girl began to really moan in pleasure as I really began to eat her out, quickly flicking my tongue up and down her lower lip while sucking around them and holding onto her lower back to hold her steady. While I was doing this Yasmin continued to suck on her friend’s tits, increasing her pleasure.

I only took a couple of minutes, but the girl came, shaking and giving me a good taste of her pussy juices when she did. I licked her a few seconds longer before pulling up her panties, kissing her navel, and licking up her body before reaching her right tit, that I sucked for about a minute before finally giving her a small kiss on her lips.

“You taste good,” I told Gina, which caused her to look away shyly and say, “umm…

I gave her a kiss on her forehead, and gave her a reassuring smile. Yasmin then piped up and said, “okay! Do me now!”

We both looked at the blond girl, shrugged, and lifted up her shirt so we could both begin to suck on her slightly raised up tits.

Yasmin moaned in pleasure as I sucked on her right breast, and Gina sucked on the left breast. I was a little rougher on the blond girl’s nipple than I was with Gina’s as I sucked on it harder, and pulled on her nipple with my teeth.

We sucked on her breasts for a couple of minutes, and while we were doing this I slid my hand intonher shorts and panties, and began to rub her pussy, making her moan even more.

I wanted to do more with her. I really did, but my dick was so hard I was leaking precum, so I unbuttoned and pulled down her shorts and panties. I then removed my mouth from her tits, stood up, and told Yasmin, “please brace yourself against a tree.”

Gina removed herself from her friend’s tit, and wondered just what was going on as she watched the blond girl bend over and put her shoulder and arms against an oak tree. Her eyes then got very wide as I pulled out my very erect cock.

I grabbed the sides of the blond girl, and began to push into her, making her moan loudly. Gina, for her part, just looked on in amazement as she watched her nine-year-old friend have sex with a sixteen-year-old boy.

I fuck Yasmin, harder than I felt I should have, but she seemed to like it as she continued to moan in pleasure as I pressed into her.

Gina didn’t know what to do, so she just stood there and watched as her friend took my dick in her small pussy.

I forgot how long we had been fucking, but it was only for a few minutes. Halfway through Yasmin came, shaking and almost screaming when she did. I however had not come yet, so I continued fucking her until she came again, this time shaking harder and moaning loudly. I came in her when she did, unleashing a large load into her. So much so that some started to leak out.

I was a little worried about getting cum stains in her panties, because I didn’t have anything to clean her with, except my shirt, which I was about to take off before Gina got on her knees behind her friend, and began ‘cleaning’ her friend with her tongue.

Gina licked her friend for a couple of minutes, making her come again while at the same time cleaning her up.

Once she was done Gina stood up with a smile, and told us, “I’ve got to get home.”

I smiled at the girl, gave her a kiss on her forehead, and told her, “we should do this again.”

Gina smiled back, gave me a hug, and took off to where she lived. Yasmin on the other stood up, a little shaky, pulled her shorts and panties up, and gave me a hug. I bent down to give her a kiss and told her, “Gotta go.”

“Me too,” she said in a bit of a weak voice, telling me, “I’m tired.”

I gave her another smile, lifted her shirt to give her tits one more small suck, and told her, “I think we both need some rest.”

I gave her tits another couple of sucks before pulling her shirt back down, giving her a kiss, and sending her off with a pat to her ass. I then turned around and went back to my own home as well.

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    Not bad thank for adding his parents and a little old lady in it and talking about stuff less stroker more balanced
    Story this time. Was wondering if Dave had any friends his age and his parents were more than a foot note. More like a journey

    • [email protected] ID:5qkulcycoia

      I’m not sure how much I’m going to include Davey’s parents. Since they work a lot they really are not around much.

      Davey does have some friends around his age, but I’m not sure how to include them just yet.

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    Awesome story I can read 40 of these and still not get tired of it

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      I’ll probably end up wit more than that, lol

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    Another great chapter, my friend!