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The Little Ebony Girl Next Door

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How I got lucky with the 11 year old girl next door at 23 years old. You can call me Cam, not putting my real identity out there

I hadn’t had a girlfriend since the end of high school. It’s not fun being under a dry spell for 5 years. I was always getting hard, always jerking off at least 4 times a day, sometimes 5 or 6. Sometimes I would jerk off to women I know in real life. I’m a white guy and I’ve always dated white girls, but it was just recently that I learned I have a kink for dark chocolate…

Well one day I was outside mowing the front lawn, and I noticed a red SUV in my neighbors driveway that had never been there before. My neighbors were an older African American couple, I think in their late 60s early 70s. Ed and Marissa. I didn’t talk to them much but I knew they only had one car, it was a white Honda accord. I finished up my lawn and then went to push the mower in the garage, and that’s when the back door of the red SUV opened up.

Next thing I knew, a very short petite black girl got out and started walking to the front door. I couldn’t help but stare a little. She was very gorgeous. Probably 4’7, Cute round face, dark mascara, dark, straight black hair and bangs that almost completely hid her forehead. She had on some little basketball shorts that came down just below her little round ass cheeks, and a white tube top. I could see her perky little nipples poking right through. I began feeling blood rushing to my lower half.

I went inside and straight to my bedroom to relieve myself. Im pretty big, almost 10 inches long and pretty thick. I busted a huge nut all over myself in the end and laid there fantasizing about my new crush.

The next morning was Friday. Around 10am I heard a knock at my front door. I opened it up and it was my neighbor Marissa and the cute little girl I had been fantasizing about the day before.

“Good morning Cam, I just came by because I wanted to introduce you to my granddaughter, Nicole. You can call her Nikki. She comes to stay with us for a few weeks every year whenever summer starts” said Marissa

“Hi there” Nikki said to me while grinning widely. She seemed rather shy. I was so drawn to her gorgeous brown eyes and her cute round face. I found it hard to look away.

Marissa continued “So Ed and I were wanting to go out this weekend to the casino and we were gonna stay the night at the hotel. I was gonna pay you to babysit for Nikki if that would be alright with you?”

“Sure, I don’t have a problem with that. You guys can drop her off tonight when you leave” I said. I was SO excited. It’s like it was meant to be. I was gonna be alone with this girl and we could do whatever we wanted.

Around 8:30 that night I got a knock at my door. This time it was just Nikki with her overnight bag. I could see that her grandparents were pulling out of the driveway. Nikki had on the same little cute tube top that she had on the other day and a pair of tight black leggings. I greeted her and let her inside where we sat down on the couch.

“I know you were staring at me the other day” Nikki said right off the bat. It completely threw me off.

“Um… yea, I guess I might’ve been” I said while blushing.

“Well I think you’re really cute. I’ve never had a boyfriend before. I’m still a virgin and I’ve been dying to lose it, especially since I’m turning 12 soon and all my friends have already had sex”

“I think I can help you out with that” I said to her. She started giggling with excitement and began rubbing my cock through my shorts.

“Wow, you’re so big!” She said. “I feel like that could rip me apart! Ughh it turns me on so much!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This tiny little 11 year old ebony babe was about to end my dry spell.

“Hold on a minute, I’m running to the bathroom real quick” she said as she grabbed her overnight back and headed to the bathroom. She came back 5 minutes later wearing a tiny red micro bikini that only covered her little nipples and exposed both of her small round ass cheeks.

“I can be your stripper baby” she said to me as she climbed up on my lap and started grinding me. I immediately started rubbing her little pussy through her tiny red g string. She reached back and untied her bikini top and exposed her little petite titties with rock hard nipples. I started sucking on one and she started moaning and giggling like crazy. I untied her bikini bottoms and got her fully naked. Now we were making out and shoving our tongues down each others throats. I started slapping her little round ass.

“I’m gonna tear that shit up” I said to her. She started laughing. “That’s right baby, rip me up!” She got off me and I took everything off. I sat back down and she immediately jumped back on top of me and shoved my long thick cock inside her pussy. She was screaming for a few seconds, and then screams turned to moans of pleasure.

“OH GOD!!! YESSS… FUCK ME HARD!” I started speeding up and my balls were clapping against her ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe I was balls deep in this 11 year old girl, not a single one of my other girlfriends could take my entire cock, but this girl was riding me like a damn superstar.

I stood up with my cock still inside of her and she kept jumping up and down on me while I fucked her like that while she was moaning and screaming. We were both drenched in sweat. My blinds were open and the lights were on, anyone could’ve seen what we were doing and how I was viciously fucking the shit out of this little girl, tearing her pussy apart.

“Oh fuck me, I’m getting close!” I panted.

“Oh god please, please shoot inside me! I want every last drop!” She yelled. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I busted a huge thick nut deep inside her little ebony pussy. I was still standing up with her on my cock and her legs wrapped around me, my cum rushing down her little thighs and dripping onto the floor. I sat back down with my cock still inside of her and we made out for a few more minutes.

“That was fucking amazing” I said.

“God yes, we need to do this more often!” Said Nikki. “I want you in all of my holes all the time!”

“Don’t worry babe. Maybe we’ll have a little one of our own soon?” I said to her. She started blushing and giggling. “I wouldn’t mind that at all” she said.

I got up and carried her to the shower so we could get cleaned up and go for round 2. I ended up busting inside of her again and we fell asleep together nude in my bed.

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    Story while long enough and was descriptive is unbelievable, no 11yo would do what is described here with a total stranger. Next time try to keep the story a little more grounded in the realm of possibilities

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      It doesn’t have to be realistic lmao

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