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I Was Due!!!

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After a run of bad luck – everything fell together one weekend.

Like everything else in life – there are times you can’t get anywhere romantically – and every now & then – you get the right gal – using the right line – at the right time & the magic happens!

My wife’s nieces’ daughter – Laura, was staying with us for about 10 days. She was a cute & perky 12 year old who was full of energy & of late was turning quite flirty. The second or third night she stayed I crossed paths with her in our upstairs hallway, finding her wearing pajama bottoms & what looked like a swimsuit top. The top showed that Laura was just beginning to fill out. Of more note than her barely-there breasts was how the silky fabric of her tight pajama bottoms clung to her – accentuating her ass-crack. I had seriously never thought of her in a sexual manner before – but when I crawled into bed that night – it was Laura I fantasized about when I spooned my wife & immediately got hard, reaching around – sliding my hand into her cotton panties. It was Laura I thought about when I pulled those panties down, sliding my cock – slick with precum into her from behind. My left hand was still working her; within her thick bush fingering her clit – rubbing in circles – flicking back & forth – pleased with how she responded – breathing hard now as she said “yes – yes . . . I’m close”. I continued working her clit, pleased with how wet she had become, as this was not normal for her – all the while feeling that wetness as well where my cock was working in & out of her.
Suddenly she put her hand on mine – telling me to rub her harder & pressing my hand hard against her clit. She cried out . . . “I’m cumming – I’m cumming” and her body shook in a way it hadn’t in years. She experienced the aftershocks of her orgasm for a full two minutes, as her breathing became normal & she calmed down.
Now it was my turn, as I rolled her onto her stomach, drilling my hard cock into her sloppy-wet pussy – all the while thinking of Laura’s tight ass. Pumping as fast as I could now, my wife surprised me, yelling “fuck me – hard like that – fill me up”. She was not one to talk dirty like that which is probably why I exploded so strongly – filling her with stream after stream of thick white juice. I lay there, still on top of her back – enjoying the feel of her skin & pleased to hear her purr “mmmmmm that was so good”!

I rolled off her & she cuddled right back up to me – saying we hadn’t behaved like that since our honeymoon. I laughed, enjoying the afterglow feeling, also enjoying her stroking my softened dick – showing she must have enjoyed our spontaneous love-making. I thought I was going to get caught as while she was playing – using just her nails which is a turn on for me – when she said out of the blue – “Did you happen to see how Laura dresses at night?” When I heard that – my cock sprang back to life. My wife then said “Wow it must have been good – Little-Tim ( her name for my dick ) wants more.
This time she rolled on top of me, grabbing my now 3/4 staff cock & slid it inside her. She rode me with vigor, bouncing all over me – placing my hands on her breasts. I rolled her nipples which excited her & squeezed her still solid 36” breasts. The feeling of her wetness – now running over my balls & the view of my hardness sliding in & out of her took my right to the edge. She leaned down on me – finding my mouth with hers & gave me the nicest – deepest kiss we’d probably shared in years. Then she whispered in my ear “I need more cum – I want you deep” after which she straightened back up & almost violently started slamming herself up & down on my live pole. I tried holding back – enjoying the moment – but hearing her dirty words for the first time combined with the feeling of the wettest pussy I’d ever fucked brought me to a major cum explosion. Possibly the only time in my life when round two was as strong or stronger than round one – as it seemed I found a storehouse of love juice that had been untapped for years.

We woke early the next morning, and I couldn’t resist asking her; “Where did the dirty talk come from?” She answered; “you like that – don’t you?” She told me she was watching a movie with a girlfriend & the actress played a hooker who used that trick to get her partners off quicker. She said that she had wanted to do it for sometime – but our love making had not exactly been “inspired” for some time. But she was happy I liked it – as it made her feel hot just saying those things.
Then she surprised me when she whispered in my ear . . . “I like to say those things when I masturbate too . . . saying words like fuck or cum get me soooo wet”.

Wow – I had not thought about my wife masturbating or playing with herself since our sex life got predictable 10 or 15 years earlier. Yet here she was – sharing with me – still loving me & enjoying a sexual hotness I thought was in the past. Then she asked if I talked dirty when I masturbated.
I told her no – about all I vocalized was a grunt when I came.
Suddenly I realized her breathing was more pronounced than usual & her eyes were closed with her head rolled back a bit on the pillow. I pulled the sheet back, revealing her hands; one working her clit – the other with two fingers inserted inside her love nest. Unbelievably, my cock began to stir as I watched her. I thought – why not return the favor – so I said “Get off for me baby. Show me how you fuck your self”. And she did – she worked her hands faster & faster. Breathing deeply & grinding her hips into her hands.
“Show me how you do it – show me that wet cunt” I said as I began stroking my now hard-again cock. She began squealing – her face contorted – but her hands moving faster & faster. I rose above her on my knees – “Look at Daddy’s cock baby – look how hard you made him – look at the cum juicing him up!” My hand was now stroking my cock at the same speed she was working her pussy with.
I could feel my orgasm approaching & my balls start to tighten when I said, “I’m fucking you baby – I’m fucking & cuming for you!” As I said the last words my cum shot out all over her face & breasts. Seconds later she cried, “And I’m fucking you & that sweet cock of yours”! As she humped up & down off the mattress – trying to get her breath under control as she came strongly onto her hands.

Finally as she calmed down, she surprised me once more – pulling fingers soaked with her cum from her snatch & mixing with the cum I deposited on her – wiped & spread it all over her tits & face. Then reaching up – she pulled my head towards hers – guiding my mouth to hers – sharing another deep kiss. Afterwards she rubbed our faces together – spreading the sweet sticky cum all over. Laughing – she began licking my face & I followed – licking hers – enjoying our fresh love juice – just “poured”!

“Welcome to the new us” she said. “What do you think?”
I think we’re going to be making up for lost time!

So this whole thing started when I saw our great-niece somewhat scantily dressed in the hallway. Next time I’ll continue that part of the story!

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  • Reply Bob in Tulsa ID:nem2hpv068v

    Oh my god I’d pay serious money if my wife would do that

  • Reply [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

    Nice story. Now, get that girl involved!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplm99

    I love a good hot fuck and this was a good story. TBH I want to hear about the 12 year old rocking your world.

    • Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

      Thanks – glad you enjoyed it – I sure did! Hope to write out the next part later today or tomorrow.