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Meeting a lady in grocery shop 2

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After the first time with the ladies i see Jo meet at the playground she had a lady that would like to see me date made what a shock I had

It had been 5 weeks since I see Mary did not see her or Jo when I went to school.
I was at the playground with my mates I see Jo at the bench I ran over to her asking her if she was ok and where was Mary she she Mary was over in the USA visiting her son
Jo asked if I was ok and did ilike what had happened yes it was my first time did I do ok she smiled then laughed said you did great
She said would I like to do it again soon you bet my mates called me she got up see you soon we both went off .I was going to school on the Friday with my mates walking towards me was Jo as she got near she dropped a piece of paper then walk by with speaking I stop bent down two tied by shoelace pick up the note put it in my pocket until later.
I had forgotten about the note in my coat pocket until I got home mum asked for my uniform so she could wash it i went to my room empty the pockets found the note I read it Saturday playground 11 could you stay until 7 pm I through how was I going to stay out that late go to the afternoon pictures so I took my uniform down to mum asked her if I could go to the pictures tomorrow she thought about it she said she was going shopping with a friend so did not what to take my sister with her so see if your sister what’s to go shit never through of that my sister is two year older than me I looked in the paper there was a western on I spoke to her no way you go on your own
I’ll go out with my mates told mum she said that’s OK.
Dad was working until 9 pm this Saturday he had left at 7 in the morning as it took over a hour for him to get to work
I got up went to the bathroom had a all over wash came out mum went in
Was down stairs in the kitchen when mum came down she looked amazing hair down very nice dress showing a bit of tit I have never seen like this she said that her and her mate was going into London I lift before her and my sister I got to the playground I was early none of my mates were there so I played on the rides just after 11 Jo turn up we sat down and chatted she told me her mate was shy so when we got to her house she would take me to the bed room where this lady would be waiting but ther would be a blanket hanging down so I could not see her face and she would have ear plugs in are you ok with that yes so off we went she had a car as her house was a bit further away then mary’s house we got there parked in the double garage went in the side door Jo took me into the living room told me to get undressed she went off up stairs when she came back she was in black and red bra red suspender belt and black stockings my cock was rock hard straight away we went up stairs and into the bedroom there on the bed was this lady very nice tit nippers hard little hair on her cunt .
There was Lots of thngs on a table I got on the bed Jo said suck her first until she comes so I did she squirted straight into my mouth Jo went behind the blanket she lifted the bottom of it so I could see the lady sucking Jo cunt then she dropped it .Jo looked over the blanket told me to get one of the vibrators that was on the table did not know they were called that to put some lubrication on it and push it up her cunt then turn the bottom of it and it will start to vibrant leave it up her lift her legs up put lubrication on the other vibrator and put some on and inside her ass using one finger I did the lady was trying to move Jo got off her mouth come round held her legs then said turn the vibrator on and push in up her I did Jo the started to fuck her ass with it she told him me to do the same I did I was wanking my cock Jo took it in her mouth and I come the lady was having so many orgasms Jo said she will not be able to walk when she goes home.jo said that we all needed a drink I was to go down stairs Jo would come and get the drink she was going to make sure the lady was ok so I left the bedroom when she come into the living room I pushed her on to the sofa I fist fuck Jo cunt then did her ass did she squirtle into my mouth I loved it .we had lift the lady a while
I asked Jo could I fist fuck the lady she said that she has not had that done I said please Jo looked at me ok but if I say stop you stop ok Jo got the drinks went back up stairs she came down give me my drink she said she had asked the lady she had agreed as long as did what Jo asked Jo said the lady has has a shower.
We went back up stairs she was back on the bed blanket in place her legs were wide open Jo got the lubricant
she told me to put a lot inside the lady cunt I did she said get her clit hard by play with it and sucking it but do not let her come I was doing this Jo said put two fingers in her cunt I did Jo said finger fucker her I could her the lady breathing was getting, really fast and she was raising her hips to meet my fingers so jo said pulled out of her wait she then said put three fingers in and fuck her after a few minutes her breathing started to get faster she was raising her hips again Jo stopped me Jo said she really needs to come put four fingers in this time but just slowly fuck her I did as soon as her breathing go fast she was raising a hips Jo stopped me Jo whisper to me make a Fist she lubricated my fit and up my arm first time I will suck her clit and have four fingers up her when her breathing get fast and she start raining hips I pull out and you push your fist in up to you wrist so we started on her Jo was slowly building her up to her orgasms
her breathing got very heavy then got faster she was lifting her hip up trying to get the fingers furthering Jo looked at me nodded her head and pulled her fingers out I pushed my fist in it was a bit tight but a hard push got in I got it to my wrist the lady cried out fucking he’ll I suddenly stopped Jo asked me anything wrong no it can’t be Jo asked again you ok yes fine the lady was still moving her hips up and down Jo got the lubricant and squeezed more inside her cunt and on my arm Jo said now she got used to it start fucking her pushing a bit more in so I did lady kept saying yes Jo said push in more so I did I had haft my arm up her Jo said now speeded up she about to come again so I did the lady then said she has not been fuck like this for a fucking long time Jo ask her so how long has it been she said when she was pregnant my husband would not have sex I got so frustrated she said she had a friend that knew a lesben so she ask her friend to introduced her she said she explained the situation that she didn’t want to on her husband with another man so she started having sex with her and she would fist her I was still fist her I now knew it was my mum by her voice Jo looked at me what’s wrong she asked but before I could say anything my mum asked jo could she see how much on the arm was up her Jo said you did not what to see the young man who was giving you so much pleasure
I shook my head to Jo no I whispered
just then my mum pulled the blanket down she was just about to have another orgasms the blanket fell over her head I started fucking her faster Jo pulled the blanket of her face just as she was organising she had grabbed my arm and was pushing it further she looked at me her eyes widened she then screamed don’t you fucking stop Richard make me come.
Jo looked at me then at my mum she could not not speak as she was having one of biggest ever orgasms of her life
I was still fucking her hard I said she’s my mum Jo just look my god what have I done . My cock was so hard I asked Jo to suck me no my mum said wait until I calm down and I will do it I pulled my arm out of my mums cunt
I was a standing up mum then sucked me off and swallowed all my come .
Afterwards we all sat talking mum said your father or sister must never find out about this ok I said mum look at Jo well how the hell did you to meet
Mary meet him before she went to the USA we both fuck him at Mary House.
I was hard again can I fuck you mum only sucked your cunt and fisted you
and did you with vibrator she look at me layed back down on the bed said used any hole you what we fuck I come in her cunt up her ass in her mouth Jo sucked my come out of all her holes .
When we were leaving mum said can we do it again when Mary’s home yes that would be great you up for it Richard you bet .
This arrangement went on many years my dad passed away when I was 16 Mary passed away leaving her house to me I was married my wife asked why would this woman leave you a house my mum told she was a good friend of ours and i used to do jobs for her around her house Jo and mum still got together when I could I would join in
Sadly both died an month apart

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Thank you for sharing this very nice story. You never told your wife any of this?

  • Reply Cindy ID:4bn00en3fia

    I met a charming 16 year old black schoolboy who offered to push my grocery trolley to my car. I was around 50 then. Long story but he got my sexdrive back to what it was like in my 20s.

    • Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

      Cindy, I have met so many husbands who said their wives stopped having any interest in sex years and years ago. About half, maybe more, of the wives told me yeah, until they met a man or boy who made them strongly desire sex again. I now believe most ‘stuck up cold disinterested wives’ are really just normal women married to a man who is a boring or crappy self interested lover. Wives sexual desire doesn’t turn off, the husband turns them off, then blames the woman. You finding your 16 year old was a blessing. Other women take note of this. Go out and find that magical lover.

    • Cindy ID:4bn00en3fia

      You got it spot on dear

  • Reply Popparocker ID:1dj322sacca0

    Sex is good do it often

  • Reply The Wanker ID:1fuvflep49k

    A good horny story. I lost my cherry at 12 to a neighbour and fucked her regularly for a few years until she and her husband moved away.