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Adopted and raped a teenager

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The story includes disturbing content. The story is about how I raped a teenager and satisfied my all time desires.

I am working as a math teacher in a rural govt school. Im unmarried and have lot of unsatisfied desires on woman and girls. I feel like fucking every single girl i see. Since im working as a teacher i have been treated with lot of respect in the society. In order to maintain that status I behave like a saint in front of others.

One day I visited a orphanage to distribute sweets on some occasion. orphanage is only for girls. There are girls from age of 10 to 20 yrs. There i saw a sexy girl at age of 15 and her name is raasi. She is wearing a red half saree with white blouse. She is very slim and sexy. Her shiny brown skin makes any man get an instant erection. I stated starting at her body from top to bottom and front to back. She tied her half saree in such a way that her waist and navel is visible.she came near me and took sweets with a happy face. When she is near me i saw her cleavage and it gave me instant erection. I decided to fuck her brains out somehow. After the sweet distribution i was discussing with the management about their finances. They are telling their difficulties to meet the expenses of teenagers. Then i got an idea to adopt that girl and they will be happy to accept it because it will save them some bugs. I told them that I would donate 10 percent of my earnings every month and i can adopt a single girl on top of it. As im a teacher and I have a good name in the society they accepted to send raasi with me.

My heart started beating fast in excitement as I m going to fuck that sexy bitch real soon. The management said it would take a week to finish the formalities and i can take her home coming Sunday. They have informed raasi that she getting adopted by a gentle person in the society and she will be taken good care of. She jumped with cheers and started packing her bags and giving send off for her friends. Meanwhile i have shifted to a bigger House which is in outskirts of the village, where there is no neighbours to bother us. I finished all formalities on Sunday and took her to my home. I decided to give her time to settle down for few days and get adjusted to the new environment. She liked the big house very much. Her room is spacious enough with all the amenities she would need. I started touching her ass waist whenever she hugged me. I even kissed her on forehead few times which she never minded. When ever she hugged me, my dick gets erected and I would push it against her hard. She never got any doubt on me and she always believed me.

One day when I came home in the evening, she was sleeping on the study table by sitting on the chair and resting her hands and head on the table. Looks like she went to sleep while studying . I slowly entered her room and closed all windows and doors. I slowly went near the chair. she is wearing a half saree and it is revealing her bare back, waist with little folds on the sides. Looking at it made me press her waist with both hands on the sides. I slowly placed both my hands on both sides of her waist and started feeling her soft skin. My dick throbbing to fuck her. My mind told me that this is the perfect time. I pressed her waist with both hands and kissed her shoulder and back. She woke up with a sudden jerk and saw me behind her molesting her waist. She went into shock for few seconds and she backed to consciousness she tried to get away from me. I cought her real tight and started crushing her boob like oranges. She is screaming and shouting. I slapped her cheeks real hard and pushed her on the bed. I pulled her half saree revealing her waist and clevage. I removed my pants and took the dick out which is completely erect. She is very scared and started begging me not to hurt her. I am looking at her waist and navel which made a monster. I quickly pulled her panties out, lifted her skirt up and pushed my dick with all my force into her virgin pussy. At first it didn’t get penetrated and she tried to escape from me. I pulled her by hair back to bed and lubricated my dick and then pushed it with all my force. I went inside her pussy deep enough to pop her cherry. She screamed in pain and I quickly closed her mouth and pushed my dick further inside. I put all my body on her pointing all my weight at my dick and i digged into her pussy. I kissed her cheeks. Lips and sucked her boobs. My 40 yrs of lust is getting satisfied by this little 15 yrs old bitch. I fucked her for whole 3 hrs trying all the positions. At the end i put her back in missionary position and fell on her and fucked her deep while kissing her cheeks. My dick reached its max pleasure and it’s time to release my seeds into that pussy. With few grunts i ejaculated all my seeds into her.

To be continued….

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    You deserve punishment

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    Me personally I hope u get locked up in jail n then get raped n get murdered same with all you weird fucks like go to a prostitute if I ever see u in real life ill fucking kill you bitch ass

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      Someone is mad 🤣

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