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I am a virgin trying dogsex for the 1st time

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Hi I am new here, don’t judge me please but 16 years old and looking for advice.
I am a virgin (never been with a boy or girl at all even for oral)
I am a BBW so I have not had much luck but that does not mean I am not horny, I am very much so.
I have been watching a lot of porn while masturbating and came across dogsex accidentally and I was hooked and it has made me have very nice orgasms but I still really want to have real sex and I do not mind it being with a dog for my first partner. Well I may finally have my chance. Friends of my parents asked me to dogsit this week coming up for Easter week while they are on vacation. They have a nice big rotweiler and he has a full set of balls and everything seems to work because I caught him humping their daughters leg and she had to keep pushing him off .I have decided that I want him to take my virginity but I am afraid and although I have watched a bunch of vids I am not sure what to do. I know I want us to do oral on each other and I hope to give him a handjob but what I really want is for us to fuck and if all goes well to tie me with his knot. But I am scared and want to know will it hurt, how much will he cum, how long does a knot last, how many times can he have sex in one day? Should I bring lubricant? Reading the experiences here of people really turn me on but I hope someone here can offer advice for me. I know I cant get pregnant but beyond that I have no idea what will happen but since we will have a full week together, I want it to go well. I will come back and share how it goes

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  • Reply Beepboop69 ID:2pduzenp8k

    Good for you Becky taking control and getting yours 😉 more women should be like you and not wait for a man to pleasure her go out there and take it.

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    I have watched my friend fuck her dog and her horse was hot and could not believe thst her dog is 7 inches but what you want to do is before any thing put socks on the dog so you don’t get scratch then get your self wet by playing with your self while laying down open legs and have the dog by you play with his cock once hard get the dog between your legs guid his penis till you feel it inside of you it’s amazing

  • Reply Paul ID:1dp85l43ubx0

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope you keep having fun with him.

  • Reply Maher ID:3nlb7frrd9j

    Welcome . I am waiting for the results of what happened with you. Was it successful? I would very much like to communicate with you and be friends. You have made me think of buying a dog and trying to exercise and swallow every desire in my stomach. I hope for your friendship and serious communication with each other

  • Reply Becky ID:2pe2dj4xia

    Just back for a quick update. So I am officially no longer a virgin 🙂
    Thor popped my cherry. While it was a little uncomfortable it didn’t hurt bad and I was brave enough to let him knot me. He stayed inside me for about 10 minutes and I could feel him throbbing and cumming the entire time and I came too so it was a win win. Tomorrow I will have even more time so hope to go further. Thanks to everyone for the advice and for not judging or making fun of me

    • N/a ID:5s5t04iuoij

      Should make a story about it and congrats

    • Maher ID:3nlb7frrd9j

      Did it work for you? Let’s communicate. I want to learn from you because a dog is the best sex. Wait for you to communicate with each other

    • J ID:sg9gfxh13cp

      Happy for you! Wish I could have watched

    • Dakota ID:5s4qpby6ia

      I would love to watch him Fuck you. Here’s my Snapchat dakotaray6996. You should add me

    • Doggygrrrlsex ID:scmwowrdghc

      Happy for you.

  • Reply Larshep ID:1ex7mmf3mg4u

    Hi Becky, did you do it? How did it go?

    • Becky ID:4173z53exia

      Hi thanks started off slow with him licking me on my crotch pussy and asshole and all I can say is oh my God

  • Reply Jdaddy ID:1dsc5w0mqy3t

    How did it go Becky???

  • Reply Mikey ID:371ucf7zm

    Hey Becky just checking in on how it went😏

    • Becky ID:4173z53exia

      Good thanks did some oral mostly him on me. I put my mouth on his cock when he was fully hard but he started thrusting and hurt my throat. He was trying a lot to get on me to hump but I am taking it slow still nervous to get mounted. Jerked him off a bit he seemed to like a lot. He came on my hand and I tasted it. Was tastier than I imagined. I have never tasted or felt man cum of any kind so nothing to compare to. I am alone with him until Sunday so by the time that day comes around I hope to have been brave enough to have him knot me

  • Reply sweetdogirl ID:itudt1q

    That reminds me of my first time with my family rottweiler.
    I may come late since the weekend ended but
    Be around him and pet him, so that you are both comfortable. Get some food he likes, give him one or two treats and see if you can start stroking his dog cock, and if he lets you.

    Then you can try and rub the food on your pussy and get him to lick you. Then you can try and get on your all four and see if he tries to fuck you ❤ Also maybe if there are big cushions, put one on the floor behind you in case the doggy position is a bit too weird, maybe it will help level things out if the dog is on it.

    I hope you will share how it went, even if nothing much happens. We will suport you and encourage you.

    My session for anyone who wants to talk about zoo sex and other taboo sex kinks ❤❤❤


    • Mikey ID:371ucf7zm

      Hey how do I get to your link😏

    • Bob C. ID:4hw516w44

      I love my dog licking and then fucking my hungry ass, we do it daily as I eat out wife’s cunt, and when he goes soft we fuck for a long time sometimes after we finish he fucks one of us again!!!.

  • Reply dash.fogs20 ID:59plf4pv4

    My nickname is from here @gmail.com
    If you are interested in real communication, if answers to specific questions, just list them here.

  • Reply Bitch who knows ID:4bn00en3fia

    If you truely need advice then leave your email

  • Reply doggy169 ID:3zxio156t0d

    very nice

  • Reply Jeff ID:1erfgtlslcq7

    Becky the main thing is to take you time and make sure the dog is aware of what you want. Once he gets his cock in your virgin pussy be prepared for him to go hard and fast.
    It might be a little uncomfortable the first time and might even hurt but stay controlled or you hurt yourself or hurt the dog. Remember that you are his bitch so let him do whatever he wants is the best advice I can give.

    • Becky ID:tgchxu8k

      Thanks Jeff. Do you think ky jelly will help both me and him? I dont like pain and dont want to hurt him either. I do get very wet but I am not sure if that is wet enough for him. Maybe my wetness and his cum will be enough when mixed together for a good lube?

  • Reply Becky ID:tgchxu8k

    Thanks for the positive vibes and no mean comments, I feel more sure about this now and feel like it’s more normal than some people think

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      O yes Becky it is very normal, I can’t get some days, love you from Emma 🌹🌹🌹🌹.

    • Naughty Cutie ID:5s4nd6tk0j

      Yes, incredibly normal! Everyone experiments in life and finds any way to find that sexual release everyone so desperately needs. Don’t feel ashamed of your actions one bit. Enjoy every second of pleasure you get. Give in to being a complete slut and fuck that dog until it its balls are emptied in or on you 🤤 Enjoy yourself Becky, much love ❤️❤️

    • MATERHEAD ID:3zxjienp20k

      Oh my god becky can we chat [email protected] please

    • @Becky ID:dq7w70zn25g

      @Becky you should post your snap so we all can watch you with the dog all week long bbg

    • ddinamight ID:1ftmucew8m

      Sc ddinamighte2019, if you like to chat

  • Reply Maher ID:3nlb7frrd9j

    I also wish to experience sex with a dog and lick his penis with my mouth and until he feels ecstasy and has sex in my ass

    • D.A.G. ID:1dv28y5cmfyd

      You go girl have fun once the dog kinda get your intentions you better get ready for a good hard fucking pounding from the dog just make sure you don’t get to carried away and forget about time and all of a sudden the owner comes home and catches you . Stranger thing have happened. ENJOY !¡!!! And one more thing tape or put some socks on the dogs front paws so you don’t get scratches

  • Reply dash.fogs20 ID:59plf4pv4

    If you left a contact, I think many concerned men would write to you, but real women with experience like me could.
    In general, it all starts with oral sex, then put socks on your paws and let him sit on you.

    • Maher ID:3nlb7frrd9j

      If you have real experience with dogs, we can communicate. I want to learn everything about dog cocks

    • Becky ID:tgchxu8k

      I never thought about socks but have seen some girls wear them in the videos I watch but makes sense to keep him from scratching.
      What I am trying to find out more about is his knot and what to expect. How big will it be and how bad will it hurt? How long will he knot me and how much cum will he have. Again don’t laugh as I have no experience obviously I know he can not get me pregnant, but is there a such thing as too much of his sperm inside me or if I swallow it can there be too much in my stomach?

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Love your story Beck, I started when I was 12 with the help of my Grandparents who got started. Just take one step at a time and you will me fine. Get him to lick your pussy and get a taste of it and slowly suck his cock. So enjoyable and it can be a shock at first if he knots you, but once you get used to a K9 you won’t stop, I’m now 46 and had a number of K9s over the years and love them. My latest is a Shepherd and his fast and makes me Squirt every time. I’m also into my little ponies and myself and my 12 and 14 year old daughters love them, take care 💓💗💕💖🌹Emma from Australia.

    • Naughty Cutie ID:5s4nd6tk0j

      It’s been a dream of mine to suck and fuck a pony or horse cock, they look so massive and the amount of cum that comes out of them looks soooo good and rewarding 🤤 Do you and your daughters enjoy getting pleasured together often? Or does everyone have their own schedule and take turns? I would love to hear more 🥰

    • Emma.H to Naughty Cutie. ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi Naughty Cutie, my Daughters and I often go to see our little ponies in the morning and in the afternoon and help each other out as it s rather in possibly to fuck one by yourself. My 14 year old loves it and can now take a good 10inches and also swallows there ware cum.My 12 year old loves to jerk them of making them cum on her and only puts about 5inches in her cunt. Me I’m greedy and suck and take most of there length and love to feel the ware cum shoot into me and I also swallow loads of cum, 💗💓💖💕 Emma from Aus.

    • Naughty Cutie ID:5s4nd6tk0j

      That’s sooo hot 🤤 and that’s so true, I didn’t think of the difficulties of trying to fuck a pony alone. It definitely does seem like a group project type thing, lol. Now if I could only find a group that had a pony!/horse for me to enjoy! I love how your teaching your daughters about all the ways that you can find pleasure in life 🥰 do you just share animals? Or do you share each other as well? I would love to hear more about you Emma 🥰

    • Emma.H to Naughty Cutie. ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi Naughty Cutie, I’m on a bit of a Easter Holiday with the family so only get a chance when we stop to reply. I have posted a few stories of my life about for to six weeks ago if you wish to have a read. My Grandparents pretty well tuned me into a K9 whore at age 12, and my Grandfather fucked me constantly over the years after school destroying my young bald cunt all for the better, preparing me for my adult life. It was my Grandma who got me into K9s and I would watch her in the afternoon on all fours mourning as the K9 had her and knotted her. Married a horny guy that loved to fuck and he fucks our two beautiful daughters, Happy Easter 🐣 Love Emma from Aus.

    • Naughty Cutie ID:5s4nd6tk0j

      Hi Emma, no worries! I have a busy weekend myself so I’ll probably only be hopping on a handful of times this holiday, but oh my god does your life sound like absolute heaven 😍 that so incredibly hot! I need to look into your stories asap, I’ve dreamt of living a life like this and wish to raise my kids with the same mindset, that as long as your doing it in the name of love, it’s absolutely okay to give each other pleasure and make love to one another. Servitude is an act of love and we should all be willing to service all our loved ones ☺️ oral-ly, anal-ly, or any-ly, lol. I hope you have an amazing fuck filled weekend with your loved ones and Happy Easter to you too! Love, Naughty Cutie 🥰

    • Trickyluvr ID:1d0pnvb9em6t

      How do I find the stories that you have posted?

    • Doggiecocklover ID:1euj4gw06pxa

      Hi Emma if ur a aussie would u let me join you to fuck ur pony’s an dogs please

    • Rick P ID:2vk0i544

      That sounds very hot. What are the names of your stories – would love to read them

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Sound like a fun girl. No you can’t get pregnant from the dog and no you don’t need any lube because the dog makes come as soon as his dick starts to get hard you will really enjoy it. If you need any more advice you can contact

  • Reply Naughty Cutie ID:5s4nd6tk0j

    I would recommend just starting by masturbating to some porn while the dog is present, take off your panties and let the dog sniff and lick to help you out while you masturbate.

    After enjoying some of the pleasures a dog tongue can give, start jerking off the dog and you can start sucking it’s cock soon after.

    One thing about dog dick is there is a bit more raw meaty taste to it and the cum is a bit more liquid than human cum. Also some have a negative reaction to the cum itself. Like me for instance, I broke out in hives after getting my boys cum all over my mouth and chest. It didn’t last long but just a warning. Also from y experience there isn’t a lot of cum, but my boys have been on the smaller side, so not sure if larger dogs will cum more.

    From my experience no lube was ever needed and I wouldn’t know how long the knots last, but I know it takes a while for my boy to fully recover before it slides back into hiding, lol.

    I hope this coming week is full of orgasms for both you and the doggo 🥰 would love to hear or see your adventures

    • Naughty Cutie ID:5s4nd6tk0j

      Also, if anyone would like to just chat and share stories, feel free to add me on my private snap, lovingpanda ❤️

    • Becky ID:tgchxu8k

      Thanks for the advice. I plan to watch porn and let him lick me. Do you think I should try putting peanut butter on my pussy or will he just start licking? Also maybe another dumb question. I am pretty hairy down there, will he be more into it if I shave?

    • Naughty Cutie ID:5s4nd6tk0j

      From my experience all dogs may not be fully into the peanut butter. One of the pups I’ve played with didn’t really enjoy it and I ended up having to clean most of it off me myself, lol. It may be a great way to get them to start investigating and licking, but you don’t need a lot. They’ll want to keep eating you out no matter what and soon you won’t need anything to entice them, just pull your pants down and they’ll get straight to work 🤤 they also really love eating ass btw and oh my god does that feel amazing! Also shaved or not, from my experience they don’t seem to care at all, keep your bush if it makes you happy 🥰

    • Rick P ID:2vk0i544

      Hi Naughty Cutie. You sound like an adventurous woman. Would love to chat more.

  • Reply Kansas43us ID:1d8l4mqut8ki

    You will be fine on e he gets it in let him finish

    • Becky ID:tgchxu8k

      I plan to let him finish in me just wondering how bad it will hurt

    • Sunny ID:1ehzw6fh5ks2


      You will be fine just remember to breath and relax. Your vagina was designed to be elastic for birth so the bulbous (knot) will be just fine. I wish you had a human partner there to help hold him in though if he got to anxious to pull prematurely, otherwise you will be fine.

  • Reply Planescoool123 ID:mybk3bhrk

    The part that would probably hurt the most is the knot so bring lube dogs have quick recovery time so I can’t give you a number but a few times a day and if probably under a cup of seman I’m guessing any more questions email me
    [email protected]

  • Reply Planes ID:mybk3bhrk

    I’m guessing for a rotwiller his knot will be pretty big and that will probably hurt the most so lube does sound necessary. Seman wise if you’re worried about the amount in you when you do have sex maybe try and get him to cum while having oral and a handjob. And dogs have a pretty quick recovery time so I can’t give you a amount but atleast a couple times in a day hope this helps if you have any more questions you can email me
    [email protected] good luck and have fun

  • Reply Bj ID:1ovk7c44

    I would love to see that happened (sc_rawr1551rb)

    • Mike ID:1degvg593cqf

      I can show u

  • Reply Jake ID:1ck6w0vbptwi

    From me, sorry

  • Reply Jake ID:1ck6w0vbptwi

    Wont hear any judgement feom me. Love to hear how things go.