My young wife part 1

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Met my wife when she was 13 and I 20. We started fucking days after meeting up. Consensual sex.

I am a hebephile. I am also attracted to women from 10-30ish. Petite small breasted women. But 10-13 is my jam. I would, and never harm a child or woman. I’m against rape and force. Consent is required, our current society says children can’t give consent. However I obviously disagree.

Here is a story, false obviously.
I was introduced to my future wife by a church get together. She just happened to be 13 at the time. With me being 22 and single, we had an instant connection. She is blonde with blue eyes and a small tight ass. Another difficult obstacle other than the age difference was that she had autism. She’s a high functioning autistic, but was clear she would be needing help navigating our society and world.

I was sitting on a couch by myself when she came and sat next to me. She asked my name and we started chatting. God she was beautiful, and still is. We hit it off immediately. I had a decent paying job at 20 with a small tech company doing coding. C++ just made sense to me. I was doing online college classes while I worked.

We added each other on Snapchat and promised to chat later. That night we chatted about everything. She had trouble with spelling but her innocence was very subjective. She confessed the first night chatting how horny she was. And I was shocked at how easy it was to sext her. I saw everything she had. Starting with a picture of her small A cup tit’s, to her sending me a short video of her rubbing one. I was hard as can be. Now I’m a average 6inch hard myself, and I started jacking off to her. When I told her I was doing that she asked for a video too. So I sent her one. She loved it and without me asking she sent a video of her rubbing her pussy. She had blonde public hair and soft delicious pussy lips. I watched that video a few times and we chatting about sex. She wasn’t a virgin I learned, but said she’s not allowed to say who fucked her. As the night progressed with the both of us sending nudes and videos, I was ready to blow my load. I asked her if she wanted to see me cum. She begged me too, so I took a video of me busting a large load on a tissue. She sent a good video close up of her rubbing her very wet 13 year old pussy. After that we chatted for another hour before saying good night.
On the first night we texted, I couldn’t wait to get in her pussy when we meet up. So the next two days where not good for her to get picked up. But we arranged it perfectly. I picked her up and took her to a drive through then to my one room apartment. Once we got in and closed the door we started making out. I helped teach her better kissing techniques. And soon had my hands all over her. I made sure she knew that if she didn’t want to do something she can tell me and I’ll stop and not get mad. She liked that and asked if we could get naked.

So within 5 minutes of getting to my place we were both naked and sitting on my couch. She was hungry so we both sat and ate our food, just chatting really. It was funny, and sexy.

Anyway after eating she used the bathroom and we then went to my bed. I had to taste her 13 year old pussy and she was happy to let me. I laid her on her back and laying next to her I started kissing her from lips to tit’s, then to belly, then I got my face between her legs. She tasted fantastic, she was already wet but I made sure she was soaking before I fucked her. Such a tasty pussy I ate her out for a few minutes and then mounted her. I rubbed my semi hard cock against her wet pussy until I got hard enough to fuck her. Before I did fuck her I asked if she was OK with it. She said yes, so I slowly slid my cock inside her pussy. She was not too tight. But she was wet and hot and soft. Took me two thrusts to go balls deep inside her pussy. She grunted and smiled at me. I held her tightly and kissed her as I slowly fucked her. I didn’t last too long, a few minutes of a good rhythm of fucking. I knew I shouldn’t cum inside her but I wasn’t going to pull out our first time. So when I was close to blowing, I told her I was going to cum inside her. She was hesitant but said ok. A minute later I blew my load deep inside her 13 year old pussy. It was intense, toe curling orgasm. I kept my cock inside her until for a few moments then I laid next to her.

After I was done we relaxed and talked. Then we got dressed and we went and got her a morning after pill which I made sure she took. Then I dropped her off at her house.

Part 2 coming soon.

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  • Reply Treat ID:66om991chj

    Waiting for part two. I hope she tells you who has fucked her already

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cz9zdqcfprl

    Good story just to short and yes part 2. My 20’s were the best sex of my life. I was over seas fucking a ton of tweens in many countries. Had threesomes and foursomes so many I can’t even count in Japan. Dan them young girls love to fuck.

  • Reply Manapua S. ID:1fsaxyxid

    Love this story. Can’t wait for part 2 and more to come.