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Kidnapped and raped (chapter 1)

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I was kidnapped by a religious group that was at war with my town and was repeatedly raped.

My town had been at war with an extremist religious group for as long as I can remember. They caused chaos in streets, murdered, kidnapped and stole.

The police did nothing. I (13 F) was lying in my room home alone when I heard people screaming outside. I closed the curtains and hid in my bathroom locking the door knowing it was more attacks. The front door was left unlocked without me knowing. I heard people rush in the house. It felt like hours but it was only about a minute when they tried to open the door. They must have realised it was locked so they started kicking it. The lock was worn down so it wouldn’t last long. I heard a huge kick on the door, louder than the other ones, then a crash. People ran towards me. I was hit on the head with something from behind and fell unconscious.

I woke up in a dark room tied to what felt like a bed fully naked. There was voices coming from my right. I tried to do something but I was blindfolded and gagged and the restraints were to tight. My head was still dazed from getting hit so I couldn’t make out what they were saying but then it stopped. The bed shook and I felt something poke my pussy. AAH! I screamed as something huge was rammed in me. The memories of what happened before I got here suddenly popped in my head. I started panicking and cried a bit knowing I would probably be here for a long time. UHH. The guy groaned and came in me. He got off me and started talking to other people saying how great my tight pussy was. Another one got on and done the same thing. Then another and another. I was fucked for hours by huge cocks. The people left the room and what sounded like a woman came in. She closed the door and explained what will be happening. ‘You have been chosen to pleasure our members with your beautiful body, you will be tied to your bed from 7:00 to 21:00 and no breaks. Since this is your first day I will untie you 30 minutes early so you can get used to your surroundings.’ She untied me and took the blindfold off, I looked around to see a concrete room with a dim light and a clock. The woman had a meal ready for me. She handed it to me saying ‘remember to be ready for seven o’clock tomorrow.’ She left and locked the door. The silence was deafening. I got woken up by the same woman at 6:30 saying ‘here is your breakfast’ she sat down and ate her breakfast with me. ‘Once you are done I will gag, blindfold and tie you to the bed just like yesterday.’ I nodded my head as I finished and lay down. The people came in and fucked me again. This happened for months before anything interesting happened.

When I woke up one morning there was a girl tied to a bed just like mine across the room. I took down her blindfold and she was asleep. The woman came in with my breakfast as usual and introduced me to the other girl. ‘This is Josie, your roommate.’ Things went as usual and I was getting fucked endlessly. Suddenly I heard a scream come from the other side of the room. Josie must have woke up. I was rarely horny here because I got used to being fucked but Josie’s moans got me really horny. When we got untied the woman had the same conversation with Josie that she had with me. Me and Josie were left in the room together with our meals. I went over to her bed and she started asking me tons of questions. I answered all of them and she said she felt a bit better now. We were chatting and I found out she was bisexual. When we were done eating I started making moves on her. I tickled her a bit and she jokingly shoved me. We shoved each other harder each time until I shoved her on her back. I got on top of her and reached down to tickle her pussy. She shoved me back and put one of her legs on me. We scissored and both enjoyed it then went to sleep.

Sorry but I’m ending it here. I’m thinking of making this a series so leave a comment for chapter 2!

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  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    I hope they rape both of you in your assholes then make you suck the cum outta each others ass

  • Reply Joe ID:1a5tcs5mk0j

    yes I would love this to be a series

  • Reply Twickers ID:2kyer0sd9d

    Nice start but very limited story going forward.. Unless they can leave the room

    • el ID:2wcj1djpd3

      Don’t worry I have plans