Cheating wife

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So after 33 years of marriage my wife fucked a body builder with a huge cock. I forgave her but feel some punishment is in order. Something along the lines of a gangfuck just don’t know if its too much or too little. I know l would enjoy seen ten cocks cuming inside her. Whatching those 38DD’s bouncing up and down and the cum running down the inside of her theighs while one cock after another bangs her. I thought l would funish by fucking a women with her cunt rite above my wifes face and making sure l cum twice once in the other woman and once in my wifes face forcing her to suck that cunt juice off my dick. Then l thought l should tie her up naked and have a orgy in front of her not allowing her to cum but forcing her to watch me fuck all those other woman. Or arranging for her to be punished by a BDSM group and letting them fuck her till she cant anymore while the whip her wet pussy shock it and man handle it maybe with some fisting inbetween the fucking. Problem is she would proberbly enjoy it all and want more the next day

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  • Reply Nightmares ID:8bvvy07d99

    O what to do what to do, personally I would tie her to a table face down, tied so her ass and cunt are open to be used, tie her head back so one can use her mouth and throat, make sure the table can be moved around so she can see everything that could be done to her, get a fuck machine and lube up her ass and fuck her ass with a 12 inch dildo, a 8 inch stroke is a good length to start with, have a tube of shoved into her ass as well with 5 gallons of warm water filling her ass at the same time, take one of her friends that wants to be fucked, you know the one that looks at you and then turns away each time you look at her, you fuck her pussy very slowly, you make her beg to be fucked faster and harder, but you fuck her slowly in front of the wife, you will make her cum harder that she has ever before by building her orgasim slowly, as she cums on your cock you tell the wife, see slut this could have been you, you pull out with your cock dripping with pussy cum and tell the wife lick it clean slut, once she has done that then you tell her friend to work her fist into the wifes cunt, you tell her to get her right on the edge of cumming but not to let her over that edge, the wife will scream and beg to cum, if the woman know what to do she will wiggle and rub her g spot over and over again, once she has gotten the wife to the state of begging and calling you names and telling you she will do anything if you let her cum, you pull the woman as and tell wife to watch as you fuck her friends ass, if she does not watch she will have to take more punishment of sexual pressure with no relief, if this does not work out send her my way I will have her trained in a month, she will be by your side she will serve you in anyway you wish,

  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    She waited 33 years to finally get some strange cock?
    She needs a medal instead of a punishment.
    Reward her, make her very happy that she is your wife.

  • Reply Courtney ID:8aga5tv1

    If you want to punish her, then tie her hands up to the wall and make her watch as you fuck every one of her friends right in front of her. Make sure she eats the cum out of their pussies too.

  • Reply Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

    Ive cheated on every husband, man ive ever had. Love the thrill of forbidden sex. Single now but sucking my neighbors husband dick as i write this….hes close to busting his nut in my face. Later.

    • Slim56 ID:1cncrepzb7u1

      I like the idea of a gangbang but a weekend long one in a hotel where you put the word out on the street of free pussy and let any one that walks in fuck her for the whole weekend. Kind of like when a dad catches a kid smoking and as punishment he makes the kid smoke pack after pack till they are sick. You let her get fucked till she can’t fuck any more and passes out then when she wakes up you start over. Just figuring she won’t last the whole weekend before passing out.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    She might enjoy it, but so would you. Do it anyway. Whip and fist the bitch!!