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Aunt carol gets fucked for the first time by my black boyfriend, tyrone !

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For aunt Carol who inspired and brought me into the realm of craving big black cock !

I just got a call from my niece Britney that I have not seen since she left for college and she’s bringing
her boyfriend home here to visit with me .

My name is Carol and Britney is my niece and she has lived with me ever since my sister threw her out of her home, when she caught Britney in her bedroom with two black guys double penetrating her as she was moaning and squealing out loud .

So I took her to live with me and let her go off to college , so now you know the reason she’s with me .

I was so excited , I would get to see my sweet Britney again and meet the man that she has chosen , I
just hoped that he wasn’t black .My hopes were soon dashed when I saw my little Britney walking up the driveway with a big black guy hanging on her .I was so upset to see her with him hanging on her .

Why couldn’t she find a nice white guy to be with .When they got to the door I stood there opening it,
and my niece could see the disgust and disappointment on my face .

“Hi aunty Carol , I missed you so much , meet my new boyfriend Tyrone”!! Britney giddily said .

“Hello Mrs. Carol , I’m Tyrone . It’s nice to meet you , Britney has told me a lot about you”! Tyrone said .
“Hello Britney , Hello Tyrone”! I replied without much enthusiasm .

“So sweetie how long have you known each other for”? I asked Britney .

“We have been dating for seven months now aunty , he’s the sweetest man I ever met”!! Britney said .

“Is that so ? well Tyrone , besides my niece what are you interested in”? I asked in a rude tone .

“Well I’m on a scholarship playing football but I’m studying math that’s how I met Britney .She was in
my math class last fall and we hit it off . She came and watched all my games and cheered me on.”

“Oh really , well I don’t know what my niece has told you about me but I’m very protective of her”! I said
Ignoring his statement .

“Aunt Carol don’t be so mean , he’s a good man and treats me with nothing but love and respect just
like you want”! Britney said rolling her eyes at me .

“Can I see you in the kitchen please ? Tyrone you just stay there and make yourself comfy”! I sternly
said .

Britney got up and followed me down the hall into the kitchen . I knew she was upset with me but I didn’t care .When we got to the kitchen I turned around and launched into her .

“What the fuck are you doing bringing a black guy home with you ? into my house”?

“Haven’t I told you enough times that I don’t want you being with their kind and especially when my
sister threw your ass out of her home because you were fucking niggers in your room and now you
are going to do the same thing in my home, disrespecting me after I felt sorry for you”!

“You know what Britney , fine since you won’t respect my wishes I’ll let you see for yourself and what happens . I just hope you are not trapped with a mixed race baby at the end of it .

“I just hope one day you will be able to see in him aunt Carol , I love him and I just want to be happy”!!
Britney said in a saddened tone .

As much as I hated the thought of him being here with my niece , I looked him up and down .
He is a tall 6’3 guy with light brown skin and a lean muscular build . I can see a huge bulge in his pants from the side , and despite my prejudice , I admit that I got turned on .

As we sat around eating dinner I started to warm up to him a bit, but I still couldn’t get over his skin color , he was the perfect guy even for someone that I would have married ,but he was black .He asked if he can help cleaning the dishes so I lead him to the kitchen .I washed and he dried .I told him where the dishes went and as he came down from putting them away he brushes past my waist with
his hand , I hated how turned on I was .

He told me that I was a very beautiful woman and he realizes where Britney gets her looks . He was
right ,for only 48 years old , I had kept myself in pretty good shape by exercising once a week at the gym .

I have long flowing blond hair that I sometimes keep it in a ponytail . I’m 5’4 with blue eyes . I have
large 38 E cup tits , my waist is thin but my ass is well rounded from so many squats that I did at the gym .

Britney came in and asked about the sleeping arrangements . I told her she will stay in her old room .
and Tyrone will stay in the guest room. Britney looked pissed that she couldn’t sleep in the same bed but I gave her a stern look and she backed down .

With the evening now over, I showed Tyrone to his room .Britney was in bed earlier still tired from the long drive .I told Tyrone that if he needed anything my bedroom is down the hallway . He thanked me for a wonderful night and stepped aside .

As I walked down the hall, I could feel his eyes watching my ass ,I didn’t turn around because I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction that I lusted after him .I closed my bedroom door and changed out of my clothes and put on my pink lace babydoll .I laid in bed fingering myself to the thought of Tyrone ravaging my niece’s white pussy, with his big , black ,brutish cock .

My pussy clenched around my fingers as I stroked in and out imagining what he would do to me if I was any younger .It wasn’t long before I had my first intense orgasm ,I covered my mouth as I laid there on top of my sheets shaking in ecstasy . I kept going deeper and deeper inside my pussy until I hit my second powerful orgasm .

As I was occupied ,I didn’t hear the knock on my door . Mistaking my moaning cries of (yes) as permission to enter , Tyrone opened my door and got an eyeful of me spread out on my bed with only
my pink lace babydoll on with no panties on , playing with myself .

As soon as we both realize what’s happening I scrambled underneath the covers and he turns away behind the door .Taken out of the mood I ask him what he wanted ?

He replied “I was just looking for the bathroom and I couldn’t find it”!

“Oh don’t worry you can use mine in here , I’m under the covers so your fine coming in”! I said .

I told him to never tell Britney about this and he said he understands .

I don’t care if you do your thing Mrs. Carol , A woman like you has her needs same as anyone ,so I’ll leave you alone now so you can finish .

“No wait, stay here a minute”! I said grabbing him by his forearm .

“What do you need Mrs. Carol”? Tyrone asked .

I just want to say that I was so very prejudiced against your kind . When I saw you with my niece earlier I was so angry and disgusted ,but you have somehow turned my opinion around . I don’t know
why I held onto these views so long but I’m willing to accept you in my niece’s life and if you two should marry one day ,I will be happy for the both of you .

As he went to leave I pulled him down to me and told him to kiss me .He moved on top of me kissing
passionately .I was lost in lust as Tyrone made love to my face . He had already stripped down to his
underwear for sleep so I can wrap my arms around him and feel his muscular torso .As we continued
our kissing he lifted up and pulled the covers away , revealing me in my pink lace babydoll .

Tyrone moved down kissing my neck and chest before stopping at my tits .

You have lovely tits Carol ,just like Britney’s only bigger .I moaned in pleasure as he played with my nipples with his tongue through my cup less pink babydoll . He continued his journey down until he reached my pussy . Pausing he began to lick around the edges then penetrating me with his tongue .
He clamped his upper lip on my pussy lip and tongue fucked my already dripping pussy .

I couldn’t believe how good this felt and that it was all from someone who I wouldn’t have ever dreamed I’d be here with .With one hand playing with my tits and the other fingerbanging my dripping pussy , he continued his assault with his tongue . My thighs clenched around his head like a vice grip
as I had a squirting orgasm that I haven’t had in years , as I sprayed all my pussy juices all over his face .

He lifted his head up and I told him to lay down .As he did I got up and knelt at the foot of the bed and
taking his hard black cock in my hands and began to lick from the base to the tip before swallowing
as much as I could take .His cock is bigger than remembering my divorced husbands being .

I sucked on his black monster cock as deep as my mouth would go wondering how far my niece Britney could reach and if I was doing it better .

I looked him in his eyes and said that I need his black cock inside me , I stood up and put my leg over
his hips and straddled him as I pushed the tip of his cock into my soaking wet pussy .

I moved up and down slowly at first until I built up speed . Soon I’m riding his cock like a horse jockey
as I’m moaning and my body has never felt better .I pushed myself down onto his body as I bounced
up and down on his long thick black shaft . He can’t help but moan , “Your pussy is so fucking tight !

“It feels so fucking good , keep riding me”!! He moans .

I covered his mouth as I don’t want Britney to find us fucking .

I leaned down and with my face next to his I whispered ,”Mommy’s here and mommy’s gonna ride your cock all fucking night baby”!!! As I said that to him , his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he
released his first load of sperm directly into my unprotected pussy as I squealed ,”OOHHH !! “OOHHH”!!! “OOOOHHHH”!!! “OHH MY GOD , I WANT YOUR SEED IN ME”!!! “OHH GOD ! BLACK COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD IN ME”!! OHH ! OHH”!!

After that , I asked him if he’ll be able to go another round with me , and he says with the way we’re going , he’d be stupid to leave me now .

I rolled over and spread my legs opened wide as Tyrone kneels at the opening of my thighs and works his cock back to life . He places my legs up onto his muscular black shoulders and inserts his black
cock back inside my pussy . He leans down as close to my face as he can get with my legs being held
back on his chest , my pussy now presented to him perfectly . Never in a million years that I could
imagine I’d let a black guy fuck me .

Now I was more pissed at myself for not listening to Britney sooner , I could have been having sex like
this for years . With me on the brink of yet another earth shattering orgasm ,and Tyrone’s cock beginning to twitch , he held his hand over my mouth silencing my screams !

Now he looked into my eyes and with an authoritarian tone that scared me said ,”That’s right my little
white bitch , cum on your daddy’s big black dick”!!!

I just realized that I was being thoroughly dominated by this strong black stud and I loved it .He turned
me back into the submissive girl that I use to be , before I divorced my husband years ago .

Suddenly without any warning Tyrone rammed his black cock all the way down into my wet pussy , he
grunted as he shot out another stream of very thick sperm into my pussy as I squealed and yelped ,


I couldn’t contain myself from my last orgasm of the night as I felt his sperm leaking out of me and running down my ass .He collapsed his entire weight on top of me , trapping me underneath him as
we laid there embracing each other . He gave me one last kiss and said he’ll never forget this night .

I said I will cherish this memory for the rest of my life and told him to keep this a secret from Britney .

I woke up the next morning and reality hit me , I ran to the shower and washed off all the cum on my body . I went downstairs and made breakfast for everyone and Tyrone was a complete gentleman the
rest of the week ,and we didn’t see each other like that night .Britney and Tyrone went back to college
and that was that .

Something told me to get a pregnancy test , so after about three weeks I got a pregnancy test and to
my horror it came out positive , I couldn’t believe it ! I just sat down and cried and how am I going to
explain this to Britney that I’m going to have Tyrone’s baby , a black baby and what will Britney do or
say after finding out that I fucked her future husband !


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  • Reply Courtney ID:1dqg7fe2xqou

    Nothing better than a balls deep creampie. I’ve never been on birth control and never used protection during sex. The amazing feeling when my husband blows his load inside me just makes me feel so happy. I really think these angry women out there just need a good creampie like this and they’ll feel so much better!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    So glad that big, sexy black boy knocked you up! Prejudice is shit!!

  • Reply David kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Part two plzzz

  • Reply Aunt Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    Mmmmmm this story really made me wet. I love and sometimes need a big black cock inside me. The one thing I’m not is prejudice. I’m glad you had a big black cock inside you. I can’t be pregnant yet again.