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It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the boys want to play some cards. Typically there are three of us who play. My wife, Carol asked me what I was doing today. I told her the guys want to play some cards. She laughs and says sure maybe I’ll go to the beach. I said to her do whatever you want. She comes downstairs in this yellow thong that has these small straps covering her 34dds. She tells me I think I’ll stay by the pool. She goes outside and puts some music on and she’s putting lotion on her body. I have to tell you Carol has a body built for fucking and a deep, wet pussy that can accommodate any size cock. My friends will be here shortly so there is no time to fuck her. Our bell rings and it’s Mel, Art and John. There’s also a young man, Tom who is Mel’s grandson. I set the table up and everyone has a seat. Mel asks me where’s that giro wife of yours. I tell Mel she’s outside by the pool. Mel tells his grandson Jack, Carol is absolutely gorgeous. We start to play cards and Mel asks me Rocky I’m thirsty do you think Carol would mind getting me a beer. I call out to Carol, honey could you do us a favor and bring us some beers. Carol says sure and when she walks in you could here a pin drop. Mel say hi Carol so very nice to see you, all the while staring her tits. Carol goes to the fridge and Mel says to Jack I told you Carol was hot. Jack says you’re not lying grandpa. Carol comes back with the beers and says to Mel, so who is this good looking young man. Mel says he’s my grandson Jack. Jack is also staring at Carol’s tits. I tell her thank you honey and Carol goes back outside. Mel says zero my you are one lucky bastard. Rocky says I know and there are two things I love about her. She loves to fuck and she never says no. All the guys just shake their heads and go in playing cards. We’ve been playing for a couple of hours and I’m losing. I have a good hand but no money to raise the bet. Mel says you can always use Carol for collateral. Carol says I heard that Mel, what’s on your mind. Mel says boys she also hears well. I ask him so what is on your mind. He says if you lose, we get to have some fun with Carol. I look at him and say what kind of fun. I say to Carol do you hear that, and she’s answers yes I did, but I’ll do it if it helps you. I say ok fellas I’m in. Rocky has two pair and Mel has three of a kind. Mel says Carol could you come in here please. Carol says did he lose and Mel says yes. Carol says ok Mel what do you want me to do. Carol isn’t the shy type, since we’ve been to nude beaches and resorts. Mel says I would like you to takeoff your top. Carol turns around and says to Mel you do it. Mel is a short, overweight bald man. He reaches for the clip and undoes Carol’s top. Carol turns around and let’s it fall to the floor. The guys look like they’re in shock and Mel asks me are you in. I ask Carol can I play and she says sure anything for you. Ok Mel deals another hand and I lose again. This time Art wins. Carol is still standing there and Art says Carol please takeoff your thong. Carol walks over to Art and says you do it. Art who is tall and thin pulls Carol’s thong down and then he smells it. Carol says to Art I taste even better and she goe and sits down on the couch. Rocky says ok guys deal me out. Mel says no you can still play. I said no I’m done. Carol says play knew more hand. Mel says this is for everything. I say to Mel what’s everything. Mel says can we have some fun with you Carol. She answers suede why not. Carol is always horny but this is getting out of hand. I tell them no guys I’m out. Carol get off the couch and puts her arms around me and says Mel Rocky is in. WTF again I lose. Jack, Mel’s grandson wins. Carol walks over to Jack and she says so Jack what do you want me to do. Jack says let me play with your big tits. Carol grabs his hands and puts them on her tits. Jack says Carol sit in my lap. She does and Jack is licking and sucking her tits. Mel is grabbing at them also. Carol let’s put a little moan and I see Mel’s fingers go inside Carol’s pussy. She’s now humping Jack. Carol says Rocky it’s ok let them have some fun. John and Art decide to leave, so it’s only Mel and Jack. Carol takes Jack’s cock out of his pants. Jack grabs Carol’s hand and leads her to the couch. Mel is standing in our living room naked. What a sight. Mel’s belly is so big you can’t even see his cock. He runs over to Carol and Carol spreads her legs and says come here Mel and collect your winnings. Mel sinks his cock into Carol and Jack who has a pretty big cock puts it in Carol’s mouth. Mel says Rocky join us. I said no I can fuck her anytime I want to enjoy her. Mel is slamming Carol’s pussy and Carol is telling Mel that’s it Mel makes me cum. Jack says grandpa don’t cum in Carol. She says yews MelI’m cumming fuck me don’t stop. Carol cums all over Mel’s cock and he pulls his cock out and cums all over her big tits. Mel climbs off her and Jack slams his big cock inside her. Carol grabs his ass, wraps her legs around him and says fuck me Jack make me cum. Jack is fucking her hard and she says give it to me Jack. I tell Jack not to cum in her and both he and Carol cum together. I stand up and say now it’s my turn honey. I get undressed and when Mel and Jack see my huge ten inch cock they say Carol we see why you married him. I slam my cock into he waiting pussy and she screams fuck me Rocky. We fuck for awhile and Jack and Mel are ready to leave. I cum deep inside my wife and Jack and Mel say goodnight. Carol grabs my cock and we go up to our bedroom. Carol sucks a great Vick and I’m rock hard. She says many men have fucked me, but you we always fucked me the best. We fucked until her pussy was beat red. Mel called me the next day and asked when’s the next card game.

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  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    Liketowarch I’ve done this many a time. Rocky doesn’t mind and I enjoy myself. I have a great body so why not share it.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ergb7fe6phb

    They should share their wives

    • [email protected] ID:1dd136j96pi9

      I was in a group with 3 other guys back in the early 80’s who played cards every week. We went to a differant house each week taking turns. Each week the wife at the house we were at would bring beer & snacks in sexy lingerie and when we finished playing cards the wife would service all 4 of us.