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Letting friend seduce my daughter

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A little background avout myself. My name is Dave, ever since I was young I had a high sex drive. This led me to experience and experiment a lot including sharing partners and although I had never participated in incest I loved to roleplay.
Anyway this story takes place last year when a new coworker began in my company. His name was Oscar (27) he was a bit bigger than me, Mexican and had tattoos.
We hit it off pretty quick and became one of the boys.
One day while watching Sunday Night Football my daughter (Jay) who was 15 at the time came down the stairs in a small tshirt and shorts, she has long black hair she’s s my daughter but it would be hard not to notice she has a pretty big booty for someone her age and about a C-cup. to watch the game with us. Throughout the whole game I couldn’t help but notice Oscar checking my daughter out. Now most men would probably be angry but for some reason I was proud that people found her attractive so I pretended not to notice.
That first night nothing occurred however he began asking about her more but not in a creepy way but one day I wanted to push it to see how far he would actually go, so one night when we were drinking at my house Jay had just gotten back from the mall. She was wearing black leggings and a red sweater. When she left the room Oscar said “I bet you have to fight off so many boys that are after her.”
I responded with “Nope. None at all guys just don’t find her attractive or they’re affraid of her because she never brings anyone around and nobody comes asking for her” now that was a lie but I wanted to see what he would think about that.
“How is that possible? Not trying to be rude but you’re daughter is really beautiful?”
“She has had boyfriends before I’m just saying she does not have boys all over her is what I’m saying”
“Oh that makes more sense” he says, “the boys are probably just scared of her then, because if I was younger I would be knocking at your door everyday” he says while laughing.
“You would be just as scared as they are stop playing” I said back.
It was at this point that for some reason I wated to watch him with her idk if it was my sharinf kink or incest kink but I didn’t want to actually be involved just watch so I’m not sure if incest counts.
Once I had made the remark he just smirked and continued drinking. We later ordered food and when Jay joined us. Oscar began being more friendly with her when she left to get drinks he whispers to me “yeah your daughter is fun and pretty not sure why those boys ignore her but more fun for me” he says in jest but I just agreed and laughed with him.
That was the signal he needed I guess because when she came back he began openly flirting with her and talking about her body. Jay has never been shy and at times she has even smoked with me so we had a pretty liberal relationship but hearing her just blush and laugh at a grown man talking about her body instead of being shy or mad did make me curious.
As the night continued he continued to flirt with Jay as I just watched and vibed to the music.
Once they began to dance is when he finally made a move and kissed her softly in the lips. Jay looked to finally get shy and turned to look at me but when I just nodded with approvement she seemed to relax more.
As they continued to dance he whispered something in her ear and she left the room. He then told me he asked her for a private dance in her room so they would he back.
I waited for a few minutes but curiosity got the best of me so I went upstairs to her room but her room was empty then I heard nosies from my bedroom and that’s when I saw the most erotic thing i had ever seen. Here was my 15 year old daughter giving my 27 year old coworker a lapdance in her lingerie.
I couldn’t help but be memorized by her shaking her ass in front of him. Again I wasn’t even sure why this was such a turn on was it just the taboo of things?
All I could do is watch as he began caressing her and sliding her panties off. By this time he noticed me watching at the door and just gave me a thumbs up and grin when he pulled out his dick which was above average in size abiut 6-7 inches. He asked her if she was a virgin and she said no she had been with 3 other people before but nobody over 20. He then asks “so then that means I don’t have to be gentle right?”
She just giggled and said no but he said “I wasn’t talking to you” I then realized he wanted Jay to know I was watching. I played along “Nope, sounds like you can go as hard as she can take”
He just laughs and Jay says nothing but smiles at me as Oscar is about to enter her me and my daughter do not break eye contact. He begins fucking her slowly at first but quickly picks up the pace. As they continue to fuck I could not control myself so I pulled my dick out and began jacking off to them. I didn’t realize at the moment but that was the first time Jay saw me naked as well. He then asks me how else he should fuck her. The fact he was talking about her to me instead of talking to her made the scene more intense so I told him to pick her up and fuck her in your arms. Seeing him manhandle her and pretty much jackhammer her while he carried her pulling her ass apart was too much for me as I came more than I ever had before. As if we were all synced they both came as well and I didn’t even pay attention to the fact a grown man had just came inside my daughter.
That night he slept in her room and afterwards they always acted as a couple when it was just us 3 around but my daughter had more surprises in store for me.

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    She sounds wonderful 😊

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    [email protected] Definitely got a perfect daughter there

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