Cat: Teen

My new friend Mr. Jack

Every summer I’ve gone to the public pool by myself since I was 8. I’m 11 now, and I’ve started to wear bikinis to the pool. I’d walk down there every day practically and swim... # #

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Rooming with Grandpa

Grandpa, along with many others, come stay with us for thanksgiving. We don’t have enough rooms so I have to share with him. # # #

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Oh, brother. You stud.

My little brother turned out to be a little stud in bed. We used to play board games, now we play with each others bodies and have amazing sex. # # #

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Candy Ante

I wasn’t molested, but I had this friend. I’ll call her Patty, and say she was 10, but a late bloomer. So, she hadn’t started puberty yet… # # #

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Daughter becomes a gangbang slut

Amanda comes into the living room to tell me that she is heading out. I said where are you going young lady? she was wearing a skin tight mini dress that barely covered her ass with... # #

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