Cat: Teen

Sweet dreams

My night time routine with my dad isn’t exactly normal. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. # #

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Nurturing my sister

She did something out of the blue, and then she did something completely unexpected with incredible amazing results. # # #

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Uncle Sucked Me Off

Ever since I was around 14, my uncle was giving me head about once a week. My aunt died before I was born so he lived alone, and I’d come round every Saturday, my parents thought... # # #

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My girl friend is my sister

When i was around 2 or 3 yr old ogot abopted and separated from my sister. After 14 yrs im 18 now. Igot a girl friend that was 2 years yubger than me she was small blonde teen that... # # #

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The start of been Casey part 2

Part 2 here we go My mom had lost are house so we had to move in with my nana. She was over the moon to see us I was show to my room my mom was putting my thing away as I went to play... # # #

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How I lost my virginity

Mike was a much older guy, he was a man actually, I was just a kid. I accidentally saw his thing and one thing lead to another and we had sex. # # #

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I will fuck you

I decided to drug and rape my sister and her friends because they were hurtful towards me, they deserved it, and it was epic. # # # #

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My Niece and I (Our 1st Experience)

My 12 year old niece, Liunice, came to our house to visit for 1 week since it’s vacation already. She is the same age as mine so having her in is fine, since I’m bored anyway... # # #

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His loss is my gain

My nephew was stupid, he had an amazing beautiful girl and he threw it away. He missed out on something incredible, she’s mine now, all mine. # # #

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My mom found my spunk in her panties

Ever since i hit puberty i looked at my mom differently, she was pretty attractive with a slim hot body. As a 14 year old I was always thinking about sexual activity every other minute... # # #

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