Cat: Teen

Local source of care

Shhh! It’s a secret, never tell ! There was a place like normal, where normal wasn’t so normal, at an after-school care home Where girls only stayed temporarily to long... # #

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My uncle is so sexy

My name is Ethan and this is about my hot uncle and what I want him to do. I’m 12 and always liked men. I like older guys mainly. I’m not very tall but I’m skinny... # #

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Sex gang

My new friends are in a gang, there’s only 1 girl in the gang and she lets us fuck her whenever we want too. # # #

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Friends Cousin

Sesh turns to sex with my friends 14 year old cousin #

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when daddy raped me

daddy was my coach and we went to a tournament. in the hotel room, daddy took my 11 year old body and used it the way ‘good girls’ are for their daddy # # # #

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Teen boi and oldman 2

The next morning he woke me up with a passionate kiss. I asked how long he was awake. He said long enough to admire you for a while and how sexy and beautiful you are. Well he said... # # # # #

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