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Obsessed with Oral…

Good day, it’s your chivalrously wicked, naughty knight here. This time I have a confession, coupled with a true tale, of my obsession with oral sex # #

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My mom is homeschooling me

So I’m a boy and I’m 14,in the last month my life completely changed…since I had a hard time making friends, my mom decided to homeschool me, and now that I’m... # #

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My 3 sisters and me part one

I all started a long time ago there was my mum my dad and 3 sister Alice 12 Jennifer 13 Nichola 17 and me who 15 no we was this family mum and dad work very hard to but food on the... #

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Covid disaster

So we all now corona sucks but in my personal option it also has some benefits in common. For example in my area there is a burger King that delivers now. But yeah i know what you thinking... # #

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