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Shemale and Incest

Fagu Marandi married to the sister of Baburam Oraon,a hardcore drunker but he matriculated and got job in railways as a porter in a station at Kerala where only two train passes in... # # # #

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Cathy Longhorn was a senior girl scout in her local troop, an Eagle Scout. At seventeen, she was older than most of the other girls. When it came time to sell their famous cookies,... # # #

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Young boy’s big fantasy (trans boy 16)

Hello everyone my name is Tama. I am a 16 year old trans boy. I am tall with a bit of chubbiness. I have been hyper sexual for a very long time when I was younger I didn’t really... # #

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My mom is a little bitch

So it’s been about a week since I kind of rapped my mother, and the has been very affectionate, allowing you to touch her body and even kiss her when we are alone. But the sex has... # # # #

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Granddaughter amazing body #2

Well here I am again wow this should get you girls and guys off ? So yesterday morning my daughter drps my 15 year old granddaughter off at my house and I told her that her mom was... # #

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I almost raped my Mom

My name is Tom, I 14 years old, so I’ve been experiencing some very odd feelings about my mother. I’ve been spying on her, in the shower and she’s changing, And last night I watched... # # #

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Ruby the Hoe

Let me start this of by saying thank you to the writers on here that have the bad writers backs. Writers like TARA he looks out for the other riders, when the nerds and geeks attack... #

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Biology 101

Let start with some background information about me and my friend and family. My name os John, 15 years old, male athletic and tested as a genius level of intelligence. My sport in... # # # #

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The Little Ones

Maria Sanchez lived in a very Latino area of Los Angeles County. She lived with her two brothers, yet only for one reason: She had no where else to go. She had no passport, no drivers... # # #

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Naughty housekeeper

moved into my new house a few years back. After I got it all organized, unfortunately my job required for me work very long hours and I was too tired to take care of the house all alone... #

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Naughty neighbor

Ally was a neighbor of mine in an apartment I lived in. She was 14 almost 15, cute as a button, short with a great young body. Very firm because she played a lot of sports. Great bubble... #

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Mom’s fault

Mom married my step dad when I was young. I only rent him as my dad . My real dad I never met. I rent dad and mom fighting a lot when I was younger. Now that I am older. I realize most... # # # #

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After school

Dad and my twin sister’s Audrey and Amy And fooling around turn out to be they have secrets only 13 # #

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Dad got mom to comply

I was 13 dad and mom was fighting cause she had caught him with another girl half his age from what I could gather. I was in my room. Dad and mom was shouting at each other. Dad said... # # # #

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Amy and her weird kinks

When I last updated I had lost my virginity to my girlfriend Amy and it was a beautiful experience but since then we have been going at it sexting on Snapchat and fucking irl it’s... # #

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My little brother’s cam girl

I can’t go out tonight, my parents are out of town so I’m gonna work while I can. Don’t tell anyone but… I’ve been camming. It’s so much fun and... # #

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I took my mom 3

Mom and I had been in bed for 3 hours no sooner than we got dressed dad was home. Mom almost pan said when she heard his car in driveway. Never again Dave. This was too close. Mom was... # # #

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The punishment 4

So in my last story I was playing with my brother and sister until the flashing lights where we found out my dad had died As a family we was struggling my mom was a mess she had hit... # # # #

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Best friends daughter

The full story on my friends daughter She was a long time friend from work, married and we just flirted at work. I did some yard work at her house and being it was summer I was out... #

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