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Little boys dreams

Hey, the story is about the girl from school who taught me everything about sex that I know today. I was very young back then, maybe 9 or 10 and she was nearly 14. I was playing with... # # #

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Our taboo

Hannah was 12 when I met her, I was a much older man. She was bullied and unloved. 40 years later we’re still together and happily married. # #

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He released the beast inside

Few months after I broke up with my boyfriend, I met this guy and within an hour he dared me to show my tits to him and his friend. So here I am 15 starting to finally come out of my... #

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Dawn panty raid

My little sister loves playing with my cock and even enjoys the taste of my spunk, I hope tonight it finally the night I get to fuck her. # # #

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My first time

Two months after dating a guy I had met through a mutual friend, I turned 15. Was it serious? Sure. As serious as any 15 year old thought of any relationship they had with the opposite... # #

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She looked so pretty sleeping

My neighbour asked me if I could watch her daughter while she popped in to work, Suzie had the flu and was in bed. I took real good care of her. # # #

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She liked me raping her

I regretted raping one of my little sisters friends at her birthday party, but she enjoyed it and I never got in trouble for it. # # #

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Taking my daughters virginity

My daughter recently turned 13 and I’ve noticed that she’s worn more revealing clothes than normal. Every time I point out how much skin she’s showing, the next day she wears... # #

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Love Thy Neighber

Sometimes, small actions or decisions bring bigger changes in a person’s life. I certainly remember the decisions I made to end up where I am right now. Those days were hectic.... # # #

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My first love

Emma was my first true love, my first ever girlfriend, but not the first girl I slept with, nope, that was her sister, Melanie. # # #

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