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Christmas vacation

On the morning of December 29, John, Stuart and Larry proceeded north on Walnut Street Road in Springfield, intending to commit one or more burglaries. As they approached the residence... # # #

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The laundry room

So let’s recap what happened. I fucked my sister and then dry humped her. My shorts were full off jizz and her yoga pants were all moistured. Like I said it would only be a a... # #

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My brother and I…

…Didn’t have what you would call a traditional childhood. We had a single professional mom, and she was extremely practical when it came to kids… # #

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Another ride

Part 2 of “The ride” 16 yr old nympho meets a high school hunk. Each one as sexy as hell, but together they are orgasmic. Sit back and grab your dicks #

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