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Funeral sex

Mom couldn’t make it to my cousins funeral out of town she sent me for family condolences she got me a motel for 3 days .. I was 16 got my license and first time on my own, The wake... # # #

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My four legged heroes

This is a teen zoophilia story. A rich girl of 13 was being fucked by some male dogs for more than some 4 hours. She enjoyed it very much. # #

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My sisters bedtime stories

My sister, Stacey was 15 when this started. She was 7 years older than me. She went away on a school trip for a week to Ireland. When she got back she started asking me into her bed... # # #

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The neighbor girl

My neighbor’s daughter Katie was 18. She comes by sometimes and hangs out with my step daughter Kelsey who is of the same age. My wife passed away and my stepdaughter lives with... #

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Moving on 2

this is the end of my sister true story. I tried to talk to her about it years later but she wouldnt talk # #

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