Cat: Teen

Well, that was a shocker

I have no problem with trans people, but you never can tell who is one. I was shocked at what I saw 2 of my students doing in the toilets. # # #

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Down the Street Pt. 2

I was out jogging one morning and saw my daughter walk into the house down the street. The guy who lives there is a single man in his 30s. Always # #

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My sister is my girlfriend

My sister wouldn’t let me have a girlfriend, always warning off any girl I tried to get with, then I found out why. Because she wanted me for herself. # # #

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My drunk sister

This it’s a story of my 17 year old sister she went to a party and came home drunk my mother was mad she was stumbling slurring her words # # #

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I raped my mom

I moved my cock faster and faster in her mouth and choked her for pleasure. i was sure she couldn’t breath but Didnt give a fuck. # # #

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Grandma part 2 and transformed

Like I was thinking to myself how I thought it was a one time thing. She said that this was first time she had sexually contact in over 10 years. I said what about before grandpa passed... # #

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My boyfriend loves my CIPA

Can you imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t feel pain? – well, I don’t have to, I don’t feel any pain at all. I love rough wild sex. # #

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We scored that day

Our football coach got us a cheerleader to fuck so that we would focus more on our football game and less on sex. # # #

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He’ll never share her

I saw my best mate fucking his sister and I wanted to fuck her myself, but he won’t ever let me. I wish she was my sister. # #

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Anatomically Correct

My mommy was an artist, so she made statues, and had some in her studio. It was a garage, but there wasn’t any room for the car, or the van. #Fetish # #

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Shifty Ide

I finally went up, and talked to him, after school. “Hi, I’m Misty,” and I’m a sex addict. Trigger Warnings: #Slow #Tease #Realistic # # #

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Best friend

Well I was very feminine as a teenager small frame hairless and long hair my ears pierced and eyebrows done thin and arched feminine. Well I was picked on alot. But my best friend didn’t... # #

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