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Girl and her mother

Hello here’s a story based on what I seen today what I saw was a real turn on , however what I would have enjoyed is pure fantasy , I happened to drive up to my local supermarket... #

596 words | 5 |3.50

I fucked my high school french teacher

16, going to bars with my cousins ID, I got to fuck several 1 night stands. This woman wasn’t one, she was different, we were great together, then. . #

537 words | 1 |3.17

After school detention pt1

I m sixteen yr old girl with nice 30 c tits and a nice firm body , I love to wear skirts with thigh highs and nice tops, I had gotton into trouble with one of my teachers he was kinda... #

394 words | 2 |4.13

A lonely girl pt 1

I m fourteen with a firm body and nice tits , it was summer and school was out I lived in a nieghborhood where there wasn t many people and I was bored.One day after I got up and dressed... # #

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30 years ago

Family Vacation aged 13 Gran Kate, Mum Joanna, Aunt Sarah and Sister Sam have fun on vacation # #

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A young asian girl at the mall pt 1

I m a fifteen yr old asian girl with a slim firm body and nice tits, it was a hot summer day and I had walked to the nearby mall to window shor and cool off, I was wearing shorts and... # #

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Lil’ Sister is Always Right

I was a 16yo male at the time of this story. I had a stepsister, Amy who was 13. Her and I got along great. We would always be playing basketball or sports together. We went to the... #

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Summer camp pt 1

I m a fifteen yr old girl with nice firm tits and a firm slender body, my parents decided to send me to a summer camp and I packed up my shorts and tops , after I arrived I met a handsome... #

415 words | 1 |3.42