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how i became a slave for a farmer part 1

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how i won a contest to work with a farmer

it started when i saw a flyer on a wall and it said (the best photo of a farmer boy costume would win) as me a 16 m young mind was happy to see because i had always wanted to work on a farm one day and this could be the day. so i looked closer at the flyer and the date of submissions was by the end of the so i rushed home to get changed into my farmer boy costume and took a lot of photos to see what one would be the best one. After finding the one i sent it to the email it said to send it to and the winner would get an email as the others that entered would not be emailed. after a few days i got an email saying that i won and should go to the address so i walked to the address as it was up the road from me.

After i get there the farmer asked me if i was the person that won. So i responded saying i was the winner and he tells me that he needs to buy me some clothes i was confused about it at first but he tells me that it would all make sense soon. He tells me that i could ride around on his quad bike on the fields that he tells me i can ride on He says to me he will be back soon and he hands me the keys to his quad and drives off. feeling very happy i hop on the quad and drive around his farm just when i see some sheds barns and his farm house not wanting to be nosy i ride off some more in till i see him back and me see i almost used up all the tank of fuel i headed back to him witch i see a few bags of girl clothes and he shows me to my room. When i asked him about the clothes he said i must dress like a girl just so it would be more sexier to look at and then he says that dinner is on but it will take a few more hours to be done> So he asks me go in the bathroom with him i was a bit worried but he tells me to strip everything off and i do so and in his hand was a adult diaper in his hand and i am told to lay on the floor and be still as he puts it on me and says that i must wear it to make shore i don’t leak.

And he has a nice dress for me to put on with a bra and he makes me bend over so i did and we went down to eat.after we finished we sat on the sofa but he tells me to sit on his lap and the starts to touch me and say tomorrow we are going to have fun. the next day he wake me up at 9.30 am and said that i have to wear the girls uniform he got me and to meet him down for breakfast and he says that today my balls will be milked soon and as we eat i believed that he was joking and after we finished he tells me that he is a sperm trader and he was not joking about it. So he takes me to a barn and tells me to take off my panties so i did and i am then told to lay on the table and he straps me to the table and lift the skirt on to my stomach and he has me take Viagra so my dick could stay hard. He begins to lube my dick and turns the machine on with me placed in the vacuum chamber of the machine. the machine he says was meant to milk cows but he never got any cows to use the machine so he said the because i was the only one that entered into the contest i was going to be his milking and sex slave. As time went on i released my first load of cum witch was a lot and as i was straped down he has hovering over my mouth a baby bottle fall of some white liquid and he puts in my mouth and tells me to drink it so i did but it did not tast nice then he tells me that is horse sperm that i was drinking and would not do anything about. Then he said that we wore done for the day and that we would go back to the house and i would change into something he wanted me to be in.

all events in all of this is fake no one in this story is real

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    i luved ur story ,,, & made me arroused ,,, wish u were closer ,, so we could do this 4 real :):):)

  • Reply Rami ID:3tac6virb0d

    I am a person who loves everyone. I love the sea and I also love women very much, especially romantic ones

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    work on your homonyms and run-on sentences