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Amy and Carrie 2: Next morning

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I must have done something right because next morning she woke before I did and she and her mom made me a pancake breakfast and sausage. Amy woke me up and we ate together outside.

She and I walked to my house and I showered and Amy talked to my parents while I was getting ready. Her and I hung out with my friends all day and came back home. We were playing video games in my room. My parents went over to Amy’s house to visit her folks.

She put her controller down after they left and came up to me and hugged me. She told me she had been a bad girl. She needed to be spanked and her pussy licked as punishment. I teased her that she was a beautiful girl and perfectly mannered. She punched me in the arm. “Ow! You little brat!”, I said

“Your a wimp! Can’t take a punch from a girl!”, she said. She kicked me in the side. Not hard but enough to get me mad.

“Stop it!”, I said.

“Make me!”, she said

She tried running away but I grabbed her legs and held her upside down. I threw her on my bed and forced her to lie face down. “This is great!”, I thought really getting turned on. I liked dominating her and I could see she liked to be dominated. I forcefully pulled her shorts off and panties. Her beautiful soft ass was before me. I pulled her hair, not hard but just a little tug.

“You wanna be a bratty child? Huh? I will show you who is boss!”, I said. I squeezed her little 11yo ass.

“Come on spank me! Rub me or lick it!”, she said growing impatient. I shoved her head into the bed.

“Shut up.”, I said and she swung back at me. I had her bring her ass up towards me and started spanking her. I rubbed my hard cock against her asshole. I pushed it in.

“Hey way way wait! uh mmmfff”, she said as my dick entered her. “What….mmmmmffff Tim! What are you doing?”, she asked

“Just roll with it honey. You will like it.”, I said. “I will be gentle.”

I reddened her ass cheeks as I slowly pumped my cock up her ass. First few pumps it looked like her eyes were going to pop out but she started to like it.

“You going to spank me bitch or what? My sister is right. You are an asshole!”, she said and laughed. I never heard her cuss before. I was shocked.

I slapped her head lightly and I spanked her buns. “There you go!”, she said. I shoved her face in the bed and told her to shut up. She called me a dickhead and I pulled her hair. She was getting excited. She liked the rough shit. I started rubbing her clit as I fucked her. She was getting into it even more into now. I spanked with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Her body started trembling and she was moaning. “Damn you Tim! You asshole!”, she said as her body clenched into an orgasm. “Aww Tim!”, she said as pussy juice shot on my sack. My dick slid out of her ass as she just collapsed onto the bed.

I pulled her back into position and reentered her. “Aw man! Are you fucking done yet?”, she asked. I spanked her and told her to shut up. “Get it over with you loser!”, she said. I hit her again. She motioning for me to pull her hair trying to stay in character. “Go ahead”, she said, “I like it. Spank me too. Do both! Pump it hard!”.

I stayed in character and shoved her face into the bed and told her to be quiet. She called me an asshole.

“Damn!”, I thought, “Underneath that adorable exterior was a wild child waiting to be unleashed.”

I pulled her hair with one hand and spanked her ass with the other. I was pounding her asshole. “Uh uh uh”, she said with each thrust. “Do it Tim”, she said in a wicked voice. “This kid is possessed.”, I thought. Lol. I rammed her asshole until I could hold out no longer. I thrusted as hard as I could until my cock went off inside her. It was the best orgasm I ever had in my 13 years. Lol. “Awwwww fuck Amy. Amy dammit. I love you!”, I said as I unloaded my nuts into her. I pulled out and just laid down. She hurriedly got up and laid face to face with me.

She slapped me. “Why didn’t we do that last night? Why are you holding back on me?”, she smiled and said. She kissed me and we laid together making out. “I think you rearranged my insides damn!”, she said. I apologized for being rough. She slapped me. “Don’t ever stop! I love it!”, she said.

“What happened? You were that sweet little girl? This is a side of you I never seen!”, I said and laughed.

She asked, “I am still that sweet little girl. It is just roll playing and it is fun! You obviously like it!”, she said and we laughed. I nodded.

I asked my parents when they got back if she could spend the night and they let her. They set up an air mattress but it was useless. No way she was going to miss an opportunity to sleep next to me.

Part 3 is coming soon

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