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Sister friend

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My sister had friends over I lost my virginity

My older sister had a girl’s night out my sister was 22 not sure of her friends ages but around same age. One of her friends was really pretty I always had a hard on for her. The other one was married and just had a baby so a little out of shape still but pretty enough. Anyway after a night of them out doing whatever they all 3 ended up at our house. My parents were asleep and so was I but in the middle of the night I had to pee so I walk to the bathroom and the married one is laying on the bathroom floor. I say hello no answer I push and shake her nothing. She is breathing very heavy so I go downstairs to get my sister she and the other friend are asleep on the couch. I try to tell my sister about her friend but she not awake I make a little noise but neither one wakes up. Fuck I still got to pee I go back upstairs to the bathroom I step over her on floor again say hello nothing so I decided to pee anyway. I look at her she still not moving I can’t believe I just pee with her there.
I can’t help myself I get on the floor shake her again she doesn’t wake up I touch her tit she still doesn’t move. I shut the bathroom room door and now I’m going to squeeze her tits her clothes are on but still. Now I can’t stop myself I put my hand up her skirt and rub her pussy. Then I push her panties to the side and start to finger her unreal. Now my 16yo cock is rock hard. I shake her again still she just Laying there I move her on her side move her leg up then start fingerings her again I take off my underwear and get behind her I start rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy it’s not easy but it feels good. Then it happens I feel myself start going inside her it feels so fucking good I’m only inside her for a few seconds then I feel myself going to cum. I know I have to pullout but I have to make this last it’s doesn’t but I don’t pullout I just keep going finishing inside her. As I pullout now panic set’s in I go to my room can’t sleep. Next morning nothing said they leave next time I see my sister she doesn’t say anything about her friend. I ask who they were she said just some girls from work.
It’s been 6 weeks I got away with it.

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    I probably would’ve fucked him all