Author: Timmy1

Uncle David Part 3

David was working in the garage when his dad walks in. “Brought you somebody!”, his dad said. Molly comes running in. “Oh hey! There she is! My bestest buddy!”, he said excitedly.... # # #

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Uncle David Part 2: Backside

David was sleeping in his room. Molly came in and laid next to him. She carefully reached in his underwear. Looking for that thing that brought her so much excitement the night before.... # # #

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Uncle David Part 1

David, who was 15, was sitting on the couch watching his step niece play on the floor. He was in charge of her tonight. Molly, who was 9, adored David. He was her big hero. David now... # # #

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Young Love Part 6: A Little Fun

Part 6 A couple years has passed since my last story. I was 15 and Jen was now 14. She had grown into a beautiful young woman. Beautiful firm B cup breasts to play with and her soft... # # #

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Young Love Part 3

Read “Young Love” 1 & 2 first Part 3: My step sister Jen was all smiles when she came up to me. “Ok…What do you want?”, I asked She hugged my leg playfully and held on... # #

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Young Love: Part 2

Read “Young Love” to follow along with the story As I mentioned in the previous story I had some previous sexual experience from a neighbor. This neighbor, Ellen or El as she like... # #

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Young love

My stepsister, Jen and her friend Molly , both 11, were swimming at our house. I was 12. My dad built a changing room and shower area by the pool. “No he doesn’t!”, I heard Molly... # #

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