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Mom grooms little Peter for her brothers Part 1

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My loving mother gives me an earth shattering assgasm, and makes a plan for her beta sissy son.

I remember the day that I realised I would never have a normal heterosexual relationship.

I was 14 years old, and I had my weekly bath with my mother. As usual, she was in the tub with me, and I was lying between her legs, feeling her large breasts against my back. Her hands had reached around and were wanking my cock. Well, I say that and while one of her hands was caressing my testicles, her finger and thumb were tugging my tiny cock.

I was fully erect, 2 1/2 inches of tiny boy cock.

“You know Peter, not every man grows up and has a girlfriend or a wife and then children with a woman. That part is meant for a special man; we called them alpha males, like your uncles.”

“What do you mean? Do you mean I will not have a wife and children?”

“Well, Peter, you’ve seen your Uncle Sean’s cock, haven’t you? You know his cock is as big as your forearm, whereas yours (she gave my tiny cock a little tug) is always going to be tiny.”

“Maybe it will grow as I get older, Mommy”, I whimpered, alarm rising within me.

“I don’t think so, honey” ” my mom cooed gently in my ear.

“I have a lot of experience with how big boys cock should be if he’s going to grow up to be a real man; you know I have three older brothers; your uncle Tommy for instance, at the age of 12, his cock was already 4 inches and thick (she put her hand in front of my face showing me how thick her brothers cock was), and he wasn’t the biggest of my brothers, that was your uncle Sean who admittedly is a freak he was 6 inches at your age, and today he’s 9 inches flaccid and 12 inches erect” she held her forearm in front of my face with her fist in a ball, “and the head of his cock i as big as my fist.”

I could feel shame wash over me as the reality of my inadequacy at home. I had always worshipped my uncles and wanted to grow up to be like them.

“don’t worry, my baby, you will still have a wonderful, wonderful sex life; you will be able to give lots and lots of pleasure to the men in your life who will treasure you and treat you like a queen.”

“what do you mean, like a queen?” I was genuinely confused

“Let me show you.”

Mom reached into the cabinet beside the bath and pulled out one of her sex toys, which I had frequently seen her use. I assumed she was going to pleasure herself again, but she told me to change position on all fours with my bum facing her.

I felt something slide into my bum hole and turned to see one of her fingers slide in and out of my ass.

“How does that feel? “She asked, and I told her that they Felt quite nice, my cock was tingling.

“Do you think you can take more?” She asked, not really waiting for an answer. She pushed one more finger into my ass and took it quickly.

Instinctively I started Rock back-and-forth look at luxuriating in the fucking my mother was giving my ass.

“your uncles were not wrong, Peter; they thought this was exactly what you would enjoy; it takes a special type of boy to enjoy anal as much as you are the first time.”

With the reference to my uncles and being unique, I felt an even greater tingle within my body.

“Would you like mummy’s special toy in your little boi cunt?”

Not waiting for an answer, my mum withdrew her fingers, and all I could hear her say was

” sexy gape”

I felt her dildo at the entrance of my ass, and looking back at my mother, wanting to make her proud, I pushed back against it; seeing the pleasure on her face, I pushed back until I felt her fingers against my ass ring.

“Oh my God, Peter, that is truly wonderful. I never thought you would take a full 6 inches the first time; we need to see your limit.”

She fumbled in the cabinet again, and I could hear her debating,” Let’s try Uncle Sean and see how he takes it.”

I looked around, puzzled, wondering if my uncle had just entered the bathroom. She saw my puzzlement and giggled, “Don’t be silly, it’s just I had this toy specially modelled on your uncle Sean so that when he’s not around, I can keep my Cunt and ass well stretched for him.”

“I promise you, Peter, this is going to hurt you a lot, it’s going to stretch out your boy Cunt, but the sooner we train you, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy the greatest sex in your life………………. Make your mother proud.”

I felt the grotesque Head off Uncle Sean’s dildo cock at the entrance of my sphincter. My only thought was to make my mother proud, and of course, in some perverse way, I thought I would also please my Uncle Sean. Go figure

With little delay, my mother pushed Uncle Sean’s cock head past my ass ring. I squealed in pain.

” ok honey, I know it hurts, but believe me, soon you will be loving it…………………. You push back when you feel ready” As the pain subsided, instead of pain, I felt tingles of pleasure washing up from my groin through my whole body. I tentatively started to push back and could vividly feel Uncle Sean’s cock head as it went further and further inside my body. It’s hard to describe how wonderful it is to ride the edge of pain and exquisite pleasure. I was aware of my mother’s sense of awe. She gasped when after 20 minutes of riding Uncle Sean’s cock it was inside me.

“Sweet Jesus, you are a natural beta sissy bitch…..; this is astounding……….. I need to take some photographs” She reached over to grab her phone, and she took some photographs and a video as she played with pulling the dildo almost out and then jamming it back inside me.

. She was videoing as I heard her say, “Boys, I think he’s ready for a family visit this weekend. He’s a fucking natural.”

“I’m sending this to your uncles; they will be so happy…………. Now let’s see if we can make your tiny cock spunk without touching it.”

She started fucking me with Uncle Sean’s dildo, and I could feel the intense pleasure ride over me wave after wave. My brain was a total fog, and I focused on the joy and satisfaction I was getting from being fucked in the arse. And then, all of a sudden, it was like an explosion went off in my brain. It was like I didn’t exist outside of my ass and this giant cock. All I knew is at some point later, I could hear my mother asking me, “It’s OK, love, it’s okay, it’s just you’ve had a shattering boi cunt sissy orgasm.”

Still, with Uncle Sean inside me, my mother eased me back, so again, I was lying against her wonderful breast.

She whispered, “I will bring you shopping tomorrow, Peter. Today is the first day of the rest of your wonderful beta sissy life; I’m going to buy you a new wardrobe of fabulous sexy clothes, we’re going to get rid of all of your body hair, and I know it feels strange to say this. Still, we’re going to get a special little cock cage made for you so that we can lock you up. You shouldn’t have been born with a cock so we are going to make this little guy shrivel up. Maybe even in the future, get rid of your little balls because you were made to give and receive sexual pleasure to alpha males with your boy Cunt and your wonderful little mouth.

Part 2 to follow

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  • Reply Korvvo ID:judpjdla3ut

    Damn so hot, i hope that this is real i would face fuck my cousin every summer till one day his mom my aunt caught me balls deep in her sons mom moaning. He would bob up and down all night for hours id lay on my back getting whorshiped till i feel asleep.

  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:45xxun2vt0j

    Oohh wow sooo lucky boi to have a mommy like that and that want all older to use him! Wish so much it was me!

    • megabetaboy ID:nkbi7lfqyr6

      my Dr was very gentle and really boosted my self esteem, being told by a hunky Dr as you sucked his cock that i was hil favourite really boosted me

  • Reply Danny8282 ID:1ah742a78rc

    Lucky boi great mum

    • Megabetaboy ID:knn03ah

      Sadly my own mum didn’t take me in hand like this although she did drive me to my doctor every month to groomed me from the age of nine until 16

    • megabetaboy ID:nkbi7lfqyr6

      I agree she turned a blind eye to my bottom drawer which by the age of 10 had gay pon mags, dildos and cute girly panties

  • Reply Danoh ID:42p1nsd9d

    Very hot. Can’t wait for the next chapter

  • Reply Jack45 ID:19u48dkzj


  • Reply Megabetaboy ID:knn03ah

    How you guys enjoy

    • Korvvo ID:judpjdla3ut

      Damn i honestly wanted to fuck my thick guy friend in highschool. He had sexy curves like a woman and a nice fat ass. I fantasized fucking him while his cute lil dick shivered. You had a good mom shes right guys with thick asses should getted fucked and lil dick guys need to crossdress and get dommed.