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me and a dog..

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my names maddie and this is the story of how my old dog fucked me.

it all began a last year, back when i had a dog ( i don’t have one anymore since he died 2 months ago from old age but he died peacefully at age 13 so it’s all good! ) i was just finishing up some homework, i was wearing some nike pro shorts and a plain lavender crop top. i had my legs spread under my desk, i didn’t do this on purpose i just naturally did that pose there and then while doing my homework. i was busy doing some english homework when i felt something rub my crotch area. i started blushing like crazy and looked under the table. it was max my dog, his nose was cold and the feeling of it against my crotch made me kinda feel weird. i was 13 at the time so i wasn’t entirely sure what “turned on” felt like. all i knew is that him just having his nose brush past my pussy felt good. i rubbed his head and he licked his lips, i couldn’t handle this so i decided to throw off my shorts and panties, leaving my little pussy to show, he immediately sniffed it and began licking it, i threw my head back in pleasure and let out little moans, he licked the clit and his tounge would dig into my pussy hole, i was feeling so good, i wanted him to get a better angle of my pussy so i turned around and went on all fours, he licked my pussy from the back and then mounted me, i was sorta freaking out, did i really want a dog to take my virginity?! before i could fully think this through his dick was in my pussy, i was almost in tears because his dick was huge and i was a virgin so it was going to hurt but my pussy was so wet and lubricated from his tounge it didn’t hurt as bad but it still stung afterwards for a bit. i moaned so much forgetting my dad was just downstairs and my brother across the room from me. i heard call my dog max down for dinnner so he hopped off me just in time before he was going to do that weird thing were dogs balls get stuck in the pussy. i immediately went to the bathroom and peed and then took a shower. i rememver feeling so horny. i did it a few times afterwards and then i stopped even though he was “consenting” to it by going for me first without me having to force him and he always wagged his tail enjoying it i deep down felt bad, plus he was getting slower with his age so i seen it as the best to stop and then a few months later he passed away in his sleep. thank you for reading my story!! i’m always still horny nowadays ;)) so text me on snap!! it’s mads.curtan, it’s an acc completely for yk;) anyways byeee <33 ( both males and females can add me i don’t mind!! ok bye now :))

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  • Reply Jimmie fox

    So fucking hot

  • Reply Ryan

    May ur dog rest in peace. Nice story tho

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    hey 🙂 add me back

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    I send u a request on snap! And a message!

  • Reply Yessirr

    Do you send nudes

  • Reply E

    What’s ur snap?

    • maddie:)