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Playing house

When I was 12 my mom would go on these business trips when I knew she was just visiting her husband and new family and I’d go with my 20 year old cousin Joel he had a nice 2 bedroom... # # #

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My first experience with my cousin

So we were at my grandmas house for 2 nights. The first day my grandma had to go into town for 8 hours to go to work. She left at 10am we were stood at the front door waving at her... # # #

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Uncle Clems creampie

11 year old rae sat in her white ruffled su dress with white ruffled socks on the floor coloring she was laying on her stomach giving who ever walked in a nice voice on her white cotton... # # #

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Took my best friends sons virginity

I have no idea how to feel about the situation. I’m torn. On one hand, it was fun and the most turned on I’ve been in years. On the other hand, he’s young, he’s my best friends... # #

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Sex with Friend and her sister

So this is my first time posting on here and well this is the story on how I got my friend and her sister pregnant. I’m not using their real names so I’ll use M and A. It... #

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