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Masturbating during zoom meeting

One day this school year while on zoom I started to feel really horny. I need someone to give me a orgasm or make my pussy feel really good. So I began fingering my pussy in my legging... # #

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So, we’re walking back to school, from lunch when Karmen stopped, and said “Hey guys, come look!” # # #

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I hated summer school bad enough, but then they got the video-conference set up. So, we could watch the teacher from home. # # #

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The first lick

Hi my name is Laz, this is my first time putting anything on this website so I hope you like it. When I was young I was always into watching porn and being curious about sex. When I... # #

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Sexual education with mom

My name is Alan and I live with my mother Angela and three younger siblings. My mother divorced my father some years ago. Other than the times that I was angry at her for spanking me,... # #

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