Cat: Teen

The Extremely Horny Virgin

I started masturbating young maybe at 9 or 10 I would lay in my bed on my stomach, and push on my pussy which would make it ache and throb. I never finished unfortunately, but hopefully... # #

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Gaming with my brother

This happened around the time I was 15 and my brother was 18. My brother was always obsessed with video games and spent thousands on buying and upgrading his pc. I on the other hand... # # #

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Perverted Babysitter

Me and my cousin were being babysat when we were young by this old man who often babysat us at his house so we could swim at his pool sometimes. # #

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The stag do

Dad and his friends got me to lap dance, strip, suck and fuck him and his friends at a stag do at our house. # # #

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Down in the Ditch

When I was 8, I was old enough to go off on my own, but I had no idea about the worst that could happen. I guess I got lucky… # #

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