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The babesitter 4

“HAAA-mmm OOOH FUCK ITS TOO MUCH I’M gonna break!” Carly whimperd as she held my head in place while I sucked on her tween clit, it felt like she was trying to drown me in her... # # # #

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First sex with Amannda

I was 19 when I started having sex. My girlfriend was Angela she was a year younger than me though we had both left school together but we had started kissing and feeling each other... #

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My sleeping daughter

So this happened a quick back story In 2008 when my daughter Alice was 14 34c size 12 she was a heathy play volleyball was good in class got home after school played on the playstation... # # # #

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by Sarah Anne Talley ([email protected]) Authors note: I am a reasonably normal woman with many fantasies. As you can see by this story, many of my fantasies are of the dark variety.... #

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Drunk dad

The story is about how my dad used me for the first time when he was drunk. So at first when it happened I was 17yo slim boy and my dad was 42yo good looking muscled hairy men. It’s... # # # # #

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Hannah and Emma

I live down the street from my step cousin. I am 20. Her 13yo daughter, Hannah and her 10yo daughter Emma are always coming by and hanging out with me. I just took a shower. I come... # # #

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16 y.o. jerking off in the woods

(TRUE STORY) hi, i’m daniel and i’m 16. i’ve recently gotten into running and often go for evening runs in the woods. as it is winter, it gets dark quite early, so when i am done... # #

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