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Best friend’s dad (Part One)

When I was 10, I would go to my best friend’s house everyday to swim and hang out with her. She had a nice pool and a very nice family. I always liked going over there because her... # #

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I love my pedo man

Best friends uncle got out of prison for being a pedo. I persuaded him to fuck me and use me as his little whore. # #

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how I lost my virginity at age of 12

Hi this is for boys and girls if you are a teen and want to fuck sombody dont try popural or who you like becouse they are super hot try sombody who you think is cute even a little... # #

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My name is Vivian and i was with my twin sister Rebeka we were 10yearsold,playing in swings in a playground.Before we were at beach some meters away i was wearing a blue top and bottom... # #

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Laundry Room:

I read this really juicy story online, and finished the second love scene, but I didn’t realize how much an effect it had on me right away… # #

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Games with Emma

My little sister I were always close ever since she was little, but once I turned 14 everything changed. She was only eight at the time, but she was still attached at my hip, following... # # #

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