Cat: Teen

Boys are weird

Raising my son as a single mother wasn’t always easy. Especially when he discovered his penis and the pleasures it could give him. # #

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Teen and oldman

Well I was 16 at the time. So far my life was hell drunk parents and very miss treated. He’ll they didn’t even notice that I was very feminine completely hairless except... # #

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First dick

First incest very true story history morning distorted my history I’m sex completely I am 61 years old still loved it I hope you enjoy this first time # # # #

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Play with my brother/cousins

When i was younger I had a sexual encounter with my cousins and brother. I was 11 my cousins where 13 and my brother 15. We will call my cousins cousin a and cousin b. We were all in... # # # #

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Me and Ross

when i was 12 i started talking to a 48 yr old man, we met up in the woods and he fucked me my snap: positivesquidy # # #

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Step Family

I was a 40 year old Single mother of a 13 year old Daughter. Me and my baby Jessica was living alone since my Ex Husband left us when she was a little baby. After many failed relationships... # # # #

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Breaking in Brooke pt.2

(warning: violent if you can stomach it, then just click off) All of the girls I’ve had in my life succumb to me inevitably, and unexpectedly, Brooke, the youngest, was the last... # # # #

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If they only knew

I was waiting for my friend to come home and was in his house alone with his older sister. She had an accident and I used the opportunity to rape her. # # #

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