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School holiday fun part 15

Kay had mixed emotions, she was anxious, excited and a little scared but she trusted him. He went to the corner of the room, he took out a plastic thing, he did something and it started... # #

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I was 13 and my neighbor Lauren was 10. Lauren and I would always play together. I would sneak up on her and grab her and tickle her or I would chase her around the yard. She would... # # #

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The old stable maid helps out

A very long time ago my mate used to be the son of a scrap yard owner , Back in the days of the horse and carts rag and bone men , Used to be about 6 or 7 different blokes rough and... #

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Fisherman and his wife

During the summer of 1972 I was 15 years old I knocked around with 3 or4 good teenage friends, we used to take a tent over too some wooded area very close to a lake that during summer... #

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The hotel maid for the summer 2

So I had been working here for a couple of weeks now and it has really been pointless going home as the hotel was short staffed and me liking the money that this jobs bring In. Have... # #

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School holiday fun. part 14

The next two days were quiet at Kayleen’s house, she was not speaking to them much, giving them the impression she was quite upset with their accusations, but it was just a cover-up... # #

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My dark fantasy

Just a little rant about me being so horny all the time lol. I’m 16f, and constantly horny. I love getting high, and i love getting drunk. Sadly I am still a virgin. I really want... # # #

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School holiday fun part 13

She went to his couch, the same one she watched him sniffing her panties, the same one she watched him explode cum on and the same one she had a enormous orgasm from watching from her... # #

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Maid from Heaven – Part 33

Please read the previous part here (/2024/06/maid-from-heaven-part-32/ ). Now let’s continue Neither of us were pressed for time so we made passionate love for as long as we both... # # #

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School holiday fun part 12

Kayleen was pissed off with her stents. Not because they hadn’t trusted her, she knew they were right on the accusations, no it was deeper than that. Why did she find it so easy... # #

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