Cat: Teen

If you Think About it…

I don’t know how I could be so forgetful, but finally mom looked in and asked me “You finish your homework?” “Oh my god.”  I put down my phone,... # # #

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I wanna fuck my daughter

My daughter is 14 and she’s alrdy hyper sexual and its hot she has a bald small cunt and a cups and she’s adorable when we took a bath together because she wanted to she... # #

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My moms pedophile boyfriend

A month ago my mom introduced me to trey 6’2 brown curly hair 32 and cocky shit eating attitude he was cool at first until he moved in and my mom worked night shifts as a nurse... # #

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I got raped by 2 guys

I have to walk home and today it got dark quick and I was tired so my mom called me a Uber I didn’t know what the car looked like and at the time I didn’t care sow ehn I... # # #

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12F Getting Penetrated For The First Time

Hello! I posted before asking for things I could do to masturbate since my parents are going to be away for the next two months. I took your suggestions and spent the last few days... #

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