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A beautiful surprise pt2

As we approached my house, Olivia’s family all looked excited as they realised they were visiting a big modern villa, with a massive garden, outdoor swimming pool and beach view... # # # #

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My new dad

I was adopted from an orphange ,I m 14 and well devolped for my age and a very sexy girl, shoertly after I went to my new home my mother had to go out of town suddenly to take care... #

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My Sex Life

Hello, I’m Heather and today I’ll be sharing with you the story of my sex life. I’m a 52 year old woman, long blonde hair slightly graying, green eyes, E Cup breasts... # # # #

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Hi I’m Christina, I’m 19 years old I live in Utah, I come from a large family to say the least. I’m 5’5” tall, I have long black hair that goes down to my waist, I’m very... # #

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My Secret Relationship Part 3

I found out how much I enjoyed sucking J’s dick and having him suck mine as well. I wasn’t expecting it to go where it went next though. # #

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Altar Boy

Last year I became an Altar boy at our church being a good Catholic I was honored to serve the Lord little did realize I would be serving Father James. He was the new Pastor older heavy-set... # # # #

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Silent sex

I had sex with my little sister silently without saying single word. as I was very shy boy and used to talk very less. # #

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Blackmailed mom. Part 6

The summer was slowly but surely coming to an end, so I decided to start implementing my plan immediately. One day I contacted the guys and briefly told them what I wanted to do. The... # # # #

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My Secret Relationship Part 2

J and I were fully engulfed by getting ourselves off together but it never seemed gay, that is until J boldly made a move that changed everything # #

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My step sis and I loved to fuck

I was 14 only 4ft 5in. But my cock was already about 6 extremely hugh thick hard inches. I thought at first I was a freak. But later in I knew I was extremely blessed. Id been jacking... # #

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My coach and me

I m a fourteen yr old girl who loves to play soccer I have a tight athletic body with nice tits for my age, one day after practice my coach asked me to come into his office and he closed... # #

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