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Collage slut pt 4

The next day as I walking across campus I seen my professr and we chatted a moment he asked me if I had any plans for the weekend and I said no, he smiled and asked me if I would like... # #

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Saving Grace Pt 1

So this is more a confession over many parts and years… Real names are mentioned, mine is not i’m holding a pretty dark secret!… i’m 36 now, my girlfriend is... # # #

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Fun day at school

This is fiction. If you get disgusted easily, do not read this. This has gory depictions, so if you are not ok with this, find something else to read. # # # #

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Collage slut pt 3

The next morning we both had classes to attend while I was in my last class I was noticing how good looking my professer was after class I hung around to talk with him about a couple... #

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Gay boy part 3 femboy

Well I got home my mom asked me how my walk was I told her and I told her about what he said. She asked me if I wanted to go and see what it would be like at night. I said that I did.... # # #

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Foster fuck

I had just taken placement of a brother and sister pair and I had just finished making them lunch when I overheard them saying that they wanted to go back to their last home because... # # # #

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I seduced him

I seduced him and it didn’t take much to convince him to fuck me. I’m a 14 year old girl who loves to have sex with men. My mom divorced my dad when I was little and she remarried... # # #

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be my little brother

This happened in 1984 and I was 14. In a little town in Michigan. Everyday a lady would walk by our house I thought she was coming home from work, but later found out she would just... # #

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Gay teen part 2

Well after I went home my mom came into the bathroom and asked me how my day was. We were always open and honest about everything. I told her everything that happened. We talked more... # # #

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My Boss and I

A fantasy I have for my boss. I know it’s long but I feel better details and not rushing the sex part makes me wet. I hope it helps for the ladies 🙂 # #

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