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Grandpa Daddy

I confessed to mom that I was pregnant with Grandpa’s baby, but her reply and confession to me was worse than mine to her. # # #

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Tie dye sex kit

I fucked my sister in the bath tub while trying to scrub tie dye off her that she accidentally covered herself in. # # # #

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Trish’s obsession

When I was fifteen a group of my friends on the school baseball team were in the school’s change rooms smoking marijuana when the Vice Principal walked in. Since I happen to be the... # #

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Crossdresser and Best friend part 2

Well the rest of the day we kissed an made out. I sucked him and he licked my glued down boi virgia and gurly boi pussi hole. So this went on for a few days. We even got up the nerve... # # #

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Brothers wet dream

My best friend took advantage of my brother while he was having a wet dream. Its a shame he doesn’t know what she did. # # #

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The best girlfriend ever

I met Mia online and we started going out. One day we explored each other’s bodies and ended up having sex for the first time. And ever since… # #

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Weak girls are easy

This story is a typical example of how I get my girls. They love the attention and will do anything to make me happy. Anything. # # #

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My dad and our games

Growing up I was always a daddy’s girl. I loved him so much, he was my hero. But everything started to change around the time I was 10. I first started noticing how he looked at me... # # # #

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Crossdresser an best friend

I lived in a rural area with my single mother school was mostly home schooling. Well form the time I can remember I was always feminine as long as I can remember I had my ears pierced... # # #

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Pretty girl deflowered

Hey guys this is my first story here am Nick and her name is Ananya,I am 18.So this story is about 2 months old.I was desperate for an intimate moment after getting out from a toxic... # #

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Redhead, who are you?

She was a beautiful young girl who gave me an amazing gift, my first love. I wish I knew who she was and more importantly, what was her name. # # #

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