Cat: Teen

Molly’s in heat

My parents are always drinking. They could be home and drunk, or out at some party blacked out. They spend all their money on lottery tickets and alcohol, so they never bother getting... # #

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My Step Neice

I was watching my step niece, Jia, for my brother. She’s over here all the time anyway. She loves me. My brother is eight years older than I am. I was 14 at this time. His stepdaughter... # # # #

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The Steps

I was 7 when I met Xuan. She was the daughter of the man my mom was dating. We were the same age so we instantly hit it off. She was a brain child. The daughter of a doctor she was... # # # #

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finding out about sara

you need to have read the previous story to understand this one. Keep in mind all my stories are real life and happened #

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My Daddy!

The camera was on, I was in my robe. I had recently turned 18 and was so excited to be doing webcam. I was always sex hungry. My mother was at the nail salon and my dad was accompanying... # # #

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Laurie and Uncle

Hi! My name is Laurie I am 18 yoa, 5’3”, medium length brunette hair, small but firm breasts, dark areolas, a nice mouth full and really nice nipples, wear a 32A bra, weigh around... # #

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