Cat: Teen

Incest experience

Short true story on how i started but failed, to train my little sister. I was age 12, she was 8. I was a very horny 12 tear old from what i can remember. I watched alot of porn and... # #

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I raped my mom

Mom was driving me insane with her choice of clothes while we were stuck at home and I just snapped and raped her one night. # # #

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Proud Daddy

My wife suggested that it was time our daughter became a women, so she let me fuck her as an anniversary present and it was glorious. # # #

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No, you’re a boy

My son Charlie was confused about his gender and he hated his willy, until I showed him how much fun he could have with it. # # #

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Wicked Stepsister

Joey’s also my room-mate, because when she moved out, I went with her to help with rent. At least we got a 2 bedroom, so we could have our own rooms. # # #

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