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Bully and mom

It never got old. Reverberations from the punch sent pleasure straight to Andrew’s cock, causing it to throb while his balls clenched. He never liked noisy victims, making this wimp... # #

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How I lost my virginity

A story of how I finally lost my virginity and a bit of advice for those of you who are desperate to lose your virginity but just can’t get there. # #

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I sold my virginity

I had just turned 18 at the time and my parents kicked me out because we were poor and said I had a job and can get a place of my own. I worked at a fast food restaurant and I was studying.... # #

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Out of control incest

It started with just me and my mom, now there are more than 30 of us living on the farm and they’re all technically my kids. Thank god for Tom. # # #

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I’m a teenage escort

I’m 15 and take after my mom and followed her in to the escort business. I’m not a prostitute but sex is sometimes included. One of my stories.. # #

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Lil Sis curiosity led to sex

This story is fictional non of the content ever happened if you are uncomfortable with this genre or with the characters ages don’t bother to read. And sorry if my english is... # # #

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sex over-drive

I can’t stop playing with my cock, I love my cock, I need to ejaculate 20-30 times a day or I go insane. # #

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Sweet Ana

We took advantage of a sweet but mentally challenged girl, used her for our own sick sexual gratification. Something we deeply regret. # # #

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Piano tutor abused me

I was only 11 when a man my parents and I trusted turned out to be a paedophile, he raped and abused me until I wasn’t beautiful anymore. # # #

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