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Special needs therapy

After college I wanted to work with special needs children helping them as best I could. I got into this program where they work with animals. Especially goats, dogs and horses. It... # #

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Slow and steady part 2

I did not see her the next day. Maybe she did not feel the same way? I felt horrible. I wanted to talk so bad to her. It was the next day that I saw her. We met again in the barn that... # #

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My ex-uncle Jim

I remember my childhood. Every summer my Aunt Heidi and her husband Jim would take me to the country for a week or so. Jim was everything to me. I adored him. I wanted to marry him... # #

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My stepdaughter recently moved back into the house after dumping her loser boyfriend. She had two kids a 15 yo boy and a 13yo girl. The girl is a hottie. 5 foot tall and beautiful.... # #

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Serve and Protect?

Jack is a 10 year veteran of the police department in his hometown and is now a detective. One day a lady moved into the house behind him with her daughter. The daughter was smoking... # #

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Ambulance story

We had an ambulance transport from one hospital to another. A teen with cerebral palsy was going to a childrens hospital in Chicago. 2.5 hour trip. The parent decided to follow us in... # # #

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i fucked my GILF neighbour pt2

when she opened the door she was wearing a latex dress and had her greying blonde hair in a bun. she grabbed my ear and pulled me into her house. she made be bend over a table and pulled... # #

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The Invisible men

My friends and I work for a military contractor. We were put on a project to make a skin like suit that gives you total invisibility. We finally got it working. Now it was time to put... # # #

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Times of War: Anna’s Revenge

As I mentioned in the first story I was a soldier during my country’s War with Russia. I served four years in the infantry and was discharched. I was wounded leaving me wheelchair... # #

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Ran away from home

I was 15 an ran away from home my parents where drunks and mean. I didn’t have only the clothes I had on which was shorts and thank top an holey sneakers I was thin and completely... # # #

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