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Project renovation

“But Mom, I want to go with my friends for Summer camp?” “Well you can go after we are done with the modification.” “No way!” By then the school... # #

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Casey (13) who is not excited about staying after school in a kid’s daycare facility just down the way from his school. He walks with his friend’s to their buses and waves goodbye... # # #

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Priests need love too

I m a seventeen yr old girl with a firm body and 30 c tits, one day I went down to our church to sit in the confessional, soon out prist came in and asked for my confession , as I sat... #

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How I really lost my Virginity

I have been married to my husband for 15 years now we were high school sweethearts and got together when I was 15, he thinks he took my virginity but he didnt.. this is the story of... # # #

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gay club at school

check out the last story about me and my bf having sex at a debate tournament. we had an hour of sex in a school bathroom, went to his house and fucked some more, and then slept and... # # #

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debate tournament

i was at a debate tournament with my team and we had just completed a debate on gay rights. we were discussing it with another team at my school. i had a crush on one this one boy on... # # #

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The redhead

I woke up this morning to the wonderful smell of breakfast being cooked. I got up and greeted my stepmom in the kitchen. My stepsister Amy(11) came into the room. “G’morning dork.”,... # # # #

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The New Girl-23

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here (/2024/05/the-new-girl-22/ ). Now let’s continue After some more time fucking me, he said “Preeti... # # # #

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Gay raped in front of girlfriend

My girlfriend was 15, I’d just fucked her and we were walking back to her house. We passed some guys, who were taunting her and me, and talking about what a nice cunt she must... # # # #

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My Two Daughters

I was horrified when I walked into the house and found what was going on. I was supposed to be gone for two more days but had been able to come home early. When I walked into the house,... # # # #

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A strangers fucked me in my sleep

My parents were having a end of week party one friday night for there work friends there were about twelve or so people at the party as usually we were told to go to our rooms early... #

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