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Schoolyard slut

So many moons ago, there was a girl in middle school that would show whatever you wanted to see for $1. For $2 you could touch, $3 she would touch you and $5 you could hump naked. That... # #

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12F Needs Sexual Advice

Hello, I am Mimi and am a 12-year-old girl. I’ve always been feeling different from the rest because I started going sexual things at 7 (like humping teddy bears or fingering myself... #

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Me and my friend

This is a true story. I was about 10 years old when one day I got curious. I’m a skinny Mexican boy and no girls really liked me, besides some girl. I was barely ten but already started... # #

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Daddy’s Hypnosis

Everyday when I get home from school, my daddy makes me go into his room with him and let him hypnotize me. You see, my daddy is training to be a hypnotist and he’s always wanted... # #

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Thanks uncle mikey

When I was 11 years old I recall the vivid memories of being fucked by my uncle everytime we were alone it started when we went camping and shared a tent he told me kt would be warm... # #

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Mom turned me into a cum slut

I’m 29 now, engaged and have a daughter. My life is a good one. My biggest secret I carry is that my mom groomed me to be a cum slut since I was 10. She drank a lot more with my step... # # #

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Fucked my drunk sister

So one night me and all my family were out the back court yard all night we were drinking and by later in the night my sister kept giving me this look no one else could see it she sat... # #

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