Cat: Teen

Cash upfront

I offer a service to the boys at school to make extra money to buy nice things. #

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Do you want to fuck me

I thought she was a normal little girl, how wrong I was. She was so amazing and incredible at sex, I miss her and want one of my own. # #

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Drunken sex

I got home after a night out with my best friend, we caught my little brother jerking off in my bed, and we ended up having a drunken threesome. # # # #

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Family whore 2

For a week I watched Father fuck Mother, they fucked each other in every way possible. And I watched, still having a cage on my dick. Every now and then Mother would give me her divine... # # # #

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School bang-bus

On the bus ride home I saw three girls get fucked on the backseat.It was like being at a rock concert with the crowd of kids all cheering and watching # # # #

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Me and my teacher

3 years ago I got a message from a boy of my school telling me that it was not very appropriate what I did with my math teacher. I asked him what he was talking about and he sent me... # #

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Family whore

I’ve had a bitchy nature for as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed going naked and exposing my dick. When I turned 14 my perversion reached its peak, I wanted to... # # #

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