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My coach and me

I m a fourteen yr old girl who loves to play soccer I have a tight athletic body with nice tits for my age, one day after practice my coach asked me to come into his office and he closed... # #

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I seduced one boy for anal sex to increase length of his penis. # #

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Now or Never

Ron Masters was a degenerate, through and through. He lived a quiet life in a quiet neighborhood. Around here, everyone kept to themselves, so Ron knew hardly anyone nearby. Except... # # #

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the awkward one part I

this is a fictional story told fork a third person perspective. telegram is @I_DontEvenKnow for feedback or any type of chat. thanks for reading #

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Sister (true story)

I was 14 my sister was 17 and a senior in High school It was the break between Xmas and new years. My sister was 5’4” and had a bubble butt which at my age I always looked at. It... # #

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My weakness

Katie is a 5’5 blonde with big natural tits and curves for days. when her boyfriend’s best friend pulls up in a truck she couldn’t refuse his cock # #

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My Stepson and His Friend

I recently marrie a wonderful man who had a son he was widowed his son is sixteen, I thirty with 32d size tits and a very fit body,my husband was away on bussiness for a week and my... # # #

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Naughty Amy

Amy sucked sucked hard the stuff prick in her mouth throbbing. She loved sucking cock – especially when it was big and stiff like this one. She loved the taste of him, the feeling... # #

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Ex wife (true story)

Oh if I knew then what I know now. Hind sight is alway 20/20 I was 21 my wife was 20. We were struggling I worked overtime all the time. My wife was a cute petite 5 foot babe. She had... # # # #

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Big brother ate the Hilton

I’m was excited to see my big brother Kenny, he was flying in from California on a business trip, and would be staying a couple days. Kenny had been my best friend growing up, and... # #

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I finally fucked my daddy

When I finally worked up the courage to fuck my dad. I didn’t even have to take him in to it . It was about a week after Mr Anderson took my vCard. I was home alone with my dad, I... # #

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My Aunt III

this is a fictional story between a 15 year old nephew & his 30 year old aunt (characters & their relationship is real) kik is imaagineeee for feedbac # #

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My dad and then mom

I was the 3 child I I had a brother and older sister and a younger brother. When I was about 10 or so it all started It was not even a warning or any memory before this of any sexual... # # #

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First time

The first time I had sex happened with my aunt She gave me piano lessons every Saturday morning I must of been 11 Mom would bring me over set in living room watching tv And my Aunt... # #

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