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Outrageous Behaviour

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When my friend Megan and I needed alcohol and cigarettes.

“What did he say, Chloe?” my best friend Megan asked when I returned.

“He’s another pervert,” I moaned. “He won’t do it unless I show him my tits.”

“For fucks sake!” she fell back against the wall. “We can’t turn up to the party without cigarettes and liquor.”

“I know, but I’m not showing my tits to anyone, never mind an old guy,” I sighed.

Megan and I were a couple of teenagers, dressed and ready for a party, but not even our appearance could get us what we needed. A bottle of vodka and a packet of Newport cigarettes.

We were stood desperately around the corner of the store, in short skirts, heels and cami-crop tops, asking passers-by to help us out. We had the money.

“What did he say exactly?” Megan asked.

“He looked me up and down and asked what was in it for him. I asked what he meant, and he said he’d get us what I wanted if I showed him my tits,” I explained.

“Guys… I swear they’re all the same,” Megan complained. “Can’t blame him though, with your boobs.”

We laughed hopelessly. I’m 5’5 with long, brown hair, hazel eyes and breasts which grew too big, too young. While Megan stood 5’3 tall, petite, blonde and slender, with not much filling her top.

“He was dead serious too!” I said.

“How old was he, not that it matters.”

“Way older than our parents, like ancient,” I told my friend.

“Is that him over there?” Megan pointed to an old guy scratching a card, holding a grocery bag.

“Yeah,” I frowned at the man.

“And where were you supposed to flash him your tits?” Megan scoffed.

“Down the alley across the street.” We stood on the corner, giving the old guy the death stare. If only looks could kill.

“I know it’s crazy, Chloe, but listen, we don’t have much time. Do it. I won’t tell anyone, and I’ll hide in the alley to make sure he doesn’t try anything dodgy.” Megan was now the one being serious.

“Screw you, Meg! You do it!” I gasped, showing my disgust at her suggestion.

“I would if I had your mountains. No guy wants to see my sprouting mole hills,” she laughed, pointing at her barely-there breasts.

“They’re not mountains,” I huffed. “And I’m not doing it!”

“Fine, let’s go to the party then, and watch everybody else drinking and smoking.” Megan began walking away.

“Wait!” I knew we couldn’t turn up empty handed. Everyone had to bring their own. “Alright, I’ll do it, but if you so much as think about opening your mouth to anyone about this, Meg…”

“Chill, Chloe, I’m your best friend not your worst enemy, and I’ll be there hiding in case he try’s anything funny. He might even bottle it once he buys the cigarettes and vodka.”

“I doubt it,” I sulked, getting ready to approach the old guy again.

“He might think twice about taking a teenager into an alley,” Megan mused.

“Let’s hope so, but what if he doesn’t?”

“Then you’ll have to show him your tits, I guess.” Megan shrugged, trying not to laugh. It was written all over her face.

“Right, I’m going, don’t let me down!” I warned my best friend.

“You just make sure you don’t let us down,” she giggled.

As I got closer to the old guy, he looked at me with a lecherous grin. I could see the pervertedness in his old eyes skirting up and down my young body again, from my smooth legs to my gently bouncing bosom.

“Still no luck?” he chuckled at me.

“Will you please help me out and get me a packet of Newport and a bottle of vodka,” I said rudely.

“You know my asking price. Will you show me those big titties?” he smirked with lust in his eyes as I watched his gaze linger at my cleavage.

“Yes, down there in that alley, like you suggested,” I stewed angrily.

“Ok, now we’re talking, baby. Go across the street and I’ll meet you in the alley,” he instructed me, putting his bag in the trunk of his car.

“I’ll be there,” I gulped, offering him the money.

“Keep it, this is on me,” he winked, glancing at my cleavage and the tightness of my top and short skirt before he went inside the store.

Megan and I scurried across the street from two different angles, meeting up in front of the alley. We looked around and didn’t see anybody notice us, then we disappeared into the alley.

“Ok, you got this, Chloe. A quick flash and then we’re out of here, ok?”

“Ok. Not ok, but ok,” I muttered, anxious and ashamed.

“Stand against those pallets and I’ll hide behind that pile of old crates. That way he’ll have his back to me.” Megan suggested.

I nodded and then we took up our positions, like the pair of naïve teenaged girls we were. It felt like a lifetime waiting, but it was ten-fifteen minutes in reality. The old guy came into the alley, brazen as you like, carrying a different bag.

“So, you decided to accept my offer,” he said rhetorically, pulling a bottle of vodka and two packets of Newport cigarettes out of the bag.

“I’m not complaining, but I only asked for one packet,” I muttered nervously.

“I’m feeling generous. What’s your name?” he grinned. “Do you have a lighter?”

“Yeah, I have one in my bag, and it’s Chloe, what’s yours?”

“You don’t need to know my name, sweetie. Here, catch.” The old guy threw me one of the packets of Newport and put the bag down on the ground, grinning when I tried to catch his deliberate, too short of a pass.

The packet hit the tips of my fingers before falling to the floor. I crouched down to pick it up, giving him a view between my legs and the thought my tits might spill out of my top, thankfully they didn’t. I stood up with the cigarettes and adjusted my top.

“Light up, I wanna see you smoke,” he smirked.

I opened the packet and slipped a cigarette free. I then took the lighter out of my bag while the old guy stood two yards in front of me.

He was tall, skinny and balding on top, disgusting in a dirty shirt and trousers. He had a couple of teeth missing and the others had never met a dentist.

Quivering, I put the cigarette between my red lips and cupped my hands around the tip, lighting it as I sucked softly on the filter.

“Sexy, Chloe,” he sighed, squeezing the front of his pants.

I breathed the smoke into my mouth and down into my lungs, savouring the calming moment before the humiliating storm. Through pursed lips, I exhaled a steady cloud.

“Mmm, now show me your tits, Chloe. Get those big, young titties out for papa.”

Desperate to get it over and done with, as quickly as possible, I let the cigarette dangle from my lips while I pulled the straps from my shoulders and down my arms.

“Keep going, baby… mmmm…” he groaned, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly.

I stopped with the straps at my elbows and took a drag before removing the cigarette from my mouth.

“What are you doing?” I exhaled, glancing behind him at Megan.

“What do you think I’m doing? A young hottie is about to show me her big tits, and I’m gonna jerk off while she does it.”

“What? That’s not what we agreed,” I complained, taking a deep, anxious drag from the cigarette.

“If you want the rest of the goods, then you better show me your goods… and I’m jerking off or…”

“Fine!” I snapped pulling down my top, exposing my firm breasts. They bounced free, nipples embarrassingly hard.

“Very nice,” he grinned, feasting his eyes on my chest. “Keep smoking, Chloe,” he breathed excitedly, stepping closer.

I looked at the crates while he carried on fumbling with his belt and zipper. Megan shrugged silently, telling me she didn’t know what to do.

I looked down at the old guy stroking his cock while I smoked the cigarette with my boobs out. “Have you seen one this big yet, Chloe?” he asked, grinning.

I just stared at it in shock, dragging nervously on the cigarette. I wasn’t a virgin, but I’d only seen two cocks. The old guy was way bigger and hairier than anything I’d seen before.

“You can touch it if you want, no need to be shy with me, Chloe. He took my free hand and pressed it against his cock as I inhaled a thick ball of smoke.

Forgetting about my best friend for a moment, I watched my hand close around his hard shaft with a mind of its own. He groaned as I exhaled a shaky stream of smoke, then my hand began to move back and forth.

“Good girl, Chloe,” he sighed, cupping his hands underneath my boobs and pushing them together.

I took another drag, feeling confused by how curiously aroused I had suddenly become. The thing just kept growing in my hand while I let the old man grope my soft flesh.

“Great tits for your age, baby. I bet all the boys love you… mmmmm…”

When I finished the cigarette, I flicked the butt away and became aware the old guy was now pulling up my short skirt.

“Have you seen or played with one this big before, Chloe?” he grinned arrogantly. I shook my head, but I was still stroking his cock.

I felt my skirt pulled up around my waist, revealing my tight, black panties. I knew I was wet; I could feel it flowing freely between my legs.

The old guy cupped my mound and began to rub the palm of his hand in small circular motions. “Open your legs for papa, Chloe, there’s a good girl.”

Gasping and overwhelmed by how good his hand felt pressed against my mound, I still didn’t stop him when he then slipped his hand into my panties and started sucking on my nipples.

He put an arm around me to stop me from falling backwards, then rubbed my clit and tight folds with his fingers, stretching my opening when he pushed inside.

“Uhh!” I gasped as his finger pushed into my wet, sticky slit.

“Have you been fucked yet?” he smirked with lust in his voice.” I nodded with embarrassment, but I’d only experienced sex three times with an older boy I was seeing.

“Of course you’ve already had a cock inside you,” he chuckled. “That’s a pity, but my cock will do things you haven’t experienced yet, reach places you don’t yet know exist,” he chuckled again, taking a hard, sensitive nipple into his mouth.

My eyes began to flicker, my breathing was short and shallow, this old guy was driving my young body insane, but he was grotesque, I was confused, waiting for it all to magically stop on its own.

However, it was never going to stop unless I did something about it, but I couldn’t. His hand was inside my panties, rubbing my clit and swollen, puffy lips, and a nipple was inside his mouth while he held me.

I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and pushing down on his hand. I needed to cum in that alley. I knew Megan was still hiding, but I daren’t look at her now. I was too ashamed and unable to push the old guy away.

He pulled his hand out of my panties, and I let go of his cock as he pressed me back against the pallets, raising my ass onto them.

“Spread your legs, Chloe,” he grunted.

But he was already spreading my legs because he was standing between them, pulling my panties aside.

“I’m going to fuck you, baby. Mmm, papa is going to fuck your tight pussy.”

I suddenly looked at Megan, she looked mesmerised with a hand up her skirt, rubbing and watching. My eyes bulged in shock. What the fuck was happening to us, I thought.

We only wanted a bottle of vodka and a packet of cigarettes for the party. Ok, I let it get out of hand by agreeing to flash my breasts for those things, but now I was leaning against a small pile of pallets in an alley with a really, really old guy, who was rubbing his big cock along my tight, teenaged slit.

I wasn’t even experienced enough to think about dirty sex like this, yet I was being controlled and driven by some dark force that kept giving me more pleasure.

“Mmm, so tight, Chloe… mmm… are you ready, baby… coz papa is going in.”

Gripped by fear, I wrapped my arms around his neck, breathing in a mixture of my fresh perfume and his stale aftershave. “Uhhhh!” I screamed.

“Ohhh! Fuck! You really are tight!” But it seemed to excite and spur him on more to get his cock inside me. The pain was excruciating.

“You’re too big,” I complained. “Ahhhhh! It’s too big!” I finally pushed him back.

“Then we’ll try another way,” he grunted with determination.

He spun me around to face the wall and bent me over the pallets. “You’re soaking wet, your tight little cunt wants this, so brace yourself, Chloe,” he instructed me.

I complied while he pulled my panties down and kicked my heels further apart. I shut my eyes and gripped the pallet, bracing myself as I felt his hairy thighs slide down the backs of my smooth legs, rubbing his fat cock along my slit again.

“Ahhhh! Shit! Slowly!” I screamed.

“Ohhhh, fuck! I’m in! I got the head in! Ohhhh, fuck, that’s tight!” he groaned, trembling behind me.

“Uh! Uh! I can fell it inside me! Uh! Uh!” I panted, feeling a blend of pain and pleasure I hadn’t experienced before.

“Ohhh, Chloe!” the old guy gasped, straightening his body as he began to fuck me with slow, deep thrusts.

“Uhhhhhh… my god!” I sighed, as he stretched, hurt and pleasured me all at once.

“Mmm, is your womb protected, Chloe?” he grunted, grabbing my swinging tits and squeezing them as he thrust deep inside me.

“No! I’m not on the pill or anything! You’ll have to pull out!” I exclaimed, panting for air to breathe and room to move.

My mom didn’t even know I was sexually active, the pill was yet to become a topic of conversation.

The old guy pulled me up, his grubby hands mauling my full breasts as he began to pound me from behind. He licked my neck with a lustful snarl. “I’m not pulling out of this tight cunt until I’ve emptied my balls deep inside it.”

I wanted to protest, I needed to, but I started gasping at the sensation spreading throughout my body. I knew it was an orgasm, I just couldn’t believe how intense it was. “Uhhhh! I’m… uhhhh! I’m…”

“Ohhhh, fuck! Cum on my cock, Chloe! Mmmm, so tight, baby! You love it!” he chuckled into my ear. “I can feel it,” he told me, thrusting in and out of my body, forcing the full length of his old cock up into my young vagina.

“Ahhh! It’s too big!” I cried out, coming down from my orgasm.

“But your tight little cunt is loving it! Ohhhhh! Take it, Chloe! Take my cum!”

He made some weird grunting and gasping noises as my insides stretched once more to accommodate his size, then I felt something suddenly swell and begin to throb, deep inside my body.

I was also making some strange noises as I tried to cope and breathe, before I realised it, I was having another orgasm at the same time as the old guy. It felt like warm gooey oil was being pumped into my vagina and womb.

We suddenly slumped forwards onto the pallets, the old guy crushing my body as he laid over me for a few moments. He eventually hauled himself up, his hands finally sliding off my breasts as his cock slipped out of my vagina.

Gross, I thought, feeling his sperm run out of me and drip onto the floor. We stood up breathing heavily, and then I felt it run down the inside of my thighs. I pulled my panties up and let the rest soak into the fabric as I pulled my skirt down and put my boobs back inside the cami-crop top.

“That was hot!” the old guy sighed, fixing his trousers, belt and zipper. “If you ever need alcohol and cigarettes again, you know where to find me,” he smirked. “And maybe next time your friend can join in.”

The old guy turned around and laughed at Megan hiding behind the crates. She looked shell shocked, watching him walk out of the alley, looking lighter on his feet than when he entered it.

“Chloe! Are you ok? Why did you do…”

“Shut up, Meg! We don’t ever talk about this, got it?” I gave my best friend the death stare.

“Got it,” she nodded, then we lit a cigarette and smoked in the alley before finally arriving at the party.

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    That’s the price we pay Chloe ! Me and my friend Kim needed a buyer, and the deal was that the two of us suck his cock. which we did for a bottle of Jack Daniels and Tequila. I guess we got off easier than you , by not having his cock fuck both our pussies !! Britney

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    Good story thank you

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    Fucking amazing story. Next time. Megan gets her asshole used hard by the old guy