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Redhead’s new school: chap 1

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Sorry in advance if the story is too long or boring, it’s my first time writing, but comment when you’ve read it with feedback. :))))

This is a true story, may be some slight exaggerations but I’m trying to make it as enjoyable as I can.. without being too boring. I’m 14, female from England (location kept hidden) in 5’5 and a natural redhead, green eyes and wear glasses.

I’d hit puberty early on, a lot sooner than most the girls I knew. By the time I’d turned 13 I had a 34B cup size and my ass was tight with a slight jiggle to it. Just before I turned 14 my mum and dad divorced and my dad moved away and being a secret little slut, knowing he’d be out of the house and at work a lot more than my mum would I begged to go with him.

So I moved away to a new town, started a new school. I got a lot of attention from both girls and guys at my new school, as well as a few second glances from some teachers. As I was new and didn’t have uniform I wore my normal clothes, I wore the tightest pair of ripped jeans I had, a cut off boob top which only covered 3” below my boobs and my vans (fuck me pumps).

I should say I am bisexual, but I’m mostly into girls. I’m also a little perverted, been masturbating since I was about 10/11 and watch a lottttt of porn when I’m at home. I like to be an exhibitionist and I’ll be fully nude when I’m home alone with all the curtains wide open, or I’ll wear a skimpy thong and a short top when my dads home 😛

Within my first day at school I’d already been approached by multiple guys and a few girls. None really taking peaking my interest. I went to the toilet when one of my lessons started, and as I was sat ready to take a piss I could hear soft moans in the stall next to me. Not wanting to be caught out being there I was curious to see who she was, to see if she was fuckable basically. Carefully as I could I videod her on my phone in the gap below the between the stalls and watched it back. She looked to be maybe 11/12 (year 7. I was in year 10) and had long dark hair, really cute face and she reminded me of me. Had her legs up and open in midair, her bright pink girls panties were sticking out of her mouth, I wished I could just crawl through and taste her.

Like I said I was perverted, I’d watched a lot of porn with older men and women fucking girls who, being of legal age, looked about my age. And I have a huge fantasy to be fucked by animals, pissed/shit on. Or to totally dominate a girl into being my little slut to play with in any way I’d like.

*ill skip ahead*

When school ended I saw the same girl from the toilet cubicle walking my way home, I lived just out of the town where there was only half dozen houses on my street, I ran up and approached her. Introduced myself as Beth (real name) and asked for hers. She said hers was Emily (again, real name). I checked her out and bit my lip as I looked down at her cute little ass in her skirt, I slid my hand up the hem and grabbed her asscheek and squeezed it, I told her I’d seen her masturbating in the school toilets and had a little clip of it on my phone which I was going to watch when I got home.
She croaked when I grabbed her, she looked so shy but so adorable, she must’ve known she was a true sub. She looked up at me (being about 6” shorter) with her puppy dog eyes and said “sowwy mistress”. I wasn’t sure if she was legit or making a joke but I grabbed her throat in one hand and gave her a forceful kiss, which she happily accepted, her tongue was in my mouth, she was biting my lip and sucking my tongue down her throat. God she got me soaked.
I told her my dad was working all night and I took her hand and dragged her to mine.

My dad gave me lots of money on birthdays and at Christmas and I used most of it to buy sex toys and bdsm stuff online (wish.com being cheap haha). I got her to my room, she was blushing when I pushed her on my bed, I immediately stripped all mine and her clothes off. I was still a virgin and I hoped she would be to. I got a box from under my bed, I stuck a blindfold on her, gagged her with the soggy girls panties she’d been wearing, and cuffed her wrists and ankles to my bed posts face down. How cute her ass looked just sat there.

I opened up her ass and took a long look at the virgin asshole, one of those dirty girls that was white with a brown asshole. I stuck my tongue straight on it and started licking away, fucking about 2” of her passage with my tongue, I reached down and slid my thumb between her ousts lips till I found her clit, she was soaking wet.

I took a small vibrator from my box and turned it on, I got some tape and taped it around her thigh, resting the vibe on her clit, I used a small buttplug for her ass. I sat at the head of the bed with her head between my thighs, I took off her blindfold and pulled her panties from her mouth, I bit my lip and I slowly pulled her mouth to my dripping pussy. She wasted no time in eating me out, she was a pro, she licked all over my pussy, sucked and nibbled at my clit, didn’t take long till I filled her mouth with cum.

Again sorry if it’s long. Let me know if you’d like me to continue?? I didn’t want the story too have too much to read so I’ll break them up into chapters.

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    Very gopd, share mire

  • Reply River

    So hot babeygurl14 if you want i can Come and fill your pussy up with cum. Do you have snapchat?

  • Reply Jimmie

    Very fucking hot.
    Can’t wait for chapter 2.
    Email my [email protected]
    Thanks again


    Great story for being your first time


    Babeygurl14 do you have Snapchat or Instagram?

  • Reply DaddyJake

    Yes please write more and damn I would love to chat and see what lies inside that dark mind of yours

  • Reply lesbeurk

    I should have be more careful whit the index cause i did not realise theres going to be lesbian stuff casue for me 2 girls together is as exiting as a girl whit a corpse and i find it sooo funny and ridiculous that there are lesbians that say they arent into man but can not satisfy themself or the other girl witout a fake dic and even more funnier that i laughed sooo hard that i cried its lesbians that fuc the girl whit a fake dic and pretenting to be a man, that is soooo absurd and dumb looking that its funny. Me i like the real think and i like a man thats hairy.

    • Babeygurl14

      I did say I bisexual you idiot 😀 maybe read more thoroughly??? It’s a story it’s supposed to be a fantasy even if I did say it was mostly real.

    • lesbeurk

      and i did wrote INDEX, you should learn to read, and you did write a TRUE STORY and not Mostrly truth, but its too late i lost my appetite because of the awful image of 2 girls together, though it was a girl whit a older man, i sureto like a real dick, i am sure your not even 14.

    • Babeygurl14

      If you say so. If you don’t wanna read it then it doesn’t bother me, you’re only one person, can’t please everyone. And if you don’t wanna believe I’m 14 then that’s on you to think that way.. don’t give a fuck mate😂😂

  • Reply Nathan4886

    This is so hot I wish I could watch you 2 fuck

  • Reply Avid_luster

    Good story, well written. Hope you’re next stories will be as enthralling as this… Maybe more detail of yourself / her in sex acts?

    • Babeygurl14

      Like I said I didn’t want to write too much in one story, but tried to be as detailed as I could. Next chapter I’ll do later tonight and I’ll just write all about sex, I actually sort of dated the girl for like 6 months and we did all sorts of stuff involving dogs, piss and bdsm etc, if that’s something people would be into?