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New Toy Cheerleader

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Mark breaks in his new toy, Holly. She learned to like it.

Holly stumbled and fell before she could catch herself. She was hooded and her hands were still ziptied in front of her. She was able to stop herself before her head hit the floor, but she was still in shock- “I have been kidnapped and have no idea where I am! What’s going to happen?” she thought. She whimpered, but didn’t cry out. Mark had already taught her what happens when she screamed or cried, his handprint still showing on her face. She looked extremely vulnerable, lying there in her tight fitting, red and gold cheerleader uniform.

Mark said nothing as he walked over to a shelf in the room and took down a pair of pliers. He came over to her and grabbed her wrists, cutting off the zip ties. He ripped her hood off and grabbed her face, making her look him in the eyes.

“You will never escape me,” he said, looking into her eyes. “You belong to me now. You will stay here and serve me until you die.”

Holly’s eyes went wide with horror as she realized what he was saying. Her mouth opened, but no words came out. She just stared at him in shock and disbelief. The 14 year old blonde cheerleader was used to having her way, being in control of everything- and everyone- around her. Her youthful beauty and rich daddy had ensured her life had been easy to this point- but these were exactly the things that Mark had been drawn to. He loved destroying haughty attitudes, and he loved fucking fit teenagers.

He reached out and grabbed a fistful of her long blonde hair, jerking her head back. He put his other hand on her breast, squeezing her small, firm tit in his palm. Holly winced, but she couldn’t do anything to stop him. He spun her around, unzipped her top, and pulled it off her. Her bra followed.

Mark moved hands down to her cheer shorts, pulling them down to her knees. She had no underwear on, and she cried out as she felt his fingers on her naked pussy. She tried to close her legs, but he was too strong. Her eyes closed and a tear welled up.

“OPEN YOUR EYES.” he didn’t scream, but his voice was firm and direct. “You’re not allowed to resist me, andI will punish you if you disobey. Do you understand? You say ‘Yes sir, no sir, please sir, sir may I, and that’s it. Answer me!”

“Yes sir,” she whimpered, barely able to form the words. A tear fell down her face.

He ran his finger down her slit, parting her labia, exploring her depths with his fingertip. She jerked and whined as he circled her clit, rubbing it with his thumb as another finger entered. He pinched her nipple hard, making her cry out again.

“You’re going to be good and obedient for me from now on. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

He grabbed her ass and squeezed it. “You’re a tight little pussy, aren’t you? Do you like it rough?”

“No sir, please, no more, I’m sorry, please-”

“You’ll learn to enjoy it,” he said, sliding two fingers inside her, making her squirm and whimper. “You’re mine now. My slut, my whore.”

She shook her head. “No, please, I’m just a teenager, I don’t belong to you, please-”

He slapped her cheek, making her cry out. “You belong to me now, and you’ll take it like the dirty whore that you are.”

He moved his hand between her legs again, walking behind her, this time working his finger over her asshole, slowly circling it, teasing it open. Holly trembled, not knowing what he was going to do next. She instinctively tried to struggle, but he had a strong grip on her, and his finger slid deep inside her ass, making her cry out in shock and pain. He didn’t give her any warning, just pushed his finger in, opening her up, making her shudder.

“No more talking back or disobedience,” he said. “You’ll be punished if you try it. I’ve got a whole drawer full of punishments for slutty little whores like you. I know how to make a girl scream.”

He grinned as he worked her ass, watching her squirm and shake, her eyes filling with tears. “That’s right, babygirl, cry for me, let it all out. You’re going to learn to love it, though.”

She shook her head again, trying to resist, but he just laughed. “You’re mine now, and you’ll take it like the dirty whore that you are. All you cheerleaders are just rutting whores who fuck the football team. I know how you are.”

Mark stepped away from Holly and pulled his shirt off. He kicked his cowboy boots into the corner of the large workroom. Holly was frightened and disgusted by the nasty looking mattress in the corner of the room. No sheets, dirty. – was that where she was going to get fucked?

Mark walked over to a workbench up against one wall and took a small vial out of one drawer. From another bin, he took out a little blue pill, popped it in his mouth, and chewed it up, grinning as he looked at her. He tipped some white powder from the vial onto the surface, cut himself a fat line, and snorted it up with a cut straw. Then another line went up hit other nostril. She saw his eyes get a little moist.

“You’re going to get your chance to like this, but I think this first time, we’re going au natural, baby.”

He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down and off, leaving him standing naked. Holly stared at him in horror- he had a hairy, muscular body, with a thick, veiny cock that hung between his legs.

“I want you to suck me,” he said, stepping over to her. “Get on your knees for me, baby.”

Holly shook her head, trying to fight him. She had never been down this road before- she had always been the one in control, the one who took, not gave. She wasn’t sure how to deal with this situation- and it terrified her.

“No,” she said, struggling again. “I won’t. You can’t make me.”

Mark chuckled. “Babygirl, I can make you do whatever I want. You’re my little whore now.” Holly saw stars and was stunned to find herself laying on her side before her face blossomed with pain. She had never been smacked senseless before. She tasted a little blood in her mouth where a tooth had cut her cheek.

He reached down and grabbed her chin, squeezing it hard. He pulled her up to her knees “Open up. And if I feel any teeth on my dick, I’ll pull them out of your head, you understand?”

She wanted to resist, but she could see he was too strong and powerful for her. She gasped as he grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth, making her take him deep. He grabbed her head, using it like a fleshlight, making her choke and sputter.

“That’s it, slut,” he groaned. “Suck on my cock. You’re a good little whore.”

She couldn’t breathe. She tried to pull back, but he held her head tight. She gagged again and again, tears streaming down her face, spit dripping down her chin. He laughed, seeing how helpless she was, how she struggled to breathe. He pulled her face tight onto his groin, dick going down her throat, and held her there as her eyes watered and her face turned more and more red. When she started slapping his thighs, he finally relented and pulled out, letting her breathe.

“Yeah, you’re going to get used to that. Or die trying. You’re going to take it deep, as long as I want you to. You’ll learn.”

Holly was on her hands and knees, still sucking for air. The grey fog was clearly from around edges of her eyes- she had been sure she was going to pass out.

He reached down and smacked her ass, and then put his hand on her pussy again, making her flinch. But he just gently rubbed her pussy, in contrast with the smack. “You like being a whore, don’t you? You’re just a needy little cunt, desperate for cock.”

“Please sir, I-”

“Don’t even start. Nothing you can say is going to change what is going to happen, my little slut Holly. I’m fucking every one of your holes today, several times. It’s happening. No begging, pleading, daddy’s money, or anything is going to change that.” The scariest thing to Holly was the completely calm manner and tone of voice as Mark said that. He made her believe him.

“Now, you’re not good enough yet to make me come with your face hole, so let’s try something else. Get over there on the mattress, on your back. Spread them cheerleader legs of yours.”

She shook her head. “No, please sir, no more.”

“Oh, I’ll show you some more.” He reached over and grabbed the pliers again, with sharp pointed tips.

“You don’t get to make the decisions anymore. You’re a whore now, and you’ll do what I say. Or I’ll take something from you. I promise it’ll be something you want to keep.”

He grabbed her wrist and dragged her over to the mattress, pushing her down on her back. “Now, be a good girl and spread those legs for me.”

Holly struggled, but he was too strong for her. He put his knee on her stomach, pinning her down, and he brought the pliers down between her legs, pointing them towards her pussy.

“Open wide, or….”

He left the rest of the sentence unfinished as he rubbed the end of her labia with the pliers. Holly screamed and jerked, trying to get away. “Please, sir, please,” she sobbed. “I’ll do anything you want, just don’t hurt me, I promise, please-”

“You’re mine now, Holly. You belong to me.” He set the pliers to the side.

Holly went limp on her back, spreading her legs as wide as she could. After years of cheerleading, she was extremely flexible, and her thighs were almost in a perfect line out to her sides. Her pussy was red and swollen from Mark’s ministrations, if not quite as wet as he would have preferred. He didn’t care.

He got on top of her, looking down at her lovely young body. She seemed almost hairless, she was so blonde. She had a very light bikini tan line, clearly from sunning herself in a too-small bikini by her daddy’s pool. She obviously loved showing off her body on her terms, the little slut. She had a woman’s curves, if not quite fully blossomed. Her breasts were small- maybe a B-cup- but fitting for a cheerleader. She wasn’t the top of the cheer pyramid, with no breasts, but she wasn’t the bottom either, with the cows.

He took his aching dick and rubbed it up and down her slit, trying to get her lubrication going a little more. She flinched, but was unable to move away. “That’s it, babygirl, show me how wet you are. You’re my little whore, and you’ll take what I give you.”

“No sir, please-”

“Ah ah ah. Not again.” He lined up his cock and pressed it into her ass, making her whimper. “I can start there. You want me to start there?”

“No sir. Please not there.”

“Then say it Holly. Say, please sir, fuck my pussy.”

She hesitated. Mark started thrusting into her ass.
“Please sir, fuck my pussy.”

“Girl girl, holly. See, that’s more like it.”

He pulled the tip of his dick out of her ass and started driving into her pussy, making her cry out. She wasn’t fully ready, but Mark had been waiting 3 months already. “That’s it, take it like the slut that you are, slutty little cheerleader. You have my permission to shout, or cry or scream now. It won’t help you, but go ahead.”

Holly was still in a daze, trying to deal with what was happening to her. She didn’t know if it was what he was doing, or her fear of what Mark might do to her, or both, but she couldn’t think straight. She was just taking the pain and trying not to let him see how much it was affecting her. She tried not to scream, but couldn’t keep from grunting as he fucked her.

And Mark fucked her hard, making her ass slap against the mattress. Against her will, she quickly became wet. He couldn’t believe how tight and warm she was- and her young body was so fit. She clearly wasn’t enjoying this, but Mark didn’t really care what she wanted. He just wanted to get his cock into every hole and he wanted to make her come. The shock of these young girls, when they came against their will, was a moment Mark lived for. Still,….not just yet. He wasn’t going to use his special tool just yet. Sometimes, sometimes they came just from the first fucking.

He leaned over her and pressed his weight down, grinding into her, making her squirm beneath him. He was sweating, his hair sticking to his face, his breath coming fast. He had never felt this alive, this free. He was in complete control of Holly and she was his slut. Her pussy was sloppy wet now, and he sawed in and out. She was delicious, everything he had imagined in the month of dedicated surveillance leading up to today. Her body was even better than he had anticipated. Still, she wasn’t coming easily yet. Now. Now it was time for his secret weapon.

Mark abruptly stopped, got up from Holly. “Stay here.” He dipped two fingers into her sopping pussy, and licked them as he looked down on her. He grinned at her shame. He walked to the workbench, cut up 4 more lines. He brought them over on a saw blade. “If you blow my shit all over the place, I’ll cut you. You ever snort anything before?”

“What..No sir.” She said.

Mark guided her on how to snort. She thought she would be scared of the drugs, but right now she was just desperate for something to numb all this away. So she was surprised when the meth hit, burned, and then freedom and power surged through her, followed by a slowly growing wave of euphoria. The world became sharper, brighter, clearer, and the room became more beautiful. The drugs made everything richer, more intense, more real, and Holly felt alive. A flush started rising over her face, her nipples grew hard. Embarrassed, she tried to cover herself.

Mark gave her a couple of minutes to let it take effect and to let himself rest, and let his own lines hit a little more. Then he pushed her on her back again.

“Back to work, slut” He drove his cock into her wet pussy again.

He kept fucking her, watching her eyes turn glassy and her face go slack. But then her hips started moving, and she started moaning.

“Yeah, that’s it, my little whore, you like that cock, don’t you? You want more, don’t you?”

She whimpered and nodded. He smiled. “Good. Take it like a slut, that’s what you are.” He reached down and found her clit, pinching and rubbing it with his fingers. Holly jerked, then started moving, starting to fuck him back. He chuckled. “Yeah, that’s it, babygirl. Take what you want, be the slut that you are.”

He watched her, seeing how her body moved, how her pussy juices started to flow more freely, how she was getting into it. She was a pretty little cheerleader, and he had plans for her. Months and months of plans.

Mark stopped. He slapped her thigh. “Get on top of me. I’m tired.” He started to roll onto his back.

“What?” Holly was barely conscious, but she tried to make sense of what he was saying.

“Fuck me, slut.”

“Oh. Okay.” She struggled up to her knees, and then straddled him, trying to line up her wet pussy with his hard cock. He reached up and took her tit in his hand, squeezing her firm, perky little ass in the other one.

“Yeah, that’s it, slut.” Mark couldn’t stop himself moaning as she lowered herself onto him without resistance. She moaned and grinded her clit against his pubic bone. Holly started to ride Mark, trying to do what he wanted. She was lost in a fog of pleasure, so she couldn’t understand how this was supposed to happen- but she didn’t care. She just wanted more, more of what he was giving her, more of what he was taking. She couldn’t deny the pillar of pure pleasure driving into her core, the warmth fluttering out, making her belly- her tight, strong, young belly- convulse against her will. She was surprised when she realized she had two fingers rubbing her own clit as she road him, deeply. She had never felt like this before, never imagined that sex could be like this, that she could be like this.

Mark watched, his eyes shining as he fucked her back. “That’s it, babygirl, take my cock, my little whore. You’re such a little slut, fuck me harder.” He reached up and pinched her nipples, making her cry out, but also making her pussy clamp onto his dick. Her walls started gripping and releasing, and he could feel her first orgasm building.

Holly was out of her mind now. She couldn’t think, couldn’t stop moving. She just needed more, more of him, more of what he was giving her. She felt so alive, so full, like she was flying, like she was floating all over the place, but always circling a core of warmth and light inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she couldn’t stop moving. She had never felt this before, never knew that it was like this, that she could feel this way, that she could be this way. She had rubbed herself to orgasm before, but it was nothing like what was building in her now.

Suddenly her pussy convulsed, gripping Mark tight, and she couldn’t stop her thighs from slamming into Mark’s sides as the wave of pleasure crashed over her. She bit her lip but couldn’t stop the cry ripped out of her. Her belly fluttered and Mark could feel her strong core fully engaged as she came fully on his dick. He could feel wet drip off his balls. He grinned, and pinch her nipple hard.

“You’re such a slut, Holly, you come on my dick like a little whore.”

She whimpered, but she didn’t stop moving. She slowly started riding him again, unprompted, grinding her pussy against his cock, her clit against his pubis, wanting to take him deeper, wanting to get more of him. She was dazed, barely able to move, but her body was taking over now. Already, she was building to another.

“That’s it, slut, take my cock, use it like the slut that you are. I’m going to make you come all over my dick, again and again.”

He reached up and took hold of her waist, holding her down, fucking up into her. She was still convulsing on him, her pussy wet and hot, making a mess of his balls. He smiled. This was his dream, and he was finally getting to live it.

Holly was beyond words now. She just rode him, trying to find her way back to reality. Her body felt like she was on fire, like every inch of her was filled with pleasure, like she had never been fucked before. She had never imagined she could feel like this. She had never been able to orgasm like this before, never experienced sex like this. She didn’t understand, but she knew that she wanted more of it. She kept coming, over and over, until she was just a mess of pleasure and her own cum. She was like a rag doll, taking anything and everything that Mark gave her.

Mark was in heaven. She had crossed that line and become enslaved to the sensations her own body was giving her. It was time to interject a little more of his will, and a little more pain into the young cheerleader’s body.

He pushed her off him. She just slid onto her side on the mattress with a sigh. The sigh was short lived as he swatted her ass. “Up on all 4’s now. I’m going to fuck your ass.”

She didn’t respond, just looked at him with wide, glassy eyes. Then she started getting on all 4s.

Mark went over to his workbench and got a bottle of lube. He came back and squeezed it onto his cock, coating his dick, and then aimed it and squeeze into at her almost hairless asshole. “This is going to hurt, but I know you can take it.”

“No,” she whimpered. “Sir, please, not that.”

“You’re mine now, Holly. I’m going to do what I want with you, whenever I want. You don’t get a choice.”

He started working his finger up her ass, making her whimper and squirm. “You’re just a little slut, a whore for my cock. You’re going to come all over my dick, like a little slut. You’re going to be my little 3 hole slut Holly.” He ruthlessly drove a second finger in. And even more lube.

Holly was panting, trying not to cry. She had never been fucked in the ass before, and she knew it was going to hurt. She didn’t want it to hurt. His fingers were already uncomfortable, and his cock was much larger than her little boyfriend’s was. She started to panic when he lined up behind her, but he held her hips firmly in place.

“You can take it. You will take it.” He pushed his dick up to her ass, sliding it in a little, stretching her out, making her cry out. “That’s it, you little cheerleader slut, take my cock in your ass. You’re just a little slut, a whore for my cock.” He pushed another inch in. “Rub your clit, slut. Rub your dirty whore clit, and breath. It’ll help.”

She did what he said, even though it was torture. Her ass was on fire now, and she felt like she was being split in two. She whimpered and shuddered as Mark fucked further into her ass, making her cry out some, making her belly flutter. She was a mess, completely out of control, completely his plaything. A fleeting thought- “I was supposed to go to Sephora tomorrow. With daddy’s credit card.”

“That’s it, babygirl, that’s it.” He was halfway in, and tired of being patient. He’d been a good master. He’d lubed her up! That was enough mercy! He gave his dick one more squirt of lube, grabbed her hips, and drove himself fully in. She was unbelievably tight! Such toned ass cheeks! And such a taut young body! He could feel her pulse.

Holly was stunned at the invasion. She had never had a dick in her ass before, and this was intense. She felt like she was being ripped open. She whimpered, trying not to cry. She rubbed her clit more furiously, seeking to offset the pain. She had never imagined that it could be like this, that she could feel like this. She was losing control, her body completely out of her own control now. She was his little slut, his toy to fuck. Maybe if she was good, if she did as she was told, he’d be more gentle.

Mark grinned down at the view as he slowly pulled his dick out, and then slowly drove back in. Surprisingly, there was no blood. Part of him wanted to just push her down on her belly now, and saw her ass like he was cutting wood, but another, larger, more predatory part wanted to wring another orgasm out of this 14 year old fuck-toy’s ass, impaled fully on his cock. Slowly, in and out. “Keep rubbing your clit, whore!”

Holly was lost in a sea of meth, pain and pleasure. She just obeyed without thinking. She was out of her mind now, lost in a haze of sex that was all consuming. She thought she was full when Mark was in her pussy, but now she knew fullness. Her entire being was being fucked, and she knew absolutely that she was his toy, that she was being used, and that it felt …good, despite hurting. She was completely out of her mind now, no longer even able to think, only reacting to the sensations driving her body. A mewing, helpless keening started issuing forth from her parted lips, in time with Mark’s slow but insistent thrusts.

“That’s it, slut, take my cock, fuck me, make me come. Work your ass and make me come. You’re just a little whore, a fuck toy for my cock, aren’t you?” Mark leaned over and grabbed her tit, squeezing it in his fist, pinching her nipple hard. Her asshole clamped on his dick, and she moaned. He started fucking her a little harder. And, despite the pain and the invasion of her body, she started fucking back.

“Yes sir, I’m a whore, a fuck toy, I’m yours.”

“Yeah, that’s it, babygirl, start coming for me.” He reached a hand down, moving her own hand out of the way, and he gently pinched her clit, and she went off like a firework. Her body shook and shuddered, her ass convulsing on his cock. Her arms lost all strength and she fell forward, gasping and crying out. He was ready for her orgasm and fucked her through it, making her take every inch of him, deeper and harder.

Mark loved it. He couldn’t stop himself from fucking her ass harder, taking her completely. “Rub your clit again, whore!” He smacked her ass, over and over, feeling her asshole clench in time, and she started coming again, harder on his dick. Mark wanted to stay in control, but he could feel his own orgasm being squeeze out of him by her convulsing, tight hole.

Holly could not believe her own body as she drove herself back onto Mark’s cock. She wanted him in her soul- her body was on fire with desire to be filled. And she gasped as she started to feel his dick throb and pulse- was he starting to come? She had to have it. It would complete her. The animal in her fucked back harder, driving him deeper and deeper, taking his cock into her ass until she had taken all she could stand. She spread her thighs wider in an effort to open herself up more. She started clamping down, desperate to wring his seed out of his body, to be completed. She wriggled her ass side to side, thighs convulsing in effort. He pulsed again, and grunted, and swelled and…

Holly came with a wail of pleasure, and Mark could feel his cock being squeezed in her ass as she took everything he had, and he emptied himself into her, filling her completely. He jetted, powerfully, over and over, three months of build up releasing into the cheerleader’s ass. It was every bit as good as he imagined, and he was glad to reward her. She earned his seed.

Mark was pleased with his choice. He had seen, 3 months ago, at his son’s football game, that she would be true ass slut. The haughty ones always were.

They collapsed in a sweaty, shaking pile, completely exhausted. Holly couldn’t believe what had happened to her, couldn’t believe that she had done that, that her body could react that way, that it could feel like this, that it could come with such power and ease. She felt Mark’s dick, only half-flaccid, still in her aching, gaping asshole. He was careful to keep it there as he rolled onto his side, pulling her close. He wrapped her in his arms, sweaty body against sweaty body. He petted her matted, damp blonde hair. And he kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.

“That’s my good girl. That’s my good Holly. Welcome to your new life. See what happens when you don’t fight? Good girl…”

She shuddered as she let the tears flow. She had no idea what was in store for her, no idea what else he was going to do to her, and she knew that this was just the beginning. But she also knew that she had never felt more alive, more complete, than she did at this moment.

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