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Small town girl wanting to learn all there is about sex

My name is pipper . Well what can I tell you . I’m 18 . This is more a request thing than a story . Here goes me telling you my boring past . My mum , dad and me live in a very small town . Like small as in 50 people all up . The only people around my age are two other girls . I’m home schooled as it’s to far to travel to the closest school . Well as much as home schooled myself really as they were always at work . My early years I was just your normal kid . Playing in the yard . Movies and music . Computer games . Then I turned into a teen lol . Then it was so much more music and texting my very few friends . I was like a normal young teen girl . Well it felt like no time had passed and I was 15 . That’s sort of like when I started to feel the changes . I started to off and on look at these pictures of like boy bands and boy TV and movie stars . I would think they were so cute at that point . Not really knowing why . Then I would of been around my mid 16s when I accidentally found a video of people fucking . It was turning me on . I started to watch more of it and even read stories . It was so hard living in this dumb town as everyone knows every one and it there was no boys my age . Then I started reading these weird stories . They were about young girls who lived in the same sort of situation like me . They went online and found what they called sex daddy’s . Men who had gfs or wives who didn’t mind sending these girls videos and pictures of them fucking . Helping these girls learn about sex and how to lose their virginity . I was so hot thinking there was guys out there that would do that . But I really didn’t know how to find one . It was about a months ago I found this page . I’ve read so many of the stories here . I thought this might just be the place . What I’m really hoping for is to find a guy here who has a gf or wife and is willing to send me videos and teach me about sex . Who is willing to snap with me and show me everything.

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  • Reply EMebek ID:aedr17hj

    Did u have kik, telegram or session? I can show u something

  • Reply Dynarider ID:89csv6ted4

    Snap me anytime!


  • Reply [email protected] ID:8bvve163hk

    I’m sorry to hear that. I’m 22m with a 19f gf that I love to show off, just email me

    • Pipper ID:1dys36fdopxa

      I did message but no reply

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cpaoqcqqz9m

    Wow 18 and never had sex, I an so sorry for your misfortune. Man I would love to be a part of that or even be a part of a knotting.

  • Reply Mmm23 ID:8mn5itbkql

    I can help you with this problem. Do you have a social network?