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Confessing My Sex History, Turned Him On #2

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My husband Ronnie, was so turned on when I told him about my uncle Drew fucking me, he was now obsessed about all my sexual encounters. He asks me every night to tell him what else did Drew do to me or who else did I fuck, stuff like that. I can’t tell you how excited and how hard his dick gets when I tell him these things. It turns me on that, I can turn him on like I do. The things I’m telling him are true. I’ve had a lot of sex and Ronnie calls me his slut. I love sex and being fucked, what’s wrong with that?

My uncle Drew initially raped me but, after he got his dick in me I gave in so, I don’t know if it’s really rape or not. I loved his big dick. The biggest I’d ever had, at least 9″ or more and thick. He started driving a truck and would take me with him on his runs, occasionally. I was 17 at the time. He would fuck my brains out in that truck. He said he loved my naked little girls pussy. My pussy loved his dick. I went with him 4 different times. Most of the time we were only gone a couple of days. But, onetime we were gone a week.

Ronnie and I were in bed and he said, “Okay, what happened the time you was out for a week?” I said, “Well, you promised you wouldn’t change how you felt about me if I told you the truth, right?” He said, “Honey, you couldn’t make my feelings for you if you tried especially, from something that happened before we met.” I said, “Okay.”

While we were on this trip we were headed out west to Oklahoma. That was our first stop. There’s a lot of flat, desolate land out there. We had been stopped at a big truck stop for a few hours while Drew tried to get some sleep. But, mostly he fucked me so, he didn’t sleep but about 3 hours. We got back on the road an I was still in the sleeper, naked from the fucking I’d just got. He told me to take a nap if I wanted so, I did. I don’t know how long I’d been asleep but, I woke up to Drew talking to someone.

I peeked through the drapes and there was a man sitting in my seat. A nice looking young guy. I’m thinking, why is that guy here? Maybe Drew is gonna drop him off at a place down the road or something. I just laid back down and kept quiet. I actually fell back asleep. I woke up when Drew climbed in behind me and slipped his dick in me. Then, I realized the truck was still moving. I tried to turn around but, the guy held me still while he was fucking my pussy. I said, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m Jake.” He said, “Drew told me to come back here and help myself to a fucking from a little girl named Kitty and her naked pussy.” “I’m assuming that you’re that little girl.” I said, “That would be me.”

Now, I’m kinda mad but, his dick is making me happier and not so mad anymore. He feels very much like Drew in size but he’s fucking me very differently. He rams his dick in me like 4 or 5 times real hard then he strokes it in an out several times. Then, he rams me again 4 or 5 times again. When he does that he hits my g-spot, it makes my pussy very wet plus, it feels so damn good. I moaned and he said, “You like that do ya?” I said, “Very much.” So, he kept doing it his way. I thought, you can fuck me all day.

He fucked me a long time and my pussy was soaked. He was squeezing me titties and telling me how good my pussy felt on his dick. He said he was hitch hiking when Drew picked him up. He never expected to get me as such a sweet treat. Then, he said, “Drew’s your uncle, huh?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “That’s cool, you fuck your uncle.” “I used to fuck my step mother, she liked my big dick, it was bigger than dad’s.”

He said, “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum, do I cum in you or pull out?” I said, “Whatever you wanna do is okay with me.” I barely said those words when, he rammed his dick up in me and cum 4 or 5 strings of cum.
He was grunting and sighing sounds of relief. He said, “That’s the best fuck I’ve had in a long time, thank you.” I said, “Sure, thank you.”

About that time Drew was pulling into a rest area. He opened the drape and said, “How’s it going back there?” Jake said, “Fucking great buddy, this was some good pussy, you were right.” Drew said, I’ll be right back.” We laid there still naked until Drew got back. He pulled out this little stool he had under the bed and sat on it talking to us as we laid there.

Drew said, “I was thinking about the three of us fucking together.” He looked at me. If it’s okay with you, Kitty.” I said, “What do you mean, how do you wanna fuck me.” He said, “Well, either you suck one of us while the other fucks you or one fucks your pussy and the other fucks your ass.” “Then Drew said, ” The last one is the one I really wanna do, what do you think, you up for it?” I said, “I don’t know, I need to think a minute.”
I was in front and Jake was spooned in behind me. Drew reached over and stuck his fingers in my pussy. He said, “Ohoo, he made you cum a lot didn’t he?” I nodded yes. He’s fingering my pussy and said to Jake, “You dumped a big load didn’t ya?” Drew is sucking on my titty and fingering me. He said, “Please Kitty, for your uncle Drew?” I thought a minute and said, “Okay, I will.” I thought, good thing the sleeper is a queen size. Drew stripped and got in the bed. He said, “All that cum will be a good lube for your ass. He started by sticking his two fingers in my butt. It hurt until he had done it for awhile. Jake just laid there sucking on my titty.

Finally, Drew had three fingers in and said, “I think I can get in now.” Jake had me lay on him and he put his dick in my pussy. Drew got behind me and pushed his dick in. It hurt a lot. His dick was bigger than his fingers. I was moaning because, it hurt and he said, “Hang on Kitty, it’ll get better when I get it deeper.” Jake is fucking my pussy and that helps to distract the pain Drew’s causing. He keeps pushing in me and he said, “Finally, I got most of me in.” He starts fucking my ass. It felt weird at first but, then it started feeling kinda good.

They started fucking me in sync and I started liking it. I never thought that would happen. Drew’s talking and saying things like, “I’m fucking your sweet ass and another dicks in your pussy, it makes me wanna cum.” He said he could feel Jake’s dick and Jake agreed. They fucked me for a long time and then Drew said, “I can’t hold off any longer. I’m gonna cum. He started moaning and grunting as he cum in my ass. Jake got harder and cum right after Drew. Drew pulled out of me and sat back catching his breath. He said, ” Kitty, you’re one amazing slut to do that for me.” Jake said, “She’s fucking amazing, Drew.”

We all three laid in the bed for awhile. Drew got some wet wipes and cleaned off his dick. He gave Jake an I some and we cleaned up a little. Drew said, “Now, I want you to suck both our dicks, would ya?”
I said, “Okay.” So, they had me sit on the edge of the bed and they stood in front of me. I held both of their dicks in my hands, sucking on each of them. They were hard and I put both of them at my mouth touching each other while I licked and sucked on them. I got a little cum to spew out both of them. Drew said, “I wish you could get both of us in your mouth at the same time.” I said, “My mouth just ain’t that big.”
Ronnie’s dick, is so hard in my hand and he’s leaking cum from certain things I’m saying.

I sucked them a long time then they started stroking their own cocks when Drew said, “I’m gonna fuck you so, you can give Jake a proper blow job where he can cum in your mouth.” So, Drew had me on all fours as he was fucking me from behind and I was sucking Jake’s dick. I did like this better.
Drew’s pounding my pussy and Jake’s pounding my mouth. Jake told Drew he could never thank him enough for sharing this little slut with him. Drew said, “My pleasure.”

More cum oozes out of Ronnie’s dick onto my hand.

Both cum, in me almost the same time and then, fell in the bed. We went to the restroom then, pulled into a place to eat and drove down the road about 15 miles to Jake’s drop off spot. He thanked us again and hopped out of the truck. We got back on the road. Drew said, “I hope you’re not mad at me.” I said, “No, not at all, I liked it.” He said, “That’s my little girl.” We drove for several hours and stopped for the night. He got in the sleeper and fucked me hard, talking about how horny me fucking both of them made him. His dick swelled up and he cum in me then, fell asleep. He was exhausted.

I was slowly stroking Ronnie’s dick and he was so hard. He said, “I wish I’d been Jake.” “Did you really like getting fucked like that?” I said, “I did.” He said, “Man, I love you’re a slut an you’re mine.” He said, “What else happened?” I said, “Nothing much, we just fucked all the way home but, he did fuck my ass two more times.” Ronnie said, “Really, did you like it?” I said, “I did.” He forced me the first time after we dropped Jake off.” “What do you mean, forced you.”

I said, “We had fucked twice and I was full of cum after Jake left. I was laying on my stomach when he got on me. I was thinking he was gonna fuck me again but, he pulled my knees up so my butt was sticking up in the air. He said, “Stay like that.” I never thought anything about it. Then, he rubbed his dick around my pussy opening to get it wet with the cum and he rammed it into my butt. I was trying to stop him because, he hadn’t even put his finger in me to dilate it. He held my wrists and popped the head in then just forced it in me. I felt like a horse and he was pulling back on the reins. I was yelling at him, “Stop, Drew it hurts.” He kept pounding it deeper and deeper. I think he likes it when some one fights him. He got it in and let go of my wrists and grabbed my hips pulling me onto his dick. I couldn’t fight anymore.

Ronnie said, “He raped you again.” I said, “I guess he did but, I didn’t care.” Didn’t it hurt a lot?” “Yes, it did
but, it ended up feeling good.” Ronnie slid his dick in me and said, “Maybe I’m gonna have to fuck that ass if yours, would you mind?” I said, “No.” He said, “Would you like me to tie you down and fuck that ass?” I said, “Now, you’re making my pussy wet talking like that.” He said, “Noted, that’s how I’ll do it but you won’t know when.” I said, “Keep it up an I’m gonna cum on your dick.” He fucked me hard and said,
“Only a cum slut would cum while talking about being tied down and fucked in the ass.” With that, I cum all over Ronnie’s dick. He said, “Ohoo, that feels nice.” “Cum again Kitty, cum on daddy’s dick like you cum on Drew and Jake’s dick.” I cum again. Then, Ronnie cum in me.

I said, “Let’s sleep for awhile before I tell you more.” He said, “Deal, I just hope I can go to sleep, my mind keeps thinking about what all they done to you.” “But, most of all, how much you liked it.” I said, “I did like it.” “Good night baby.” “Night, little girl.”

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  • Reply David kenya ID:1jybr2qi

    Little girl u r fucking sweet

  • Reply Jon ID:1ds2vpy9a30y

    My wife told me about her past. She grew up rough
    Her dad, both her brothers.
    Then in foster homes which she was in same foster home from 15 till she turned 18 and the husband and her messed around the entire time.
    Turned me into a cuck and she would do whatever I wanted her to do with whomever I would tell her to seduce

    • Little girl ID:1a912bhj

      I think that’s how I became so submissive. Plus, I was raised to be submissive to men. In my home the men had the last word. I thought it was the way to be so I liked it. I’m glad your wife pleases you. I hope she likes doing so.