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My rape Story

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My name is Luna, I am 19 y/o and I am bisexual. This story is about the first time I was raped about a year ago.

I just started to work as a waitress in a hotel. I would mainly work at the restaurant in the morning, but a few weeks into working there my boss asked me to work at the bar sometimes. I was 18 y/o just finished school and moved out… I really needed the money, so I said yes even tho I didn’t wanted to work with drunk people.
It was a hot summer evening. It was Saturday and I had to work at the bar. I was wearing sneakers, a pencil skirt and a black blouse, not my best outfit, but that’s what we had to wear for work. The only good thing about the ugly red pinny I had to wear was how it hid that my breasts tried to destroy the blouse. I have very huge breasts (F) and they pressed against the buttons.
Many men harassed me this evening. One man even slapped my butt right next to his wife who didn’t seem to be bothered at all.
A lot of drunk much older men asked for me roomnumber. I tried to explain how I only work here and not live here. I really tried to stay nice, but it bothered me.
One man even followed me to the toilet, he suddenly just stood there right as I left the stall. I was shocked, especially because he must have heard me pee. I don’t know why this bothered me so much, but it did. He didn’t say anything, made a huge step forward and grabbed my left boob. He knead it vert hard and pushed my hips against his leg at the same time. He “only” was like 5’6” tall but I am only 5’1” and as I mentioned I was shocked! I couldn’t move. As soon as he tried to grab my pussy I felt the adrenaline moving through my body. I pushed him and ran out of the toilet.
I searched for my boss and told him I needed to leave right now. She didn’t understood and I didn’t felt like I had enough time to explain, so I said I was sick.
I grabbed my jacket and jogged outside. There he sat, the man who just touched me. He was looking right into my eyes. He didn’t show any fear as if he knew I didn’t told someone what happened. I quickly turned around and wanted to go trough the main hall. He wouldn’t see where I was going then.
As I arrived at the main hall I had to slow down because a group of young, drunk men approached me. They just made disgusting compliments about my body and blocked my way.
This went on for an eternity until they decided I bore them and they went back to the bar. Just as I tried to go I saw a knife in front of my face.
“Scream and I’ll slit your throat” these words haunt me until today. I didn’t scream.
“It must be him” I thought to myself.
“Move” he hissed.
I went where he pushed me, upstairs, to the third floor, where the bedrooms were. No one saw us on our way. Everyone working here was at the bar or restaurant helping. The cleaning Personal wouldn’t arrive until 6 am. Most guest are at the party.
I couldn’t believe it. What will he do to me.
He opened a room and pushed me into the dark.
“Please don’t” I begged.
He laughed “you don’t even know what I’m going to do to you slut”.
“Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone”.
“I don’t care,” he answered “I need to have sex right now and you have the holes I want to fill, so shut up” and as he said this he slapped my face.
I started crying.
“Shut up slut” he hissed angrily.
Then he switched on one light next to the bed and I stopped crying. I was shocked. This wasn’t the man from the toilet. This was another man. He was about 40 years old, regular weighted with brown hair and about 5’9” high.
He smirked at me as I stopped crying. Then he undressed himself. As he looked down his shirt I tried to run, but he punched me and knocked me down. I sat there on the floor, crying and afraid. His hands touched my face as he lifted me up “bitch I’ll give you a reason to cry.” Then he pushed me onto the bed.
I wanted to push him away, but he was much stronger, he ripped my blouse off. The buttons flew through the room as he cut my skirt with his knife, I lost one shoe while trying to fight back. My fighting seemed to make him even hornier. He suddenly grabbed my arms and tied my hands together with his belt, then he cut my bra and ripped my pink panties. I couldn’t start sobbing. Then another slap right into my face and he spit into my mouth as he said “I’ll make you beg for more”
Then without any foreplay he rammed his hard cock into my pussy. I’m not sure if it was just the fattest cock ever or if it hurt that much because I wasn’t ready. Even tho I was very wet I wasn’t ready because of course I didn’t wanted him to rape me. He moaned loudly as he thrusted into me. As I tried to push him away he said “look at you little whore, you act like you don’t want me to fuck you, but you are so wet, you love to be fucked by my dick don’t you?”. “No” I screamed.
“Then why are you so wet?” He asked while thrusting into me harder. “I’m always wet. Not because of you asshole” I hissed at him while moaning. Then he got angry and while he slapped my face again and again and still thrusting into my vagina he screamed „so you’re always ready for strangers to fuck that little whore cunt, you disgusting piece of shit. And you still call me an asshole?! I’ll show you what an asshole is!“
At this moment I realized that he viewed me as a cumdumpster and not as a human being.
Suddenly he pulled his whole dick out of my throbbing pussy and pushed it against my asshole.
„NO please don’t“ I begged crying, but he didn’t care, he was angry.
He pushed harder and harder, until his cock slid into my tight asshole, it hurt so much I could barely breathe. But his thrust got harder and harder, he didn’t care about how he hurt me.
After a few minutes of thrusting into my asshole, he pulled his dick out again, I was hoping it was over, but of course it wasn’t. He turned me around, into a doggy position, I fell right on my face, because my hands were still tied together. He spit on my asshole and stuck his big dick right back into it while grabbing my hair and pulling it so hard that he lift up my whole upper body.
After a few extremely hard thrusts I felt his cock was throbbing. He was about to come.
I was kinda happy that he would cum into my ass and not into my vagina, but suddenly he said “You thought I would be nice? Oh no. You’re a dirty little whore and I’ll make you regret your whole life.” and pulled his dick out of my ass right into my pussy.
“I’m going to fill your little cunt” and as he said this he came into me.
I felt his sperm flowing deep inside of me.
He rested like this, laying on me, for a minute. Then he got up and started dressing himself without even looking at me.
After he got dressed he freed my arms. On his way outside I hissed “they will get you”, but he just answered “you won’t tell anyone, go clean yourself up. You’re a dirty little whore now”.
He left.

He was right. I haven’t told anyone.
Even if this whole experience was a year ago my sexlife is still affected by it. I can’t orgasm from normal sex. I became addictive to rape porn. I don’t know what to do anymore. All I can think about is being raped again, even tho I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be like this..

Thanks for reading my first sexstory. Please leave a comment and rate it!
If you would like to tell me how you would like to rape me send me a mail to [email protected]

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  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    its not righ what happen to you, seek help. i was 9 when i was raped, wanted to scream and seek help but since the age of 7 i was taugh by media, society and my parents that a real man do not cry, do not get emotional,etc… so i let my piece of shit rapist go free and i am 42 and it still affect me, 4 time i had he courage to seek help but 4 time whne i call a rape victim help centerthey told me its jst for woman and hwen i asked if there where any for man they told me it does not exist. And pepol say man are sexist.

  • Reply John ID:2vqw7fs7499

    U have to go to a psychologist girl

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      100 F (I know it’s not US Size)

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:7ylren6v99

    I dream of this happening to me.

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      What’s stopping you…

    • Dom Daddy. ID:2mutfpxyhk

      Where you from?

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      I’m from Ohio, will you come and do it Dom Daddy?

  • Reply Steve ID:7ylvmikv9b

    Did you get pregnant

    • Luna ID:5c8mii2e8

      No, I didn’t

    • Steve ID:fzq364xia

      Was it a little bit of a turn on knowing his sperm was in you trying to make a baby?

    • K. K. ID:etyrta5qi

      Very very nice

  • Reply Plowsis ID:42osdka8k

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  • Reply Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

    Hi Luna, Such a pity this happened to you, Some guys just don’t know how much it affects us. Hope you are feeling better now.

  • Reply Mindaugas ID:2kblq4kj41

    I like your story,sorry to hear that you been raped!

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:1tw2s6rzj

    Well written
    Tell me how you’d rape me
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  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

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      I‘m not sure if it’s still rape if you’re in a relationship and I do not want a baby ???

    • Hana ID:7ylren6v99

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    What a great story I wish I was the one that raped you if I would’ve been the one that raped you you would be pregnant carrying my baby and then I would have to come back and rape you again

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  • Reply Irene ID:6629eno6id

    I can fully understand what you went through and still are going through. yes, it’s hard, but given some times it helps. Also sharing your grief at the events helps too, thank you. In time you will be stronger, hang on in there. Irene

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      Were you a victim of rape reading your comments it sure sounds like it I would love to know more hope to hear from you text me or call me at 1-209-324-7633

    • Irene ID:6629eno6id

      Hi Timothy. Yes, it has happened to me too, I have a couple of posts on here about it.

  • Reply Babygirl ID:1y6a1xtdv4