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I own a sweet shop in a village and fancy grooming the kids 5

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It was time for me to play with the gay boy and was going to see how gay he was as wanted him to fuck Cinthia

You might think the grooming was quick but it was over months I just shortened it for the story .
After the night of dogging the two of them were living sex anytime they could get away from home they came to my shop and a strange thing happened one of the local councillors came to my shop and asked if I would like to help run the youth centre a couple of nights a week as the young kids seem to like me and I get on alright with them little did he know my alternative reason why I got on so well and I had a plan for tonight with Simon the gay lad I was going to use him to his full potential and one thing I was going to was get him turned into a sissy and also I was going to get him fucking Tania and Cinthia.
So it was a Friday afternoon before the weekend the kids were in the shop drinking pop and playing machines and Simon was her and also Cinthia I called Cinthia over and asked her to introduce me to Simon which she did he was a shy boy and good looking with longish hair ,he also wore glasses round thin rimmed ones and he was wearing skinny jeans I asked him if he would help me shift some boxes in the back and told Cinthia to look after the shop and before I went in the back I had a quick feel between Cinthia’s legs which she enjoyed, Simon came in the back and I pointed to some boxes and asked him help move them to the other room at the back and I followed him as he carried the boxes his tight jeans made his bum look good and I went behind and rubbed my hand accross his bum he jumped forward and looked at ,whats wrong don’t you like that he said it was ok but no man had touched him,i did it again and said well a man has now and i must say you have a great bum ,he went red as i felt it again but I also felt around the front where he had a hard on and he pushed my hand away ,nobody will know I said as i placed it back on his cock ,he shook as I started to undo his trousers and let them fall down and his little baby pink boxers had a hard cock sticking out it must have been about 6 inches as i put my fingers around it and I said would you like me to give you a wank ,he sheepishly nodded as I pulled his boxers down and began carressing his cock ,his balls were small and he had dark pubes which I told him he should shave off as men like bald boys ,he was holding onto me as i wanked him he was shaken as i got faster then slowed then faster and i could feel him getting excited as I got to the point of no return and his cock shot out a few streams of cum . He was so pleasant he thanked me and said that was his first wank off anyone, it was then I told him to stay after the shop closed and I would suck his cock and saying that made his cock bob up and down ,he said he would stay .

When I closed I told Cinthia my plan and she had to come back in a bit and she would see me with him and I would get her fucked by him .I closed the shop and Simon stayed behind I got him to follow me upstairs he was chatting away prob nerves when we got into the lounge I asked him to take off his clothes strip totally naked ,I watched as he stripped and when he took off his boxers his cock was erect like I said before 6 inches big for a 14 year old I asked him to sit on the sofa and I knelt Infront of him he was shaking as I put my hand around his cock and started wanking him ,when I hard him rock hard I lent forward and licked his tip he shuddered and he said ohh that’s so nice as I put my lips over the end and started to swallow his cock i could easy take tge while 6 inches and started to give him his first bj ,i had only been sucking for about a minute when his body shook and he exploded in my mouth i kept sucking making sure i swallowed all his cum ,he lay back sweating as i asked why he was gay and if he had any fantasies,he told he just likes men and he hadnt had a girlfriend or a boyfriend and he told me he had dressed in his mother’s clothes and wanked and it felt good , then i sat next to him and i undone my trousers and told him to give me a wank now and he did straight away his hand went around my cock and his other hand went down on my balls and he was wanking me fast I told him to slow down make it last but I knew I wouldn’t not my first wank off him and as he was doing it i heard Cinthia come upstairs and she stood at the door smiling ,ibwaved her in Simon hadn’t heard or seen her as she came and he jumped and let go of my cock as he noticed her ,its ok I said Cinthia is cool she likes sex even though shes only 12 let her see your cock and get back to wanking me, he was hesitant but eventually continued and Cinthia sat next to him and she reached for his cock ,he didn’t stop her .
Now the plan was working he was wanking me and Cinthia was wanking him I told him he must like girls too as he was rock hard and he was red faced but enjoying being naked as I asked Cinthia to get naked to and show him a pussy and tits as she got undressed when she was removing her panties he was wanking me faster and as she stood up naked he was staring at her little mounds for tits and her few pubic hairs and she sat back down and continued to wank him I was excited knowing what was going to happen and started to cum and I shot a few streams out over his lap and Cinthia’s hand and his cock .

He was staring at her ,touch her if you want as I watched the youngsters at play he reached for her tits and rubbed them then her pussy and his hand went between her legs and Cinthia said put a finger in the hole ,he had no idea and she guided it in and as she did he jerked and he cum again ,Cinthia asked if he wanted to put his cock in her went red again and didn’t say anything I watched as Cinthia got up and lay on the floor and told him to get on top and put his cock in her pussy , he stood up his cock was getting hard again and he lay on top of her his cock no where near her pussy so I got down and positioned it and said push in which he did and his whole 6 inches went in and her legs went around him and he was trapped in her I watched as she held him and his little bum was right there so I licked my finger and pushed it in her couldn’t move as Cinthia was fucking him and I was fingering his bum , ohh ohh he was saying as he was getting his cock rode and his bum hole fingered ,I had 2 fingers right in him and he didn’t complain so i though try my cock and i pulled out my fingers and got behind him with my cock at his hole and I pushed the tip in he said ohh my god whats happening as i pushed and his bum hole opened and my cock slipped in i was thrusting in with Cinthia doing it too, he started saying im going cum as i thrust in him Cinthia was having a orgasm i was close to cumming he was going limp as he shook with his orgasm and i was ready go let my cum shoot in him and i did ,i felt it pushing back past my cock to escape his hole and dribble out
He had lost his virginity both ways and had fucked a girl and as I pulled out Cinthia let go of him and she collapsed and he rolled off her onto the floor they were both shaking with the excitement I had never seen so much shaken after sex before there bodies were both shaken and had there eyes shut. I looked at them and I noticed that Simon was about similar size as Cinthia now was the time to get him to wear her clothes see what he looked like .

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  • Reply Danny8282 ID:1ah742a78rc

    Yes bottom boys should some times dress as girls so guys know they want to be fucked as a girl. Cool

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Love the mix of young boys and girls . And what a way to lose your virginity both ways . I love these stories .

  • Reply ray ID:16m9jekyf6ns

    like the little girls better.

    • Jon do ID:1ctyswq2gtmy

      Me too

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Could have done without this part, still a good series

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5uns90qhrk

    Can’t wait to see Simon in panties. He going to have a problem hiding that cock thought. A younger boy would add to the fun

  • Reply Biboy69 ID:1dg2bi8acby4

    Want more and love that you got a boy as little girls and little boys are the best need to find a younger boy to join

    • [email protected] ID:5uns90qhrk

      I agree Biboy69! Love the mix of boys and girls. Young, curious and eager to learn.

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    6 inches is big for any age 🤣 average adult penis is 5.5 inches. So that boy is above adult average

  • Reply gayboyslut ID:4bn00en3fia

    Liking the progresion whz so long 4 part 5?