My Husband’s Unexpected Return

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Hello my valued readers, as some of you know, I’ve decided to chronicle my life with blogs, personal emails, and stories, depicting my changing sexual life over the past year, since my husband was sent overseas to Iraq after only two weeks of marriage, so yes, I’m an Army wife, a very, very sexually active Army wife. I am extreme feelings of guilt about my cheating on David, my husband of only a year, but I’ve realized over the past year that my submissive nature is something that I have a problem controlling.
I never considered myself as a sexual person, much less a woman that would cheat on her partner, and now that I’ve experienced the most extreme sexual activities over the past year with my lover and surrogate husband Dean, I’ve become addicted to it and to him. But worst of all, I’ve become a perpetual cheater, because I’ve been sleeping with Steve, Dean’s best friend, constantly, actually he’s become the youngest lover that I sleep with perpetually. So that everyone reading my chronicled electronic diaries can understand, I am who I’ve become and I realize that I’m a whore, I do feel guilty and I am ashamed of myself because I used to call girls like me, WHORES!!!! But I’ve become sexually obsessed and have taken to extreme sex as a part of my sexual personality, and I love to cheat, even-though I feel guilty about it. So there you have it, I’ve exposed myself, without exposing myself. Anonymity is very important, so I’ve adopted the name Californiafeelin as my alias, to tell my experiences freely without condemnation or judgment from family or friends.
My David came home, on leave, for two weeks, which only ended up being ten days. It was ten days of unrelenting fucking, with tons of dirty talking, fantasizing, role playing and anal sex, and I was never tender or sore, and It’s because I’ve been fucking so many different men, at least 25 out of 30 days, every month for almost an entire year.
Dean, my young college student neighbor and lover/ surrogate husband, has been living with me for the entire time that my husband was away. Deans clothes are side-by-side in my husbands dresser drawer and his suits and shirts are also hanging side-by-side in my husbands’ walk-in closet. I was being shared, again, by Dean with his two cousins, one younger, at 18, and his name is Chaane pronounced (Chain), and the other cousin was Reid, who was older, and my favorite, being 48 and very powerful and enjoys rough sex, extreme rough sex! Dean and his two cousins were fucking me for 6 days, and living in the house and taking turns with me, as-well-as having me together in gang-bangs also. I was used and whored out in the best ways possible and I loved every minute of it, but thankfully, as we finished our afternoon orgy, they went back to work and would not return until 9 or 10 pm. I passionately kissed each of my three lovers, especially Reid, the older cousin of Dean, wishing them a good workday and letting them know that I wanted them individually that night, and letting Chaane know that I wanted he and I to sleep alone together tonight as the other two slept in the guest rooms, he was thrilled and so was I, especially because he has the energy of a rabbit and I was in the mood for fucking, non-stop until the morning. I watched them leave and no more than than twenty minutes later as I went upstairs to take a shower, I heard the front door open and slam shut. I thought it was Dean, coming to claim my pussy as his own, but it wasn’t it was my husband, and he stepped in the shower with his military uniform and boots, but I didn’t notice until afterwards. I called him Dean and said, “ haven’t you had enough from this morning and this afternoon lover”? When my husband turned me around, he kissed me deeply, and then asked, did you call me Dean? I screamed in fear, and guilt, but he thought that I screamed in joy, I composed myself and we kissed passionately, and because of the loudness of the shower he didn’t actually hear what I had said, so I deflected his question by turning the shower head against the wall and gave him a memorable blowjob, and I swallowed every drop of his tangy cum, I felt so proud and happy to finally let his cock take what was his and since he’d always wanted to fuck my ass, I turned around and slid his shrinking cock in my ass, and he became as hard as a rock and I completely forgot how beautifully large and veiny his cock was, I LOVED IT, I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Because David loved role playing, and because I was so submissive, he told me how he was thinking of me eating pussy, and going on dates with different lesbian college girls, so we fantasized as he fucked me with a vengeance for being a cheating lesbian whore-wife. My husband fucked my ass so hard that he actually pulled out some of my hair, and it hurt so good! We fucked until the late afternoon, as I made him fantasize about me eating as much pussy as possible while we watched and listened to lesbian porn as we fucked furiously, it was wonderful. I orgasmed 6 times and he came inside me three times, mixing his cum with the other three men I had slept with, because I actually didn’t get a chance to clean up properly before he entered the shower. David fell asleep on our bed, facing the external wall, so with his back turned to me I covered him with our cum stained sheets, from the other men I fucked, then quietly tip-toed out of the room. I intended to immediately call all of my lovers, but I was grabbed from behind and collared with a tight dog-chain. It was Steve, he had been living in the large basement storage space, next to our washer and dryer, no one knew, not even Dean. Steve had been fucking me privately, and watching me fuck other men and hiding in plain sight. I thought he was at work, but he was there all along, watching me fuck Dean and his cousins for two weeks, and finally he thought that he would have me for himself, when my husband came in the shower, apparently he hid in the guest room and watched us secretly fuck, so when my husband fell asleep and I snuck out of the room, he took what had been his, all for himself and I let him, I actually fucking let him fuck me, right there, right behind my sleeping husband, who just came back from serving his country. He shoved his thick cock in my ass as we walked back into the room and I picked up all of Deans clothes and put them in the guest room storage bins, Steve fucked me quietly but fiercely or I would say, angrily as we transferred everything that was out of place, and everything that needed to be hidden.
I began to realize that I loved Steve because I would do anything for him, and I loved that I could cheat on my husband and Dean, without them ever having a clue, but Steve would know and would love me more for being a cheating whore and that turned me on in a crazy way. Steve had me call Dean to let him know that my husband had returned home. Dean was upset, then cursed and hung up the phone on me, all the while his best friend was fucking me the whole time. I was sad, but Steve saw that my husband loved to fantasize and role play, so he told me to make up a scenario, where I would tell my husband that I wanted to call him Steve, while he fucked me, and that I was to actually fantasize about Steve, for real, as I fucked my husband. So I did, and over the next 10 days, I was fucked by my husband, at least 3 to 5 times a day as Steve secretly watched us. Afterwards, as David slept, I fucked only Steve, as David completed a few projects or went out for short trips, I fucked Steve, and even as David barbecued or mowed the lawn, I secretly and privately let Steve take my pussy, ass and mouth, because it had belonged to him for the same amount of time that I belonged to Dean, but the only difference is that he had me all to himself and no one else knew about it. Anyway, I thought about Steve as I fucked my husband, saying, “fuck me Steve, take my pussy and use me, I love you Steve. Let me be your shared girlfriend, make me fuck all of your friends”! My husband loved it. I told him of our neighbor Deans’ best friend, and how he kept staring at me, and that I wanted my husband to think of me fucking other men, especially young men like our neighbor, while he was away for the military. David loved it, and we fucked as I called out Steve’s name. David wanted me to call out Dean’s name too but I told him, ‘no, only Steve’s name’, he was angry and asked if I really wanted to fuck Steve for real, and I lied and told him that it was just sexual role playing to turn him on, because he hadn’t fucked me in almost a year, and that I am really fantasizing about him, not Steve.
Steve was watching us as I said it, and he gave me a thumbs up, indicating that I did well, he then mouthed for me to call out Dean’s name as I fucked me husband. I did as I was instructed and I let my husband hear every dirty thought he could think of come out of my mouth, as I screamed Dean and Steve’s name, while being fucked by my husband’s massive cock. IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! I was in sexual heaven, being fucked by David at every opportunity, then sneaking and cheating with Steve in the background. I bathed with Steve, I cooked for Steve, I cuddled and slept romantically with Steve, exactly what I did with my husband, and I dated Steve, as husband and wife, in D.C. and only in Washington D.C.
I cried when David told me that he had to cut the two weeks down to 10 days, so we only had another two days together, so he treated me like a queen and never left me alone for the last day, but for the second to last day, Steve took advantage of me when David left to get tickets and plan out our last day together. Steve and I made love like kinky, horny freaks; he brought me over to Deans’ house and let his dog fuck me and lick my pussy while I sucked his cock, and I loved every salty drop of it. Steve allowed my freaky kink, to flourish; Steve used me and knew me in a way that no one else does, so he is my favorite lover and I love him, I love him very much and I love pleasing him. I fucked my husband that night, with the bedroom door open, and as I stared at Steve, saying to him how much I loved him, while my husband thought that it was just dirty talk. It is so much fun cheating, and I’ve realized how much I’ve changed over the year because of Dean and Steve. When I put my David to bed, I slept with Steve downstairs and we fucked all night, we even let the horse fuck me in the stable next door until 4:15 am. Steve and I made love for the rest of the morning until, 7 am. I got up and started to make breakfast before David woke up.
David and I spent the whole day in Philadelphia, a wonderfully fun and small city, full of history and fantastic restaurants. We had so much fun together. He left from Philadelphia airport and booked a limo to take me home in two days on the 19th of May. I am such a whore that as soon as my husband kissed me and went to the plane, I turned and cried but called Steve to come up to Philadelphia and spend the rest of the time with me, on my husband’s dime. I made love to Steve in Philly and even enjoyed a few lesbian activities with him, which became my first time with a woman, and of coarse I loved it. I realized that I’m a bottom girl, I love eating pussy and licking a woman’s asshole as if it were cocaine, I’m completely and totally addicted to lesbianism. Steve has brought out my bisexuality, nurtured my bestiality, and encouraged my submissive whore personality.
Dean has moved back in the house and I’ve fucked a total of 17 of his friends and 8 of his relatives, from his Dad, step father, uncles, and a few cousins. I lust for him, but I’m not in love with him. He is fun, handsome and aggressive, but Steve is in love with me and wants me for himself and uses me in a way that it’s really always what I want, but Dean only wants to use me for what he wants and I think that is a huge factor as to why I haven’t fallen in love with him. I wanted my readers to also know that Steve and I make masturbation videos for my husband and we mail it to him to jerk off to when he needs a release.
Thanks for reading my adventures, it’s very cathartic for me to creatively express my sexual life for others to read and possibly enjoy, but mainly it’s for me to look back at what I’ve done, how I’ve done it, if I want to continue being a bad girl, and if I ever want to continue this, new me, as a lifestyle and maybe convince my husband, at some future date, to becoming a hotwife or maybe try swinging and this way I can have regular fuck sessions with Steve, out in the open. Also, Steve and I have come up with the idea of trying to slowly convince or tempt my husband to open up our marriage to Polyamory, actually hotwife Polyamory. Thanks readers, and if you need to know, the animals are always clean, and I definitely swallow cum, both from the horse and dogs. You will be updated on my developing relationship to Deans older cousin Reid, he’s an lover of anal and shares me with his secretary, this relationship just started a few days ago, and as for Chaane, he’s fallen in love with me and always asks when he can come back, for me to keep the promise of him sleeping with me, alone, overnight. Until next time, thanks for reading. I’m going to submit a few of my daily sexual exploits to this website, as per Steve’s wishes, later folks.

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    Well me and mate were round mine on a session recently and drinking and sniffing coke etc , so we’re insanely savagely horny etc..

    And front door knocked it was neighbours wife asking if could help her.

    Said yes she came in and wanted use phone so let her .

    She’s late 30’s heavily pregnant and gorgeous blonde, so after finished she came in kitchen to say thanks and saw us both sniffing a line and at first I panicked but she smiled and said she missed those days lol.. and so chatting a bit etc and me and mate were flirting with her and then he had a cigarette and she was breathing smoke in clearly loving it. So he offered her a cigarette and we say won’t tell her husband, so she light up and took drag and blowing smoke out saying ohhh god that feels so good, and so then ended up me and mate kissing her and started groping her she didn’t stop us and so then after bit started pulling her bottoms down and off and we kept sniffing lines and then trying to tempt her, but said no, so mate covered his fingers in coke and then he put them up pussy and instantly she groaned out and sighed saying fuck and instantly she changed and she bent over started sucking him off and so i filled big straw and put it in her ass and blew and she just moaned out so loud and see her turn into a raging slut and so then afyer fucking her etc he lay down and put her ontop and she leaned back and i got ontop of her and legs in air i put my cock to her pussy and pushed just inside her she screamed out and started dp her really rough

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    What a delightful life. Thank you for sharing. Keep writing.

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    You’re a fucking slut

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    • Californiafeelin ID:11av8zgx49j

      Thanks Warren, I\’m just a wife who\’s gonna try whoring for as long as I can. I\’ve become addicted to literotica.com and this site too. I know that most are just fantasies, but I truly enjoy them. I think I\’ll include Steve\’s dad and give Angelina the chance to record us. I\’ll get some ideas from a few stories on this site or literotica…Thanks for the feedback have a good day.