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Dogging – An eye-opening pastime

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In the English countryside and in secluded car parks, there are a surprising number of people engaged in dogging, as my wife and I found out.

I had often fantasised about seeing my wife naked in front of other men. Sometimes I thought about what it might be like to see someone else fuck her, but I told myself this would never happen. My wife wouldn’t go for it and I would probably be intimidated by it and probably very jealous.

Everyone has that voice inside stoking one’s insecurities. The other men will be bigger than you. They will be better at fucking than you. Your wife will run off with one of them. You know, the usual stuff. In short, something like that could jeopardise the relationship.

So when we stopped in an off road lay-by for a break after several hours of driving from our holiday on the south cost, it had not entered my mind that it could be a dogging spot. I just wanted 30 minutes shuteye before continuing the journey home.

It was a warm summer night and it hadn’t gone dark yet. There were other cars parked, but we stopped a fair distance from them.

I had shut my eyes for a couple of minutes when my wife, Trudie, shook me awake and said “Tony, what’s going on over there”?

There was now a group of men surrounding the open tailgate of a car. Some of them seemed to have their cocks out and were wanking. In the middle of the crowd we could see two legs sticking out of the tailgate and a bare arse pistoning between them.

“Oh shit I said”, “ I think we’ve come across some doggers, let’s get out of here and find somewhere else to rest up”.

“Hang on a minute” Trudie said, “let’s just watch for a bit, it’s fascinating, don’t you think so”.

I wasn’t at all sure.

“It’s got me feeling quite horny” she said reaching for my zipper and rubbing herself with the other hand.

I checked our surroundings, and there was no one near our car. All attention was on the car with the open tailgate.

The object of everyone’s attention was now out of the car and was on her knees, with her top pulled up and her mouth and hands on the cocks of her audience. Her ample tits were being groped and slapped by numerous hands.

My cock was good and hard as Trudie eased it out of my pants and began wanking me. I put my hand up her skirt, inside her damp panties and rubbed her pussy as she shifted position to put my cock in her mouth. I slid my hand up her shirt to play with her large boobs.

It felt great for both of us. I tilted the seat back a little and closed my eyes to enjoy my blow job and fondling Trudie’s body.

I opened my eyes to suggest we get into the back seat and fuck, only to see a dozen pairs of eyes peering in the windows at us. There were a lot of men leering at us with their dicks out and wanking.

One of them, a middle-aged balding man with a pronounced paunch knocked on Trudie’s window and gestured for her to roll it down.

I hurriedly put my cock away and fumbled to start the engine. Trudie stopped me and rolled the window down. “What do you want” she asked.

The question received a fair few laughs from around the car and the fat man offered his cock through the window. To my astonishment she took the cock and was wanking him. It was very arousing to be honest.

She knelt up on the seat and proceeded to blow him. Her arse was in my face so I lifted her skirt and rubbed between her legs on her panties which were soaking wet.

The fat bloke was pushed so he wasn’t blocking the whole window, and another tall chubby guy reached in and grabbed her breasts through her shirt, giving them a good old fondle.

The fat guy came in Trudie’s mouth and she swallowed the lot, something that she was unusually unhappy to do. She preferred me to pull out and cum on her tits usually.

The passenger door came open and Trudie climbed out. I’ve no idea if she opened it or if one of the blokes did.

She was immediately surrounded by men with their cocks out and their hands all over my wife. I got out of the car and watched as the men started to strip my wife and she wasn’t objecting.

First her pink summer t-shirt was pulled over her head revealing her purple lacy bra covering her large breasts.

A bloke took hold of her bra and pulled it up over her tits causing them to spill out. Trudie lifted her arms up to help with the removal. Immediately there were hands all over her tits. I could see her nipples fully erect and her boobs were pinched, squeezed and lightly slapped.

The biggest guy there took her breasts in his hands and went to work on them with his mouth.

Her short flimsy skirt was unzipped, pulled down and she willingly stepped out of it. Her arse looked amazing in her purple lacy panties and she wiggled it as hands explored between her legs and over her buttocks.

A young lad, no more than 15 yo, took hold of her knickers and pulled them down and off. He grabbed her round the waist, rubbing his bare cock against her arse.

My wife always kept he pussy clean shaven. That fact drew lots of admiring comments from many of the guys there.

She squatted down and took the cocks being offered to her into her mouth, spending a short time on each one and ensuring no one was left out. All the time those not being sucked were groping her chest, pussy and ass.

The young guy who had removed her panties was now wanking it them. Another similar aged lad had her bra and was doing the same.

A guy in his twenties and very athletic went behind her and slid his impressive cock into her pussy. She gave a familiar gasp of delight and twenties man set off pumping into her.

I had my answer, it was as horny as fuck. I wanted to wank, I wanted to fuck her myself, but couldn’t get near.

A young blond girl got out of a car on the far side of the car park and approached . She must have been 15 or so and looked like she might be related to the other youths who were jizzing into Trudie’s underwear.

She made a b-line for me. She said her name was Wendy and asked if that lady was my wife.

That lady was currently on her back, across the bonnet of my car being fuck by a guy who looked like he was in his 60’s. Whist he was thrusting into her pussy, other guys were sucking on her tits whilst others were forcing their dicks into her hands. For the first time I heard the unmistakable cry of her orgasm. She sure was enjoying herself.

I told Wendy it was indeed my wife. She said she felt sorry for me that I wasn’t getting any. She asked if she could help , with a cheeky smile on her face. I was so fucking horny that I didn’t bother too much about her age and dropped my lower clothing exposing my rock hard cock.

She gasps a little and commented that I had a nice cock and so big. I bet she says that to all the boys, I thought. She did a fine job of getting it into her mouth and giving a fabulous blow job. I could see Trudie, still bent over the car , with her arse in the air and a long haired guy pounding her. I could see that her skin was red on most of her body from being slapped. She was definitely enjoying herself.

Wendy got off her knees and started taking my shirt off and running her hand over my body. I lifted her little yellow summer vest off her body revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra and had a fantastic pair of tits.

I could see Trudie on her back again actually fully on the bonnet. There was a short but well muscled black guy ramming her and she was responding with delighted squeals. One of the teenage lads has climbed on her chest and was thrusting his cock between her large tits.

I waved on to unbutton Wendy’s denim shorts and slide then down her legs. She was wearing a tiny little yellow thong with a cartoon winged angel on the front. There was nothing more than a string between the most beautiful buttock I have ever seen. After taking in the vision, I removed her thong and was greeted with a simply outstanding fanny. A tiny tuft of blonde hair at the top of her tight slit and clean shaven pussy lips.

I slipped my hand between her legs caressing her gorgeous wet pussy, and placed my mouth on her nipple, sucking each in turn.

As I laid her down on the grass verge next to my car, I could her my wife cumming again and load groans from the guys. I 69’d Wendy taking my time to explore her pussy whilst she sucked my dick. She almost purred when I sucked her clitoris and squealed when I flicked it with my tongue. It wasn’t long before her cry’s mixed with Trudie’s as both orgasmed. With my cock out of her mouth, I took the opportunity to rub myself on her chest feeling the softness of each tit and the hardness of each nipple. She pushed her tits together allowing me to fuck them whilst working her towards another orgasm.

I could hear Trudie shouting at someone to fuck her arse. God damn, she would never let me do that. So I turned Wendy on to her tummy. I put my cock between her buttocks and rubbed, which felt amazing. What an ass. I then tentatively tried pushing my dick into her little tight rosebud ass. She didn’t object, so I pushed all the way in.

It was the first time I had ever fucked an ass and it was exquisite. So warm, so tight and so fucking horny to look down at. Wendy was matching my thrusts and rubbing her clitoris hard. I felt my orgasm rising so slowed to a stop as Wendy screamed she was cumming again.

Looking up, there were now four men with Trudie. Three were in the process of shooting their loads on her tits, which looked to be drenched with cum. She had it on her face and in her hair. The other guy was pounding her pussy for all he was worth and she seemed to be having a permanent orgasm.

I pulled out of Wendy’s ass and turned her on her back. I put her legs on my shoulders and entered her pussy. Although extremely wet, I had to work hard to enter her, she was so tight. Her cunt felt amazing as the head of my cock rubbed across the spongy tissue of her vagina and her muscles gripped my cock.

She rocked her hips enthusiastically meeting my thrusts with more squeals.

I could see Trudie on her own now. She had opened the boot of the car and extracted some towels which she was using to clean herself up whilst watching me with Wendy.

I was getting pretty exhausted and it was going dark as I felt my orgasm rise again. This time there was no stopping. I had intended to pull out and jizz on her tits, but she started to cum as well and I could persuade my arse to move to pull out all the way. The orgasm I had inside that 15 yo girl was just breathtaking. My cock went off like a fire extinguisher filling her hole with so much cum. Her cunt was pulsating so hard as she came that I was squeezed right out of her hole cause wing my knob to flop against her arse.

I rolled off her to see Trudie standing over us, dressed in fresh clothes, offering us both a towel.

More adventures to follow.

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      A lot more.

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