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The older couple around the block

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Older couple with young virgin male. From 15 on I have been BI

I met them doing pool duty in their yard. She would come out in the skimpiest of bikinis, if you can call three patches of material and some string a bikini. She would always let her tits fall out and not even try to cover up. If I was near, she’d actually be sunning and reach down and pull the patch over her pussy over so I could see it in its waxed wonder. She’d do it in front of her husband he wasn’t much better, he’d just blatantly strip while I was around. She and he both would make sure a robe slipped open in their house so I could see them. She left the kitchen and he told me that she was really interested in having sex with me, but only if I was inexperienced. I was,15 and wanting to be with a naked woman so bad, I was ready for anything. He had me strip saying she was waiting for me in their bedroom and ready. Naked standing there, he started jacking on my cock. “Don’t cum too soon, she’ll want the first load in her mouth, then you can take a while in her pussy, she loves to introduce boys to a woman, you’ve never had sex right?”. I was honest and told him no, that I’d only felt up my girl cousin a year younger than me. “Where you both naked?” he asked. We were both naked we used to rub each other a lot but that was all. “Oh she’ll love that you haven’t been inside anyone yet?”

Then the bomb dropped, I’m hard, I’m naked, she’s standing now in the doorway, playing with her tits and her pussy. “Do you want her” he asked. Of course I did. Then the agreement, first I had to blow him and he would leave me alone with her. Then after that it was simple, she’d get me used to it so it wouldn’t hurt, but he got to get blown or fuck me twice for every one time I fucked her. She chimed in, “Well, what do you say? I can’t wait for you to come to me, and fuck me. You do like girls right?” she said.

He was sitting on a kitchen chair. He said “just get on your knees between my legs and we can all have some fun” I didn’t really dwell on it, she was pushing her hips forward in my direction, she was behind him I just knelt down and got between his legs and his 8 incher was in my mouth. I’d never had a BJ but I knew what to do and did it. It took him probably 15 minutes. She asked him “how is it babe, you loving his virgin mouth?” “Oh yeah baby, it feels so good, just think you’ll get that virgin load and get to turn him into a man” he told her. She just moaned and rubbed herself. My jaws were getting tired and he finally blew in my mouth. I tried to swallow, I choked a bit and some dripped back onto his cock. He pushed my head down and I licked the rest up and swallowed. “Maggie send me a text when you two are done, then I’ll take my second time when I come back” then he stood up, put on some pants and a tee shirt and left.

I got a BJ first, she was kissing me so much before, she kept talking about how I smelled and tasted like her husbands cum, and then after my BJ she fed me some of my own cum, and kept kissing me telling me how hot she was getting knowing I had tasted both my cum and his. I had her husbands cock in my mouth. I asked her why her husband liked guys with having a beautiful woman and such an incredible body as hers. She loved it when a man was with another man. He liked it too, but started doing it for her. She liked that they both got to share a hot young body.

She took time before letting me fuck her to play with my ass. She was showing me how to push out when something was going in to ease the entry. She was soon fucking me with three fingers. Then a vibe was inserted, it hurt till she turned it on, that is the way I fucked her. A vibrator in my ass and my cock inside a beautiful woman. After we are both laying there, and he came back. She was on her back her beautiful body on full display and I was on my stomach. He pulled the vibe out of me, it was already turned off, and she put one of her plump tits in my mouth while he lubed his cock and my ass. She kept reminding me about pushing out while he was pushing his cock into me. It did help. I laid there with his wife watching me get fucked by her husband, her kissing me, me sucking on her tits, and finally she pulled herself up to have my face between her legs, I was eating her pussy dripping with my cum while her husband was filling my ass with his.

This went on for several years, then when I was 18 I had to leave for college. As a going away present they left me in a room with Mitch. He was 15 and had been used by the two of them like I was. Now I had no pretense about getting a woman later, it was all Mitch’s naked 15 year old cock, and ass and my stiff cock, they somehow arranged it so he was spending the night. He was my young fuckhole for the whole night. He was already used by the husband, he gave me a BJ and I fucked him twice. It was the first time I’d ever fucked anyone in their ass. I liked it a lot. The next morning I watched him fuck the wife while I got fucked by the husband next to them in the same bed. That was the best present I ever got I think.

The couple was true to their word, every time with her, whether her mouth, or her pussy, she didn’t do anal. He got me twice. I actually came to like it from him. I liked knowing I was making him and his cock feel as good as she did me. He only blew me once, and I never fucked him, I was always the bottom, just as she was for me. Now I’m a married bi man, with a very pliable hot wife who lets virgin boys fuck her while I fuck them too.

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    That could be very enjoyable!