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I’ve lied about my age but it got me some fun experiences

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I lied about my age to a older guy and it ended up with me getting fucked in his car

So for the sake of privacy I’ll go as Angel and the guy I hooked up with will be Matt

I’m 156cm (5’1ft) and I weigh 46kg C 34 cup boobs I’m Brazilian but quite white Ive always been sporty so I’m quite fit I’ve got long ombré hair that fades from brown to blonde

Matt is South African and really tall like 6’5ft he’s a bit chubby but muscular he’s pale and blonde

We both met on bumble I had put my age as 19 when I met him and he was 24 we both started talking and decided to meet up what he didn’t know was that I wasn’t actually 19 I had just turned 15 and I didn’t look like it but that helped me in a way I decided to sneak out of my house to see him so we waited until it was midnight

I snuck out I was wearing sweat pants and a small T-shirt he got there in his car and we got in we both just started talking he let me have some of his vape and he had some of mine and after a while we started making out it wasn’t my first time but my second but it had been a while so he was taking the lead he was quite aggressive with his kisses and I grabbed his hand and I put it on my boob making sure he squeezes them he then slipped his hand down my pants and started playing with my pussy saying how wet and tight it was and then he suggested we go in the backseat

We got in the backseat and he started kissing me while I was sitting next to him he made me take off my pants and shirt he kept sucking on my boobs while fingering me I couldn’t cum but I was enjoying the feeling he grabbed a condom and took off his pants his 7 inch poking up like a pole he started showing me how to put one on because he thought I was a virgin but really I was cock hungry he made me straddle him and he tried going slow but he couldn’t hold it and started pounding me he was kissing me and sucking on my tits while I was trying to suppress my moans and screams as he was bruising my cervix he kept going and started picking me up by my waist and slamming me down and started saying how tight I was and just kept rambling on about my pussy like he was in a trance but when he was about to cum I clenched hard and started milking his cock which made him start fucking me like a dog gripping my waist tighter and even when he was finished I kept going a bit still clenching
He cleaned himself off and then started fingering me a bit more and I faked a orgasm so I could leave but he enjoy it and gave me a long kiss
After that we had one more encounter so should I do a part 2?

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  • Reply AngelsSecret ID:2wdos90lv99

    Honestly someone talk to me [email protected] I wanna learn why I can’t cum (mostly from gonzo but >_<)

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cpaoqcqqz9m

    Angel, that is to bad you did not cum. I have known personally through experience that in fact an 8 1/2 year old can have very intense orgasms and actually seen a 6 year old masterbate to an orgasm. I hope your next experience brings you better luck. Licking them is a good way to get em going so maybe have him do oral on you next time.

    • anon67 ID:h9alcer8j


    • AngelsSecret ID:2wdos90lv99

      Part 2 has been submitted guys !! But I feel like I’m the problem like why can’t any guy make me cum I’ve been touching myself since I was 8 but only I can make myself cum it’s really weird

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Yes , part 2 but do him bareback

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Please – yes! I want to hear more about you!

  • Reply Adude ID:1co14glp7v7k

    Yes part two