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Little Violet has a crush on me

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My moms best friends daughter had a crush on me, and it ended up with us both in my bed having sex.

I was 15 and Violet was 8.

My mom’s friends daughter, Violet, developed a bit of a childhood crush on me, on valentine’s day she gave me a card and a bar of chocolate, I thought it was really cute so I gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

She would always sit next to me on the sofa to watch TV while our mom’s talked in the kitchen, Violet would sit with the side of her arm touching mine, she sat so close, she always wore pretty little dresses and her hair was always perfectly brushed and straight, she was a very pretty little girl.

I’d look at her and she’d giggle and blush, her cheeks turning bright red, one day I decided to go ahead and put my arm around her and she looked so happy, she snuggled her little head in to my chest and put her arm across my waist, she had it bad for me.

I kissed her on top of her head then she looked up at me with the cutest of smiles, then as she gazed in to my eyes I gave her a kiss on the lips which tasted like strawberries from the lip gloss she was wearing, I kissed her lips and then playfully quickly licked the tip of her nose.

She giggled and wiped her nose, “Silly.” She said.

Then I started messing around and pretended to bite her little button nose while I tickled her under her arms and she squirmed around in a fit of giggles, as she kicked her legs around trying to escape my tickles, the bottom of her dress lifted up and somehow my hand ended up, completely unintentionally, between her legs, and I was touching her pussy over her pink panties.

I stopped tickling her and we both just stopped, frozen still, looking at each other, we both knew where my hand was, I moved my hand which rubbed against her pussy, and she let out a light gasp, “Uh.” And smiled at me, so I kept rubbing, her pussy felt soft and could feel my finger running across her slit, and I leaned down and kissed her on the lips while I rubbed it more.

The kissing and touching got me aroused, and my cock started to became erect in my shorts, this little sweet girl was getting me hard.

I stopped kissing her and brushed her hair back over her ear, and I was having naughty thoughts, “Do you want to go upstairs and play in my room?” I asked her.

She remained silent and just nodded, something about her facial expression told me that she kind of knew what I was thinking, even though she was only little and shouldn’t really know or even be thinking about sex, it seemed like she too was in the sex zone and gagging for it.

We went in to the kitchen and told our mom’s that we were going upstairs to play video games, and then our mom’s said that they were going to pop out to the market to get some things for dinner, which was absolutely perfect, we had the house to ourselves, just me, Violet, and my horny teenage cock.

After our mom’s left for the market, we went upstairs to my room and we sat down on my bed, we both seemed nervous for a while, “You want to kiss me again?” she asked.

“Sure.” I said, and we started kissing, it was very nice, Violet had lovely soft strawberry flavoured lips and was actually a good kisser.

After a few minutes of kissing and slobbering on each other, I decided to move things along, “I want to show you something, close your eyes…” I said, then with her eyes closed, I took off my jeans and exposed my cock, then I stood up in front of her“…Okay, you can look now.” I said.

She opened her eyes and saw my erect cock right in front of her face, her eyes and mouth opened widely, then she gasped and giggled, as she gasped out her warmed breath breezed against my balls and made my cock twitch.

My cock was pointing straight up so I held it and bent it downward towards her face, “Put this in your mouth.” I said.

“In my mouth?” she asked.

“Yeah – It’s okay, trust me, you’ll like it.” I said.

She opened her mouth and slowly moved her head forward while looking up at me like she was checking that she was doing it correctly, my cock went inside her mouth, the underside sliding over her warm tongue, she closed her lips around it and I rocked my hips, sliding my cock back and forth in her mouth, “Ooah.” I groaned.

She quickly got the idea and began to suck on my cock like an ice-lolly, and she liked it, she smiled and giggled as she sucked on it, “Its good isn’t it?” I asked her, she nodded and mumbled, “Uh-Huh”

After a few minutes I felt ready to fuck this kid, so I lifted up her dress, she popped my cock out of her mouth so I could lift her dress up over her head and take it off, she wanted to go back to sucking my cock but that’s what I wanted, “No-No, lay down on my bed.” I said.

When she was laid on my bed and took her shoes and socks off and then rolled her little pink panties down her legs without any resistance or complaints from her.

Her little bald pussy looked so good, I pushed her legs open and I went down on her and licked her pussy out, she was gasping and moaning as I licked and her eyes were blinking rapidly like she was having a seizure, but it was just the intense sexual pleasure overwhelming her young brain.

While she was distracted with clitoris play, I penetrated her with my finger and finger fucked her hole for a minute, “Ugh – Uuh – Uh!” she got soaking wet and I knew she was ready.

I crawled up on top of her and I thrust my cock straight in, she threw her head back and gasped out loudly, “Uuuuunnnggh – Ooah – Argh – Uh”, then she moved her head forward and opened her eyes widely and she just looked at me dead in the eye.

I started thrusting in and out of her tight virgin hole, “Oh God – I love you, Violet, I love you.” I said, and she smiled and moaned repeatedly, “Ungh – Mm – Ungh – Mm – Uuuh.”

They say girls her age are too young to take a cock, but I beg to differ, she very clearly loved every second of it, my cock was deep inside her small tight preteen pussy and she looked like an excited child on Christmas morning, her eyes were full of magic and wonder.

I fucked her pussy for probably around 30 minutes, and we’d been having so much fun and making so much noise that we failed to hear our mom’s come back home, and Violet’s mom opened my bedroom door just in time to witness me thrust balls deep in to and ejaculate inside her little girl, “Ooooaaaaah!” I groaned loudly as I looked towards the door and saw her standing there.

“Oh my god!” she screamed, when she was us both fucking on the bed.

My mom rushed up the stairs after hearing her scream, “Oh my god!” she also screamed.

Then she rushed over to the bed and dragged me off of Violet, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? – You dirty bastard!” mom shouted at me and was slapping me.

Violets mom wrapped her up in my blanket and raced out of the house with her.

Our mom’s didn’t speak to each other, and Violet and I couldn’t see each other for about a month afterwards, and mom gave me one hell of a beating and telling off.

About a month later I came home from school and Violet and her mom were at my house, as soon as I walked in to the front room, Violet, who was sitting on the sofa next to her mom, stood up and raced over to me and gave me the biggest tightest hug.

Our mom’s sat us down and told us how unhappy and incredibly disappointed they were in us both, mostly with me, “She’s just a child, you’re almost an adult, you should have known better.” Mom said.

Because our moms have been best friends since they were kids, they didn’t turn me in to the cops or report it as child abuse.

They eventually decided to let Violet and I be ‘friends’ on condition that we only see each other when our moms are present, and we weren’t allowed to be alone together, and banned us from having any sexual contact.

We agreed, and I was glad, because I genuinely now loved Violet, she was my baby now.

And of course we always found ways around the rules, we found ways to meet up in secret and continue having sex with each other at every opportunity.

I love fucking Violet’s little pussy, it’s the best pussy.

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  • Reply B ID:8b9n6rqb0b

    Great story. Love the name. Like how you made love to her and not just fucked her

  • Reply pastor ID:4bn00en3fia

    Perfect story. Have experienced several girls her age and all came back for more. And yes all of them very capable

  • Reply NO.WAY ID:4j5nlfrzl

    Actual pedophile seriously dude…
    it’s one thing to write stories but don’t justify your twisted fantasy.

    • Screw you ID:1e0am7kedhbk

      Buddy your in the wrong part

    • Dont be such a fuckin' crybaby ID:1fjgjo7ik09

      Omfg get over yourself, why are you even here no way?

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] very lucky guy to have experienced this. Hope it continues.

    • pastor ID:4bn00en3fia

      Hi there peter . very sweet story . Easter holidays here and gold coast busy. If your ever here let me know. Plenty violet’s age handy for fun

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cpaoqcqqz9m

    Absolutely fantastic and oh so true. I completely agree, the bull shit your governments and local authorities cram down our throats that lil girl are not suppose to have sex or are not interested. BULL SHIT to the tenth degree because I know many young girls that are sexually active and getting younger every generation. Sex is a natural human trait and of course completely natural for a young wanting girl to have fantasies about an older male since the dawn of man. Men are also attracted to a viral wanting female so the facts of life do take over. I have actually been hit on by an 7 year old and was begged to have sex with them from ages 8 to 13 many times. All young girls want is to be loved and wanted, to feel special to a male figure that have feelings for. Many young girls want a man to be their first and many want a teenager. Personally I thing not one single preteen should ever be denied a hard cock no matter how young they are. If they want it then by all means they should have it.

  • Reply The Hebist ID:sif22joj4du

    Uuuh this made me horny. So wonderfully young.