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I love playing with my son and daughter

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I’ve been playing with my kids for months, and it has been great, I will keep doing it, but I need something new to do with them.

I’m a single mom to Michael, 12, and Sonia, 14, and I’ve been abusing them for a couple of years now, secretly drugging them every night to keep them asleep.

I’ve always had a secret fetish for young boys and girls, and I’ve done some pretty weird stuff with them both over the years.

When I realised Michael had started getting erections, that’s when it all began, I remember that first night I drugged them, I went in to Michaels room, and after checking he was asleep and out cold, I peeled back his sheets, pulled down his pyjama bottoms and briefs, and saw his little cock and hairless ball sack for the first time, wonderful.

I played with his cock, rubbing it to get it erect, it wasn’t that big, not fully developed yet, I used a fabric tape measure to measure it, it was 4.5 inches long erect, after tugging on it for nearly half an hour nothing happened, I felt it swell like he had ejaculated, but nothing came out, so I pulled up his bottoms and covered him back up.

Then I went in to Sonia’s room, after checking she was asleep, I peeled back her sheets, rolled up her night shirt, pulled down her panties, and saw her sweet pussy for first time, amazing, she was 14 but still hairless down there.

I rubbed her pussy then gently pushed my finger in to her folds and penetrated her, her pussy was so wet and warm on the inside, I could feel how fresh it was compared to my own, a pure virgin pussy, I finger fucked her and was able to make her orgasm, she shuffled around on the bed and moaned unconsciously when she came and soaked my hand and the sheets below, I tasted her sticky fluid, it was like nectar.

I continued the abuse for months, concentrating mostly on Michael, I kept measuring his cock every few weeks and it got up to 5 inches long, and I wanted see his nuts bust more than anything, and one night it finally happened, I was tugging on his cock when he suddenly thrust his hips up, groaned a little, and shot sperm out of his cock like a rocket, I immediately put my mouth over it as he shot more in to my mouth, it was the nicest I’d ever tasted, his first ever cum shot, and it was all mine, and delicious it was too.

I decided to get some toys, I bought a robotic cock stroker for Michael, it was a tube shaped device, that had a motor inside that made circles of soft beads move up and down and in circles, stroking the cock, it also had a warming function to make it feel little more like a warm pussy or mouth, I placed his cock inside it, strapped it to him, turn it on, and left it on him until morning.

I bought a multisize pack of vibrators for Sonia, I started with the small 5 inch one, I inserted it in to her pussy, used bandage tape to hold it inside her, turned it on and left it there until morning.

In the morning I went in to Sonia’s room and removed the vibrator, her sheets were absolutely drenched wet through, and went in to Michael’s room and removed the cock stroker, it was full of dried and sticky sperm, and his cock was all sticky too, so I cleaned it off… with my tongue.

They both missed school that day because they complained of being very tired, I’m wasn’t surprised after the night they’d had, I’d drained their bodies of fluids, and it felt great.

I repeated the process every 3 days, giving them time to recover, and of course upped the size of Sonia’s vibrator until I was using the largest 9 inch one.

Then I had a wild idea, I went in to Michaels room, peeled back his sheets, pulled down his bottoms, and I jerked him off, collecting his sperm in to a small cough medicine cup, and I took it into Sonia’s room, she was moaning and gently shuffling around in her bed, she was enjoying the 9 inch vibrator very much, I held her head and opened up her mouth, then I poured Michael’s fresh sperm in to her mouth, and watched her gulp and swallow it down.

There was a little left in the cup so I gathered it up on to my finger, removed the vibrator for a moment, and pushed my sperm covered finger up her wet pussy, it was so lovely, the first sperm to go swimming in her pussy was her own little brothers, how sweet.

Then I had the most bizarre thought, I suddenly found myself wondering what it must be like being a man, so I decided to try it.

The next day I went out and bought a special strap-on dildo that lesbians use, it has 2 ends, you strap it on and a curved cock shaped end went inside my pussy, leaving the other long straight end sticking out in front of me like a real cock.

A couple of days later I tried it out, first I put Michael’s cock in to his robotic stroker, then I went in to Sonia’s room, stripped her completely naked, and I put on the strap-on, inserting the curved end up my pussy, then I got on the bed, held up her legs by her ankles, spread wide apart, and I pushed the big end of the strap-on inside her pussy, I could actually feel resistance and how tight it was to get in, must be how a man feels when he’s pushing it in.

I managed to get it inside, then I laid on top of her and started to fuck her like a man would, she began to moan and gasp a lot, the thrusting motion not only stimulated her, but it moved the curved end inside me at the same time, so I got pleasure out of it as well, I got to control the speed and depth that I fucked her at, it was interesting watching how she reacted to the different ways I was doing it, and I just fucked Sonia with the strap-on until we both orgasmed, it was an eye opening experience.

A few days later, I had made a decision, the strap-on was good, and I knew that Sonia enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a real cock, and my little girl deserved to feel a real cock in her pussy, and Michael deserved to feel his cock inside a pussy.

So that night I stripped Michael naked, scooped him up in to my arms, and I carried him in to Sonia’s room and placed him down on her bed beside her, then I stripped her naked too.

I’d measured Michaels cock a few days ago, it was 5.2 inches long, it was growing at a nice steady rate, not quite fully developed yet, but certainly big enough for what he was about to do with it.

I rubbed his cock until it was erect, it was very hard as always, then I rolled him over and positioned him on top of Sonia, making sure to line up his cock with her pussy, I held his cock and started him off by inserting it in to Sonia’s pussy a few centimetres, then I held on to his hips and moved them up and down in a thrusting motion.

Sonia’s pussy got wet and lubricated Michael’s cock allowing it to slide in and out smoothly, but it was me doing the motions, and I didn’t want that, I wanted him to do it, “Come on, Michael. You know what to do. Follow your instincts.” I whispered in to his ear.

I tried and tried to get him to do it, but his body just wouldn’t react to it, I stopped moving his hips and was about to give up and carry him back to his room when his hips suddenly moved, then a few seconds later moved up and down again, and then again.

Within a few seconds he started bouncing his cute little butt up and down, thrusting his cock in and out of Sonia’s pussy, all by himself, “That’s it. Good boy. Go on.”, it took him a few minutes but then his male breeding instincts finally realised that his cock was inside a pussy, and his body reacted to that and he started fucking her himself.

They were both moaning and groaning pleasurably, it was such a wonderful thing to see.

I watched him fuck Sonia, he was grunting and gasping unconsciously, his little ass bouncing up and down quicker, and he was really going for it, I spread Sonia’s legs a little further apart and help Michael move a bit closer, so he could really drive in to her.

After only a couple of minutes he quickly slowed down after grunting loudly, then stopped completely, I knew he’d ejaculated, I rolled him off of Sonia and saw, with delight, Michael’s sperm slowly trickle out of her pussy hole, he’d done it, they’d both done it, my baby had sex with each other, there was no prouder mother in the world at that moment.

I took Michael back to his bed, redressed and tucked them both in, I didn’t use the stroker or vibrators on them that night, I didn’t need too after that.

Of course now that Michael had lost his virginity, and I’d already fucked Sonia, I wanted to give Michael’s cock a try, so I went in to his room one night about a week later, straddled him and fucked him, I got to feel what Sonia must have felt the other night, and his cock was certainly up to the job, I even let him ejaculate in me so I could get the whole experience.

I continued to drug and abuse my children, using all manner of sex toys and getting them to fuck each other or numerous occasions, and will continue to do it for as long as I can.

I do enjoy doing it, but I already know I need to do something new, I just don’t know what I can do with them now, any thoughts?

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