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My little sister

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How my little sister is slowly turning into my little slut

I want to preface saying that even from a young age, I knew what rape and pedophilia was as my mom had been raped at a young age by her cousin and is very protective over me, and of course my little sister. So much so that when one of my cousins tried sneaking into my sister’s room when she was five got him immediately caught. At the time, I didn’t understand why he had snuck into her room, and had apparently pulled down her panties and was kissing her ass while she slept. I never understood why he did it.

Until a couple months ago.

My little sister, who for privacy sake we’ll call J, just had her 11th birthday, and in the months leading up to it, I’ve found myself becoming more aware of her little body.

J is my little cuddlebug and loves to spend every second I’m at my parents house (I live in a house down the street, seeing as I’m 18) cuddled up in my arms and pressed firmly to me. It’s been like that for a long time, and it’s always been innocent, until those couple months ago.

J, because her school has been talking about puberty to her class, has started to become more self conscious, and went from being in nothing but her panties all day, to acting strange in front of me if she wants to change her shirt. I don’t know what it was, but something about her trying to keep herself covered made me want to see her bare little chest so badly. I miss those days where she cuddled up to me in nothing but panties, and I wish I had seen my opportunity sooner.

Well after she started covering up more, as we cuddled, I found that she didn’t seem to mind my hands being on her chest, despite her awkwardness around me when topless.

So, every time I’ve been over since, I’ve held her by her barely budding breasts, her small frame cuddled firmly to me as I do.

I feel I should explain a bit more about J, so you all can understand better the temptation. J, ontop if having just turned 11, has beautifully straight blonde hair that goes to her shoulders, the brightest blue-green eyes you’ve ever seen, a cute petite frame that gives her a natural hourglass shape even at her young age, a cute little bubble butt, and soft sexy thighs. As I’ve recently noticed too, her nipples seem to be getting puffy as her body prepares for puberty.

As of the last few weeks, whenever we’re cuddled up together, I’ve been slowly and carefully testing her limits and boundaries by gently rubbing my thumb over her little nipples. It started over her shirt, but last week I gently moved my hand up into her shirt, placing it gently on her stomach. When she didn’t react, I moved my hand up her chest slowly until I felt her sweet little nipple under my fingers. I left my hand there when I noticed that J had glanced down at her shirt, thinking she would surely say something, but she just looked back at the TV and kept watching.

I took this as my go ahead to slowly and gently start rubbing her little nipple under her shirt. I was in heaven as I rubbed her little nipple between my fingers, gently teasing, rolling, pinching, and even a little pulling. It was at this point that J rolled over in my arms and put her nipple out of reach, but never removed my hand from her shirt.

So, taking my chances, I moved my hand to her other little nipple, and found a gold mine. As I stated to tease this nipple, J started to squirm a little and even placed her hand in mine ontop of her shirt, seemingly in attempt to get me to stop.

Not wanting to make her suspicious, I stopped and waited until she rolled back over and I could play with the other nipple uninterrupted, which she seemed to gladly let me do.

This continued on the past couple weeks, during which there was a day that my parents had left for food and asked me to watch J. Once they left my hands went straight to J’s nipples, which she again made no attempt to even ask me to stop, quite the opposite, even.

I was enjoying playing with her nipples when I heard the car door close outside signaling our parents were home. As I went to remove my hand from her shirt, J grabbed both my hands, lifted her shirt, and placed my hands firmly on her little undeveloped breasts without even a word. While I would have been more than happy to keep playing with her young titties as she clearly wanted me to, but the sound of the door opening made my hands dart quickly, but smoothly, to the outside of her shirt, and onto her stomach.

J seemed to take the hint as she didn’t try to put my hands back in her shirt with our parents right in front of us, opting instead to playfully bite my hand. These events lead us to today.

I was over at my parents house again, cuddling with J, and slowly and discreetly playing with her little nipples, when she decided to surprise me. J grabbed my hand and pulled it from her shirt, and then brought it up to her mouth where she playfully bit my thumb. The playfulness ended there though, as she used her teeth to tug at my thumb a little to get me to extend it from my closed hand, like a thumbs up. As I proceeded to do so, she bit the tip of my thumb, before opening her mouth a little wider, and putting my entire thumb in her mouth.

She sat there for a moment in my arms just sucking on my thumb before deciding to blow my mind yet again and start swirling her tongue around my thumb in her mouth as if she were playing with it.

To say that I was rock hard would be an understatement, and with J still pressing herself against me I have no doubt she felt my hard on. I’m also pretty sure that she was grinding on my leg at one point as well, getting up some 15 minutes later talking about how she needed a shower before being informed by mom that the towels were in the laundry. She’d had her little legs holding tightly to the sides of my right leg as her hips seemed to gently rock back and forth.

I think she had gotten turned on after I rubbed her nipples, grinded her crotch on my leg and might have been hoping to get more privacy and a better feeling in the shower.

I would never hurt or rape my little sister, I love her to death and would kill anyone who tried to touch her the way I have been. It’s a conflict that’s been going on in my mind. I think it partly comes from a desire to keep her to myself.

But that’s all for now, if anything further happens I’ll update yall if you ask for it.

And any cute girls who want to leave their contact info below, I’ll actually message you back unlike most the guys on here.

See yall later.

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    I’m loving this and it brings back a lot of memories! Memories with my best friends YOUNGER sister!


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    please keep writing

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    i am so are you a real girl or a pretend girl and how old are you

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    This is just so fucked up stop Raping little kids!

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      There is no such thing as God so wake up to yourself

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    Definitely should write more. Well written up to this point. Kind of just a tease if you left it here.

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    Young girls beginning sexual awareness is an eye opener to say the least. I love when they find out just how much pleasure their lil bodies can give them. Some get that switch turned on sooner and some later. My in the world would another human deny the early bloomers the right to sexual pleasure is beyond me. Every lil girl that has become sexually aware has a natural born right to pleasure and should NOT be denied her right ever. Showing them just what their lil bodies can do is very exciting and fulfilling. They deserve a had cock anytime they want or need it.

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    I hope your lovemaking goes much father with your little sister. Be gentle with her, never going too far. When the two of you finally get to intercourse, remember that denying her your semen would be denying her all of your love.

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      He better make a baby with her

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    id love to have someone like this, I’m f14 and willing to trade to anyone who wants to, girl or guy

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      You are going to have fun!

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      No your not, FBI does this to set people up, so guys and gals don’t even try it.

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    You should brutaly rape and destroy her vagina the way they did it to me when i was 7

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      I’d love to hear about it please.

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    The rock hard erections you mentioned are unforgettable and definitely missed when I notice my cock has never gotten as hard as she made it. The tickling that strayed her hands to somewhat inappropriate areas. Her noticeable effort to bump against it at the lake in her little bikini fallowed by quick grabs at the fast erection that always started to form and quickly became rock hard. My favorite was always when she had to ride on my lap and especially the times she just wanted to sit on me. Wiggling and continuous movement of her little ass would quickly find the pressing erection I couldn’t helo but to have that was fallowed by a sly smile as she looked into my eyes almost saying I got you hard again and a now still bubble butt directly pressing against my erection that would without control throb and press up in her ass every other 30 seconds or less.

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    I’d love to hear more about your sexy little sister and please don’t be shy!


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