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dominant milking

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Casual meeting with two ladies then challenged to visit their farm

Called with a friend for a coffee with a friend if his. Ann was about 40 as was her friend Anita.
Whilst talking I noticed a porn mag on the sofa.Anita saw me looking at it and smiled. What do you think of this she said and showed me a picture if a man with his cock in a milking machine. Insmiled . Would you like to try it she said. I just smiled as my friend was snogging with Ann.
We couldnt stay but as we were leaving Anita put a piece of paper in my pocket.When I got home I saw it was a phone number. I rang it and Anita answered. Why dont you come iver to my farm tomorrow she said. I said ok and arranged to go over the next day.
When I got there I saw Ann was with her. Come on Anita said, lets see how brave you are and they led me to a building I later saw was the milking parlour. Lets strip Ann said and they started to undress me. They were both naked and Anita grabbed my wrists and Ann put some hand cuffs on me. Then Anita placed a chain on them and before I knew it my hands were fastened to a beam
Annita pulled the cow milking machine over which had four attachments. She placed one on my balls and pushed the other over my cock.Ann switched it on and my cock was being milked ,the sucking action pulling my cock and releasing it. It was clear perspex attachment and they were watching my cock going to and fro.They were both rubbing against me and stroking me and kissing each other. Anita said turn the wanking machine up and when she did it wanked my cock faster.
How long before he shoots his spunk said Ann. Not long I bet Anita said and with that my cock exploded into the container . Mmm not bad said Anita. Looking at my spunk. Ann uid the chain on the hand cuffs and Anita pulled me towards the door.Now a real treat for you as she led me into a cow pen.Ann tied my wrists to a wooden post and Anita said you will love this ,even if you have just been wanked off. They both started smearing what looked like honey over my balls and cock.Then Anuta opened a door and two small calfs came.in. Now lets watch the Fun Ann said and thay both began fondling each other and kissing. They pushed the cslfs over to me and one started licking my cock then the other tried but settled for my balls. The 1st one got my cock in his mouth znd was sucking and pulling on my stiff cock.Then second one forced himself onto my cock and started sucking. Ann and Anita were laughing and Anita pushed her finger up my arse. The calfs were fighting over my stiff cock and sucking and pulling my cock. As my cock sprung out of the smaller ones mouth spunk shot out of my cock all its nose and then it pounced on my cock again. The two girls were laughing as both calfs were sucking at my cock and balls again.Come on shouted Ann ,we want more spunk come on. Then Anita held my cock for the bigger calf to suck my cock and started to wank me then Ann pushed the calf away and knelt down and opened her mouth as Anita pushed my cock into her mouth. I spunked in her mouth and then they changed places. They got the two calfs to suck my cock again and as my cock came out of its mouth I unloaded more spunk.Then Ann started wanking me with Anita mouth open waiting for another load.I cant do it again I said. Dont be a cunt and get on with it you little shit Ann said. She wanked my cock hard and fast and I shot my spunk into Anitas mouth. They walked out laughing telling me if the calfs didnt suck me off they would.
About an hour later they came back took the calfs which had continyally licked my cock and balls away.This time they had a young boy of about 17 with them. He was naked as well with quite a large cock.They forced me to my knees and Anita said ,this is my young cousin Clive now suck his cock.
Ann held his cock and forced it into my mouth Anited held my head and pushed it forwards and back on Clives cock. He shot his spunk into my mouth and then Ann licked his cock clean.One of the cslfs was brought back in ,Anita took hold of my cock as Ann lifted the calfs tail and Anita placed my cock near the calfs cunt. Now fuck it hard she said as Clive got behind me and put his cock between my legs. He forced his cock up my arse and began fucking me as I fucked the calf.
Anita then shout ok stop. They pulled me and clive to face each other and she said now wank each other off. He shot spunk over my cock and I shot spunk over his cock. Then we were taken outside where two young girls of 15 were standing.Anira said would you like to wsnk them off. The girls grinned and one took hold of my cock while the other got hold of Clives cock.We were both wanked until we spunked and the two girls laughed. Now you must punish them.Both girls were given a ruler and told to smack our cocks.
They giggled as they hit our cocks gently at first then harder and our cocks were swaying side to side as they hit them. Then I shot my spunk all over and Clive did the same. Then I was locked in a room and left alone. Anita said wait till you see whats in stire tomorriw.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1e3ve6gylc33

    Great story, I use to work on a farm when I was 16 and I use to groom a lot of the animals, I always tried to stroke their cocks and even a couple times I stuck my cock in their pussies. I so wànt to be milked by à machine

    • milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      Milking machines feel wonderful.